Metroid Inspired Necrocosmos Is An Open Space Exploration Game

Old school 8bit arcade style alien slaying planet exploring merriment is just a click away

Originally named Andromeda, Necrocosmos was given its new name when the recent kickstarter launched. The game is a “hardcore experience” that allows the player to explore a galaxy universe that is unique to every player. The team has made it so that via randomized planetary distribution every player will start on the same planet but the neighboring spheres will be original and unique to their playthrough.

The game also allows for space travel with varying length and difficulty. You may be thrown into an asteroid field, assaulted by pirates or even have to face off with powerful bosses. Like Metroid, Necrocosmos features a host of notebooks, journals and computer entries to be found, read and logged. Each entry describes some sort of event or creature on the planet being explored and adds a lore component that is on par with the Metroid franchise in its entirety. Each entry is also, I might add, well written and grammatically correct, which if you’re a reader/writer who loves indie games then you know why that’s important. Poorly written literature within a game can kill the whole experience for some of us, but Necrocosmos is not one of those games.

The game also has “dozens of old school style puzzles,” which require researching lost documents to solve. There are secret languages, ancient mechanisms abandoned spaceships and all of the strange but exciting aspects one would expect to find in a real life situation of the same caliber. If it can be found in the universe, it can be found in Necrocosmos.

The game features all of this and more, with a list of attributes and inclusions too long to include in this article, but if you’d like to read more on the game then check it out here.

Necrocosmos is estimated to arrive in December of 2018, but there are free demos available for windows and linux. The final game will be available for playstation, switch, xbox and of course, pc.


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