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5 Best New Horror Games for PC in 2015
The Volatile from Dying Light

1. Dollhouse

Beware says the wall... I think I would leave.

If the name isn’t creepy enough the game trailer certainly delivers. Dollhouse is a new horror game with a very unique take that supposedly allows for a lot of replay ability. Unfortunately a lot of horror games lose their charm once you’ve finished them once because the cheap jump scares don’t get you anymore. Dollhouse is very different in the way that the game is randomly generated every time you play. That means that the player gets to develop their own story and to figure out what is happening alone. There is supposedly an invisible entity that stalks the character throughout the various levels. You can look through the entities eyes, but if you do so you reveal your position.

The trailer looked fantastic and I am very excited for this game. It is currently in early access on steam so head over there and check out the progress it has been making. On top of all of the great features the game provides, it also allows for multiplayer experiences which in my book makes the game infinitely better.

This concludes the list of the top 5 new horror games that has come out or will come out in 2015. Do you agree with our list? What horror games have left you sleepless at night? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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