5 TV Shows and Movies Telltale Games Should Turn into Games

5 Tv Shows and Movies Meant To Be Telltale Games
5 TV shows and movies that should get the Telltale game treatment

TV shows or Movies That Are Meant To Be a Telltale Game

In recent years, Telltale games have been dishing out some of the best video games ever made. Their games have simple mechanics with their (point and click style) but it’s the stories that really drive their games. Their games are choose your own adventure stories. Choices in these games range from the seemingly unimportant to the most horrific moral dilemmas. The decisions weigh heavily on your mind. And, sometimes the outcomes make you question if you made the right choice. The movies and TV shows on this list are meant to be telltale games. 


1) The Godfather

Francis Ford Coppola’s Film is ranked #3 on AFI’s 100 Greatest American Films of All Time

Let’s start off this list with one of the greatest films of all time, The Godfather.  Many people consider Francis Ford Coppola’s film to be the epitome of mafia movies. Telltale has a knack for adapting movies that were based on books into their distinct decision based games. The idea of being able to interact with The Corleone family is too good to pass up. Turning the Godfather into a Telltale game is simply an offer you can’t refuse. Just think about it, you could climb your way up to the top of the underbelly of the American crime syndicate. Maybe, even align yourself up with The Corleone Family.

You could choose to leave the gun and take the cannoli. 

Imagine Walking Up To Vito Corleone

2) Lost(T.V. Series)

Jeffrey Lieber, Damon Lindelof and J.J Abrams’ show featured an ensemble cast stranded on a mysterious island

Lost, is the perfect tv show for Telltale to turn into a decision based game. A plane crashes on a mysterious island, there are dangerous all around, and you’re stuck with a group of strangers. The idea of 40 or so plane crash survivors stuck on an island, that seems to have no escape; lends itself to becoming a Telltale game. Who can you trust? Why is there a polar bear on a tropical island? How, do I get home? These, are all the questions you could answer if Telltale made this game a reality. 

An Island Full of Secrets; Sign Me Up Telltale

3) Titanic

"Jack, I'm Flying"

Yes, you read that right, Telltale should make a game based on the movie Titanic. We all know how it ends, the boat sinks and thousands of people die. And that is exactly why it should be a game. In a game where you know the ending, you will try that much harder to survive. You would weigh every decision heavily. Every choice would seem important. Plus, we would get to experience being on the unsinkable ship. We could explore Titanic’s upper and lower deck, meet the doomed passengers, and maybe even shout “I’m king of the world. 

"I'll Never Let Go, Jack"

4) Band of Brothers or The Pacific

Band of Brothers Is The True Story of Easy Company

Telltale Games has yet to produce a war game. HBO’s Band Of Brothers or it’s brother The Pacific series could be the answer. Both, Band of Brothers and The Pacific follows a small group of WWII soldiers through their harrowing war experience. War itself is horrible and the decisions soldiers make are nearly impossible. There is danger around every turn, and each moment could be your last. One wrong move, one wrong decision and not only could you die, but your brothers could die too. 

Joe Mazzello III portrayed Eugene Sledge in HBO's The Pacific 

5) Stranger Things

A Netflix Original that has garnered Critical Acclaim After Only One Season

Stranger Things, might be a new show but from what we’ve seen it would make a great addition to Telltale games. Since, the show is new, and you might not have gotten a chance to watch it, I will keep this short and spoilerless. Just know that Stranger Things is full of mystery, suspense, and there are plenty of characters to interact with. Not to mention- a weird little girl with telekinesis and a missing boy.

Stranger Things Is Packed With Nods to 80s Pop Culture

This is the end of our list for 5 television shows or movies Telltale should make next.

We’ll leave you to decide if we were right. Here are a few articles to keep you busy while we wait for the next Telltale game.

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