Blood Bowl II: 10 Interesting Facts About This Awesome Game

Blood Bowl II
Ready to go for the touchdown?

A game that perfectly blends American football with otherworldly creatures, Blood Bowl II might be a touchdown.

Blood Bowl’s video game version is inspired on the board game of the same name, where players must strategize and use their team’s strengths to gain an edge in a quite violent football game. Blood Bowl II already had its release date pushed back; however, it vows to improve on many aspects of gameplay to make it superior to its predecessor.

1. Brand New Interface

Less clutter, more action.

Blood Bowl II’s developers looked for ways to improve upon Blood Bowl, and one of the most important aspects of the game was to clear out the clutter on the on-game screen.

For this upcoming installation, Blood Bowl will sport cleaner looks and a more intuitive on game screen, probably satisfying many gamers’ complaints that the old game had too many information feedbacks during the game.

2. Character and Team Customization

Players need to look good before going into dangerous battles.

In Blood Bowl II we will be able to customize the looks of our players, after of course we have chosen our team. Among the items and features we can choose are uniform colors, protection equipment, emblems, weapons, and overall style.

This should make for a very entertaining feature, enabling players to dress up goblins, vampires, centaurs, and all kinds of different races before stepping into the field.

3. Turn-based Play Only

More time to think of mind-blowing strategies!

One of the biggest changes to the game will be the playing system: now instead of being able to play in real-time, players will have to wait for their turn to make a move, execute a play or carry out a strategy. Obviously, the in-game rules will remain practically unchanged, except now there will be more time to think.

Some gamers are not so sure about this new feature, while some are very excited. For one, it does make the whole interface a whole lot cleaner (refer to number 1 on this list), removing the need for constant and furious information updates coming and going from the screen.

4. Stadium Looks Can be Modified

Make this stadium filled with monsters look like home!

You will be able to change and play with stadium customization to make it look and feel just the way you want it to. This extra layer of customization (on top of the characters customization) is sure to bring a lot more to the game, which is definitely not only about tackling monsters to the ground and scoring touchdowns.

There will be 5 base stadiums for players to pick from, later being able to choose different add-ons to create even better locations.

5. Blood Bowl II Will Double Down on What Works

Get ready for a very bloody game…

What makes the Blood Bowl games appealing in the first place is the unlikely combination of a human sport with a myriad of fantastical and mythical characters, which can win the game either by scoring touchdowns or slaughtering their opponents.

Blood Bowl II’s main concept will be no different, except that this time the game will be enhanced by in game tools to make decision-making better and more strategic. There will be feedback provided for certain moves, making the whole game feel like a tactical battle as much as a physical one.

6. Team Management

Lead your team to victory in and off the field!

Another cool feature on Blood Bowl II that adds to the whole experience will be team management and a market for players. Just like usual (real) sports’ video games, this one will allow you to train and modify players and put them on an “online market”, where you can also take a look at characters developed by other Blood Bowl II players.

These game features that take place outside the field will make the whole experience more interactive and more engaging.

7. Solo Campaign and Multiplayer Modes

Teamwork is key.

Another option in this game will be between a solo campaign and a multiplayer mode. These have the same traditional meanings as various other turn-base strategy games, and will still be available on Blood Bowl II.

The solo campaign will be played –by default- by the human team.

8. Story-Driven Campaign

Rely on strategy, sheer strength, and uncertainty!

Being able to manage your team and browse the player market will not constitute all of Blood Bowl II’s ongoing features. Your team’s development will also depend on plotlines, which are complex and range from sponsorships to player deals.

9. Brand New Action Cameras Will Enhance The Thrill

Packed stadium.

Just because the real-time mode won’t be available anymore does not mean the game will become stagnated or devoid of any visually dazzling action sequences.

On the contrary, Blood Bowl II will include in-game cameras, which give highly crisp and realistic images of tremendous battles that will take place. The game’s whole Graphic User Interface will also be renewed, so expect a higher quality of images and sequences despite the inherently “slower” turn-based gameplay.

10. BBII Will Feature a New Race

Several different teams, one common goal.

The Bretonnian Knights are introduced as the brand new race in Blood Bowl, and will hopefully add another layer of complexity and strategy to the game.

In summary, Blood Bowl II will bring quite a few improvements and updates to the game, which are sure to bring in new fans and keep old fans happy. Besides destroying opponents in bloody battles and running for coveted touchdowns, you will also have to rely on brain power to craft strategies which can help you and your team lift the legendary Blood Bowl Cup!

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