11 Weird Deaths Related to Gaming

Gaming and tragedy
Gaming and tragedy

Few tragedies are more bizarre than deaths related to gaming

Video games are to die for. Well, not really. They definitely shouldn’t be. Games exist to help make our mundane lives a little more entertaining, to bring joy to the drudgery of daily existence. Though a number of games boast shocking amounts of violence, they’re not supposed to kill people in the real world.

Sadly, there have been certain cases when video games either directly or indirectly contributed to real-world deaths. We discuss some of them here, in this article we’ve called 11 Weird Deaths Related to Gaming. Why ‘weird’? Let us reiterate: games should never lead to anybody’s untimely demise. Death due to gaming is not just unfortunate, it is also nothing less than bizarre.

So steel yourselves, because we’re about to get real morbid.

1. Master Chief does not approve


You do NOT want to disappoint him.

Daniel Petric was only 16 years old when this tragedy shocked the citizens of Ohio in 2007.

Daniel’s parents had previously forbidden him to purchase the game Halo 3, but he did so anyway. When they found out, they weren’t pleased. So they took the game and locked it up in a safe.

Well, Daniel wasn’t pleased with that move, either. Around a week later, he broke into the safe, only to find a 9mm gun next to the game.

He entered the room where his parents were relaxing on a couch, and told them, “Would you close your eyes? I have a surprise for you.”

The parents did as requested – only for Daniel to shoot them both in the head.

The father, Mark Petric, survived the attack. Sadly, the mother, Susan Petric, died instantly. Daniel fled the house – with the game in hand – but the police nabbed him not much later. Daniel was sentenced to life in prison.

Truly one of the most disturbing deaths related to gaming.


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