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5 Best New Horror Games for PC in 2015
The Volatile from Dying Light

3. Doom

The big monster we see in Doom's trailer.

The 4th installment in the Doom series has been announced but unfortunately not given a release date yet. Many of the horror fans that have played the games through the years remember the intense fast-pace Doom games. Given, that with the graphics and gameplay of the old games, they probably wouldn’t hold up very well today.

The game franchise does carry a heavy name though and will most likely draw a large number of loyal fans back for number 4. The series has consisted of dark themed settings and played as first person shooters. You take control of a ridiculously tough marine that blows hordes of demons and undead to shreds with your overpowered weapons. Hopefully the themes of the first games carry through to this sequel. Massively powerful guns that can blow demons into soup are just what most horror games need.

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