Final Fantasy VII Remake 5 Easter Eggs You May Have Missed

5 FFVIIR Easter Eggs
Banora Apples aren't the only nod to the FFVII Compilation!

It’s a common thing in video games for developers to leave Easter eggs hidden throughout their games. These can range from being super easy to find, to being so well hidden, that only a handful of people are able to notice or unlock them. Final Fantasy VII Remake is no exception, having plenty of Easter eggs for fans to spot throughout the game. Here are 5 of the harder to notice ones you may have missed. Note that these Easter eggs are from various points in the game, so there will be minor spoilers.

Don Corneo’s Tiaras

In Chapter 14 you can get the side quest ‘Corneo’s Secret Stash’, which involves going to three areas where Corneo is hiding various treasures, among them being three Tiaras (Diamond, Emerald and Ruby). If you inspect these tiaras, you can see that the designs actually resemble the three secret bosses from the original FFVII; Diamond Weapon, Emerald Weapon and Ruby Weapon. This is a great little nod to the bosses that gave players so many issues in the original!

PHS Device

There’s a section in Chapter 17 where your party will be split, and you will have to switch between the two groups in order to progress through Hojo’s lab. In order to swap between the groups, you must use communication devices that are scattered throughout the area. If you take a close look at these devices, you will see ‘PHS Terminal’ written across them. This is a call back to party swapping in the original game, where you used a PHS device to swap your party members at save points.

Aerith’s Threat

This is an easy to miss Easter egg in Chapter 8. During the battle with Reno, Aerith will ask you to stay away from the flowers if you fight too close to them. If you continue to fight near them, Aerith will yell “You’re gonna catch holy hell!” This is a call back to the original game, where a soldier will yell this same line to Reno after he steps on the flowers.

Original Seventh Heaven

This next Easter egg is hidden within the Seventh Heaven bar. If you go to the back of the bar, you will see two little pictures hanging on the walls. Upon closer inspection, you can see that these pictures are actually of the original FFVII’s Seventh Heaven!

The Spira Connection

This Easter egg involves a long running fan theory, which connects the worlds of FFVII (Gaia) and FFX (Spira). In Final Fantasy X-2, you meet a character named Shinra. Shinra wants to use the energy of the Farplane and harness it for the planet's benefit (sound familiar?) but acknowledges that doing so can take generations. Though never confirmed in either game, Ultimanias and interviews about the character strongly suggest that a descendant of Shinra’s travels from Sprira to Gaia and creates the Shinra Electric Power Company. Square Enix decided to fan the flames of this theory again with this Easter egg in Final Fantasy VII Remake.

In Chapter 16, while you’re taking the tour of Shinra, there is a photo of Shinra employees. If you look closely, you will see a man in the middle of the photo, who is clearly wearing what looks like an Al-Bhed mask. This is possibly the biggest Easter egg in FFVIIR, as this is the closest thing we have to an in-game confirmation that FFVII and FFX do in fact take place in the same universe.

Final Fantasy VII Remake has only been out for around a month, but fans have already found plenty of Easter eggs. There’s a good chance that there are many more waiting to be found, and over time we can expect observant fans to uncover them.

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