Blood Bowl 2: Everything You Need To Know

Blood Bowl 2
The game is loosely based on American football, but with much scarier and meaner mythical creatures as players.

Get Ready For Otherwordly Football Games!

Blood Bowl 2 is the direct sequel to Blood Bowl, which was released in 2009. The sequel will include various improvements as well as additions to features of gameplay. The game is based on the sport of American football, and features different teams. The eight races featured on Blood Bowl 2 will be Humans, Orcs, Dwarfs, Skaven, Elves, Dark Elves, Chaos, and Bretonnia (new race).

As the player, you will get to pick a team, customize it (as well as the playing stadium), and create strategies to beat your opponents.


Based in France, this development studio also has offices in Canada and China.

Blood Bowl 2 is being developed by Cyanide Studios and published by Focus Home Interactive. The same developer as the previous Blood Bowl installment, Cyanide is a development studio with its headquarters in France, and has already developed many different games spanning different genres such as Fantasy (Of Orcs and Men), RPG (Game of Thrones), real-time strategy (Impire), and sports (Front Page Sports Football).


Customization and team maintenance is just as important as infield performance.

With some clear differences here and there, Blood Bowl 2 follows the format and features of sports games, such as the classic Madden NFL. You can pick and customize your team and stadium, and you compete against other teams in the league for the coveted Blood Bowl Cup.

There will be 5 base-stadiums to match your team, and through upgrades and add-ons, there will be over 20 final variations for you to play in. Also, you can choose to add roofs, hire cheerleaders and even supply beer in your stadiums, adding to the whole game experience and enhancing the “realness” of Blood Bowl matches.

Your team, however, is not just another football team that plays by the rules. Every game is a bloody battle in which teams can win either by scoring touchdowns (as in American football) or finishing off your opponents in physical battles.

Trading players to help strengthen your team can steer the whole tournament in very interesting ways. The new Marketplace will allow you and other multiplayer “coaches” to buy, sell, and trade different players to complement your team. Moreover, you will be able to play in the Campaign mode, where high bidders can snatch up players that just care about money.

Different Teams of Different Races

This guy can either be the “good guy” or the opponent. Your choice!

Being pretty much a sports game, Blood Bowl 2’s “good guys” are whichever team you pick, since you will try to take them to victory over the opposing team (or teams).

Teams are separated by their type (or more specifically, their “race”). As already mentioned above, there will be 8 teams to pick from: Humans, Orcs, Dwarfs, Skaven (huge rat-like creatures), Elves, Dark Elves, Chaos (huge beasts such as Minotaurs), and Brettonians (noble knights).

While choosing which team to lead to victory, you must take into consideration their strengths and weaknesses, and what kind of strategy they play better with.

Being a turn-based game, Blood Bowl 2 will rely more on strategy than on quick reflexes and instinct, which was necessary on the first installation of the series.


Always a packed and loud stadium to bring energy into the games!

As a sports game, Blood Bowl 2 will take place solely on the field or on the player’s team management screen, where you can manage players, customize your team’s looks, and tweak the stadium to look more like home.

During the blood bowl matches, you will be surrounded by spectators sitting all around the stadium and eagerly anticipating an exciting bash. As another improvement on its past installment, the game will sport a brand new in-field interface, where you will be able to more easily decipher streams of information, and plan out your winning strategy.


Fight sequences are dynamic and visually rich.

During the turn-based game, you will be able to see and predict future moves and strategies to score touchdowns (or attack your opponent). Since the whole game will be inherently slower due to it being turn-based instead of real-time, you will also make use of in-game tools, which improve your decision-making.

Despite the higher emphasis on strategy, Blood Bowl 2 will still contain awesome action sequences from in-game “battles” between opposing teams. New “action cameras” will capture crisp and realistic images of tremendous battles and clashes between players, such as when a character tries to tackle or roundhouse kick the other to avoid a touchdown. Although some of these defensive moves would be illegal in real American football, they are definitely common in Blood Bowl 2!

The revamped graphics and new interface will show characters in much more detail, and also make tackles, evasions, and direct attacks much clearer and dynamic.


Below are some trailers for Blood Bowl 2, be sure to watch and get a more visual idea of how it looks like:

Game Overview: Really cool trailer that gives a direct explanation of Blood Bowl 2’s gameplay and interface basics.

Campaign Mode Trailer: Quick but informational video that gives a glimpse into what gamers can expect from Campaign Mode, including animations, possible strategies and game storylines.

Gameplay: This is a very interesting look into the few plays that can be considered “fouls” during the Blood Bowl matches.

In-game Footage: This video simply shows the beginning of a Blood Bowl match just as you will see when you play Blood Bowl 2.

Release Date

Blood Bowl 2 is scheduled for release on September 22nd, 2015. It will be available on the PC through Microsoft Windows, and also for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox 1 consoles.

Official Site

If you liked all the information you read here, make sure to check out the official game website! It includes tons of interesting information, including specific descriptions of all the teams, explanation of new features, media, and guides for campaign and multiplayer modes!

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