15 Video Game Babes Every Guy Would Love To Go On An Adventure With

Video Game Babes
Jaina Proudmoore. Good woman to have on your side

Girls don’t just wanna have fun

Adventures. What could be better than getting a friend, grabbing some essentials and romping off into the great unknown in search for fame, riches and glory? Well, if your friend was one of the following for starters…

15. Bayonetta - Bayonetta

I think she’d be able to help you out on any adventure

For someone who’s been asleep for 500 years, Bayonetta looks pretty fresh and alert; a great start for a trekking buddy. With all her acrobatics, 4 guns and melee expertise, she’d be great fighting in your corner. She’s prone to getting all that hair caught up in rocky crags and overgrown bushes, so helping her get untangled would win you lots of brownie points. Just DON’T suggest cutting it shorter.

14. Chell - Portal

Our Chell comes in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Chell is not the most talkative of ladies, but she does have some pretty nifty equipment that could come in very handy. For starters she’s got those springs on her feet that could get her up to high places (or down from high places) and then of course there’s her portal gun. You’ll have to see it in action to really see its uses. Let’s just say getting places won’t be difficult. Winning her over is easy. Just show her an exit door in Apertaure science labs and she’ll be yours forever. Just keep her away from self aware robots if at all possible. She has a few issues in that area.

13. Princess Zelda – Legend of Zelda

Twilight Princess Zelda

Princess Zelda may look and act, well, like a princess I guess, but under that cute, butter-wouldn’t-melt exterior, she is quite the little minx. She has an alter ego, Sheik, who is a cross-dressing, somersaulting, harp playing badass, and she also holds the essence of one third of the Triforce, the Triforce of Wisdom to be precise. She digs guys who wear green, with pixie ears ideally. And you better make sure your swordplay is up to scratch because you may have a bit of rescuing to do.

12. Faith Conners - Mirror’s Edge

To be honest, you’d probably just slow her down

When Faith, from Mirror’s Edge spots something she wants, you’d better just sit down and grab a breather because this parkour-toting bombshell can get to places you can’t, and she doesn’t have time to hang around for you. You could, however prove yourself useful by defending her from government officials as she’s not a big fan of their regime.

11. Kitana – Mortal Kombat

I'm a bit of a 'fan' of Kitana...

At 10,000 years old, Mortal Kombat’s Kitana has definitely seen and done it all. With all that experience, could you ask for a better adventuring buddy? I think not. Once stepdaughter to Shao Kahn, she left the dark side and joined the forces of good after discovering Kahn was instrumental in her real father’s death. She likes Kung Fu fighting men like Liu Kang, so make sure you commit to a lifetime’s worth of rigorous training…or watch a couple of Bruce Lee movies…whatever suits you best.

10. Jill Valentine – Resident Evil

Wanna come on an adventure with me? Dnxpunk certainly does

As one of the few people who escaped Racoon City unscathed, Resident Evil’s Jill has more than proven her worth as an adequate adventuring buddy. She likes strong, hero types, but also with a soft side, ideally who play the piano. She doesn’t like guys who ‘nibble,’ or work for pharmaceutical companies.

9. Lightning – Final Fantasy XIII

Don’t expect lots of conversation whilst adventuring with this one

Claire Farron, aka Lightning is the protagonist from Final Fantasy XIII. Capable of looking after herself, and going on solo missions to save her comrades, teamwork has never really come naturally to her. But with perseverance, she will soon open up to you and if you can prove your worth (save her sister or something, she’ll love you for that), she will be a great ally to have on your side.

8. Chun Li – Street Fighter

Chun Li is not just a kickass, she’s a spinning bird kickass

An idol for many adventuring women, Street Fighter’s Chun Li was the first woman in a fighting game. With her speed and lightning fast legs, she’ll make mince meat of anyone in her way. On a constant mission to avenge her father’s death, anything you could do to get her closer to M. Bison, and his evil Shadaloo crime syndicate would score you great points with this oriental beauty.

7. Ayane – Dead or Alive/Ninja Gaiden

Kitted out for some adventuring

Ayane is a top class ninja assassin, with an amazing body. In other words, a great partner to have on your explorations. Often found backing up Ryu Hayabusa, her blazing speed makes up for her slightly weaker attacks. She loves purple, so get her some blueberries or something. I’m sure she’ll love that.

6. Miranda Lawson – Mass Effect 2

After a hard day’s adventuring Miranda likes to unwind with her travelling buddy

Having been genetically altered to gain enhanced intelligence and physical traits, Mass Effect’s Miranda Lawson would be a great woman to have around in tricky situations, as long as you can put up with the Australian accent! If you want to win her over, don’t ever try controlling her. Her father did that. She didn’t like it much. If you can rescue her sister from being held captive, she’ll be like putty in your hands.

5. Jaina Proudmoore – WoW/Hearthstone

When is having a powerful mage on your side a bad idea?

This ambitious young lady will do anything to achieve her goals like teaming up with night elves and even orcish hordes to defeat the sinister agents of the Burning Legion. Coming from a royal background, any kind of romantic conquests may have to be limited to the most aristocratic of us, but if you know any magic spells, that may impress her too…but probably not.

4. Aeris Gainsborough – Final Fantasy VII

How could you not buy flowers from her with those puppy dog eyes?

Another magical lady, Aeris is a very popular girl from Final Fantasy VII. Great for healing and buffing, she’s definitely someone worth taking on your riskier jaunts. She likes flowers so much, she sells them in the slums, so gifts are easy to buy for her. She likes guys who protect her from death (so not you then, Cloud), and show their softer side.

3. Cortana – Halo

Thanks to MagicnaAnavi for humanising this silicon bombshell

Lacking in physical presence, she’s basically a good-looking siri, but works much better. She can get you access codes, unlock doors, and basically be useful with all tech stuff. If artificial intelligence is your thing, show her you care by installing a good antivirus for her.

2. Lara Croft – Tomb Raider

Lara has many assets one may find useful on any adventure

Who wouldn’t want Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft to tag along on an expedition for fame and riches? The real question is would she want you tagging along with her? An expert in pretty much everything adventure based; climbing, shooting, archery, acrobatics. It’s a shame she’s such a lone wolf really.

1. Samus Aran - Metroid

Samus is very happy to be on top

The highly coveted number one spot wins due to experience more than anything. Gaming’s first female playable adventurist is trained in all sorts of firepower, armoured to the teeth, and is real flexible. Samus Aran is our winner mainly because she’s been adventuring the longest, since 1986 to be precise. With a highly upgradable power suit, and all sorts of lasers and rockets to play around with, you’ll have no problem getting past obstacles with her by your side. And if things are out of reach, did I mention she can roll into a ball. Oh yeah, she loves balls. Samus, you are our number one female adventurer. We salute you.

Final thoughts

Gaming is full of heroes. And although the majority are male, more and more ladies are getting in on the action. Check out the gallery for a list of ladies who didn’t quite make the top 15 for various reasons, but are worthy of a mention. Who else did I miss out? Let me know in the comments.

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