The Xbox One and PS4 Exclusives that Need To Be on PC

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Imagine if Bloodborne was released to PC

17 Xbox One and PS4 Games that PC Gamers Are Missing Out On

It can be so frustrating when game creators decide that a game will be exclusive to a certain console, especially when you do not own that certain console. One can always hope that the game companies will change their minds when they see what an interest gamers have in a specific title. Below is a list of games that should most definitely be released to PC. 


17. The Last of Us Remastered (PS4 Exclusive)

The Last of Us centers on Joel and Ellie, twenty long years after a great apocalyptic viral outbreak. The United States is now a world of few survivors, where friends and family have become flesh-eating monsters, and resources are scare. You play as Joel, and it is your job to take Ellie cross-country to find out why she is immune to infection and if she can be the key to salvation.

Not all survivors are friendly

With an interesting storyline, gorgeous graphics, and unforgettable characters, The Last of Us is a great example of a PS4-exclusive that should make its way to PC.

You must escape after outbreak


16. Gears of War 4 (Xbox One Exclusive)

On the planet Sera, twenty-five years after fossil fuel has been completely destroyed, humanity must find a way to survive without it. You play as JD Fenix. He and his two comrades must attempt to rescue their families after their village is attacked. As they do, they will face many different violent alien creatures in combat.  

Energy problems are not your only worries

Your main enemy is the Swarm – an alien species with a variety of different specializations and abilities. Fight against alien snipers, grenadiers, hunters, and more with all new weapons, including The Buzzkill, which fires buzzsaws.

Stop the alien invasion

Action-packed adventure and fun, original combat, Gears of War 4 would make a perfect PC game.


15. Days Gone (PS4 Exclusive)

Day’s Gone takes place two years after a worldwide pandemic, causing the deaths of almost all of humanity – except for those who have turned into dangerous, quickly evolving, mindless creatures called “Freakers.” 

Beware… if you do not kill the Freakers, they will evolve into more dangerous enemies

Deacon St. John is a former outlaw biker who chooses to live out on the road, rather than in a much safer human settlement.

Using a combination of stealth and direct force, Deacon, in order to survive, will need to face off against the Freakers.

Will this rough and tumble biker have what it takes to survive? 

Days Gone seems like a wild ride and we wish we could see this game on PC. 


14. Spider-Man (2017) (PS4 Exclusive)

It is certainly exciting to see a new Spider-Man game being released after two years. The beautiful collaboration between Sony, Marvel, and Insomniac Games Inc. can only result in an amazing game. 

Spidey has lots of web-swinging action

Spiderman (2017) will be an open-world game featuring lots of crime fighting, building swinging, and action packed goodness. What is exciting about this game is that it’s not based off any of the movies, allowing the developers to have a lot of freedom in storytelling.

Looks like Spider Man has some martial arts skills

So far there is no release date, but fans anxiously await more information. PC gamers would delight in having this game available for PC.


13. Sunset Overdrive (Xbox One Exclusive)

This tongue-in-cheek game features a futuristic, dystopian world where FizzyCo’s energy drink has caused people to turn into mutants. In an attempt to cover up their mistake, FizzyCo blames the change on a virus, and quarantines the entire city. You must try to escape the quarantine to evade the madness. To trick sensors, you and your comrades must build a ship out of garbage in order to escape FizzyCo.

Looks like you are ready to defeat some mutants!

This ridiculously fun game would be a fantastic to any PC game collection.

Kill the mutants, escape the quarantine on a garbage ship… just another average day


12. Bloodborne (PS4 Exclusive)

As the title suggests, this game focuses on a blood borne disease. In the Gothic Yharnam city, Hunter must find the source of the disease and destroy it. The citizens are no longer normal people, and are now hideous monsters. As you hunt down “Paleblood,” you will learn the dark secrets of the Yharnam. 

Once-human monsters are mindless creatures 

Why do we want to see this game on PC? Who wouldn’t? Fighting frightening monstrosities to save humanity is what makes this game so enthralling.

Yharnam is no safe haven


11. Forza Motorsport 6 (Xbox One Exclusive)

Race to your heart’s content in Forza Motorsport 6. With 450 cars to pick from, there is no shortage of options. The winner of “Racing Game of The Year” in the Annual DICE Awards, this game has impressed many. Race through famous tracks throughout the world like Daytona and Nürburgring. Great AI controlled competitors and new weather conditions make this game exciting. 

Defeat unpredictable AI opponents

This game would make a fantastic PC game for its superb, accurate handling and realistic rival racers. 

Face rough weather conditions


10. Until Dawn (PS4 Exclusive)

After a mountain cabin get-together among a group of young friends end in the death of two sisters, their brother, Josh, asks the original group to return. The group separates, making them easy prey for a psychopath to play mind games with them. But there is something else in the mountain that holds many mysteries, none of them pretty. Evil lurks in the mines below. And the group must face terrors that no human should have to face. This game forces you to make split second moral decisions that will affect who lives and who dies.

What dark secrets does the mountain hold? Beware the lurking evil in the mines.

This game is full of twists and turns and leaves you guessing. PC gamers are truly missing out on one of the best horrors games ever made with Until Dawn.

Your decisions determine who lives and who dies


9. God of War (PS4 Exclusive)

Kratos, now a father, has decided to put his dark anger aside. It has been a long time since his violent history with the Olympian gods who had betrayed him. From Ares who tricked him into murdering his own family, to Zeus’ attempt to murder him, Kratos deserved a break. Now he focuses on teaching his son how to fight and survive. He also desires to atone for his past actions. 

Can Kratos put aside his violent, angry past?

Anyone who has played the original version of God of War and its sequels knows that Kratos has made poor decisions leading to the death of his family. In this game, Kratos finally makes a good one when he decides to put aside his anger. Watch how this new turn changes things for him.

Now living in the world of Norse gods, Kratos must face these new gods as well as a new monsters that plague the Norse world while protecting his son and teaching him to survive.

Teach your son how to fight

How we wish we can see this new God of War game which continues Kratos’ bloody saga on PC.


8. Gran Turismo Sport (PS4 Exclusive)

Gran Turismo Sport is a must-have on our list of games that need to be on PC. The thirteenth game in the successful series, Gran Turismo Sport will be released later this year. The neat thing is that in online racing, you will be matched to others of similar skill, which prevents frustration from a too-easy win, or an impossible victory. The newest car models have been added for extra realism. 

Compete against competitors with similar skills

With over 140 Super Premium cars to choose from and 27 different tracks, this game is unstoppable.

Admire the newest car models


7. Red Dead Redemption (PS and Xbox Exclusive)

Set in the Wild West, this story tells of John Marston, who was once an outlaw. To gain amnesty for his crimes and rejoin his family, he has to track down two of the members of his former gang. He has to journey through United States territories and into Mexico to catch the criminals. Along the way, he learns honor and earns respect among the people of Texas and Mexico by protecting its citizens and defeating the wild bandits of the west.

Betray two members of your former gang to be reunited with your family

In Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare, a DLC for the base game, players can face off against zombies in multiplayer cooperative mode.

The desert is unforgiving

Red Dead is an immersive and thrilling adventure with a truly unforgettable story about betrayal, loss, and of course, redemption, that you don’t want to miss out on.


6. Horizon Zero Dawn (PS4 Exclusive) 

Mechanical beasts rule and humanity has long since fled. However, Aloy and her tribe remain. She is a triple threat: proficient in hunting, archery, and hacking. By utilizing a variety of take-down methods and crafting weapons to fight against the mechanical creatures that roam the Earth, she can hold her own in the post-apocalyptic world.

Aloy has both hacking and shooting skills

She is not the only one claiming the earth as home; other humans stay together in the wilderness to survive. Aloy strives to find out who her ancestors were, and what her destiny might be. Find out what happened to the rest of humanity as you uncover artifacts of the past.

On your way to discover your ancestors’ history and your destiny, you will face great danger

Both Horizon Zero Dawn story and action has a lot of promise. Based on the footage, the game mechanics could be perfectly adapted for mouse and keyboard. We look forward to hearing more about it and hold onto hope that it will come out for PC.


5. Destiny (PS4 and Xbox One Exclusive)

Destiny takes place about 700 years in the future, after the mysterious collapse of the Golden Age, an era humans refer to as a time when humans prospered and colonized planets in our solar system. Save for a few humans left on Earth, humanity has been all but wiped out. You play as a guardian, and it is your job to clear out the aliens who have overtaken human colonies as humanity tries to rebuild. 

Defend humanity’s last stronghold against invasion

Destiny, a combination between first-person shooter and role-playing game, challenges players to beat their best score and accumulate the best kill/death ratio. You can customize your gear for the best loadout that suits your abilities and preferred gaming styles. And it focus on teamwork and working together with other players to reach objectives. It’s no wonder that this unique game is a console hit, and we’d like to see it reach PCs. 

Defeat many different kinds of alien species


4. The Order: 1886 (PlayStation 4)

The world is a dangerous place in this PS4 exlusive. Werewolves, vampires, and other half breeds roam the earth. Based in London, it is the Knights of the Round Table’s duty to protect the world from rebels and monstrosities. With twists and turns in the story, the player never knows what to expect, and must stay on their toes the entire way through gameplay. Find out just where these half-breeds are coming from and how you can stop it in this enthralling shooter adventure game.  

Strange conspiracies are afoot

This story-driven reimagining of the Knights of the Round Table is stunningly beautiful with a cast of loveable characters. It draws you in and gives you a sense of truly being a part of the team of monster-slayers. We think The Order would be an exciting PC addition.

Beware the werewolves!


3. Halo 5: Guardians (Xbox One Exclusive)

Master Chief has gone missing without official leave, and his loyalties are questioned. He blatantly disobeys orders to find Cortana. This game mainly follows the two fireteams who must track down Master Chief: Spartan Locke and Osiris. Soon enough they too, will realize just how important stopping Cortana is.

Is Master Chief still loyal?

With brand new weapons, from improved plasma beam rifles to deadly rocket launchers, you must battle it out with new Forerunner Prometheans created by the Ur-Didact, supreme commander of Forerunner military and first appearance creatures like the Qothal and Kryn'qodon to track down Master Chief and discover his motives.

Track down Master Chief's whereabouts

The Halo series is legendary, and we’d love to see Halo 5 come to PC.


2. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End (PS4 Exclusive)

The final conclusion to the Uncharted series, we are once again treated to Nathan Drake as the protagonist. This game opens with he and his brother battling thugs on a ship, all the while steering it towards an island through a torrential storm. With that kind of opening, you know you are about to experience a true adventure. The two brothers seek the lost treasure of Captain Avery, after years of searching for the pirate city of legend, Libertalia. How will Nathan’s story end?

The multiplayer team deathmatch mode is addictive. You are able to create your own loadout, which is a combination of weapons and powers you are able to use in play to defeat the enemy team.

You are not the only one looking for treasure

There are three main weapon types in the game: long gun, pistol, and heavy weapons, but under each there are loads of different weapons to choose from like the classic FALs and AK-47s, and Barok .44, which is a one shot to the head death weapon. What makes this feature the most unique, though, is the mystical powers that have appeared and previous games like the Chinitamani Stone and The Wrath of El Dorado, which can take your loadout to a new level. Some mysticals are powerful offensive tools which will release deadly curses on all nearby enemies. Others will instantly revive fallen teammates, where normally you would have to do this manually, getting close enough to your teammate and spending precious time administering health, putting you in harm’s way.

Nathan promised to give up his adventure-seeking life… can he go through with it, though? 

Uncharted’s campaign mode offers an interesting plot with lots of backstory about our protagonist and shocking revelations, while the multiplayer is unique and allows you to play memorable characters from all four games and offering Uncharted’s signature climbing and exploration features. You are able to swing into action and jump from cliffs in order to pounce on your enemies, taking them out with a single melee blow. Climb to high vantage points to snipe targets and hang from plateaus without enemy detection to keep out of harm’s way.


1. Raiden 5 (Xbox One Exclusive)

Once again, the World Alliance Military must stop the Cranassians from invading earth in this shoot ‘em up action game. Raiden 5 does a great job taking you back to the old school arcade shooters, but still gives the modern touch.

Time for some good old fashioned shooting!

Here you can enjoy a fun, action packed game full of tactical decision-making as a fighter pilot for the U.S., France, or Japan. Although there are only three ammo types: Vulcan, laser, and plasma, under each you can use a variety of different weapons to destroy enemies. 

Experience the awesomeness of old arcades and new technology coming together

Now that you have gone through our list of exclusives, maybe you will agree with us that these titles should come to PC. It is no doubt frustrating when games are tied to a certain system. At least there are plenty of others out there! Comment below to tell us what you think of our list!


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