11 Best Tower Defense Games to Play in 2015 And 2016

Sanctum 2
Sanctum 2 mixes tower defence with fps

Towers of Strength

Tower Defense games sure are popular these days. But just in case you’ve never heard of them, I’ll briefly explain how they work.

You have a base, and some money. Enemies attack your base in waves, and you have to use the money to strategically place towers which can shoot and destroy your enemies. Defeating enemies gets you more money which you can spend on upgrades or more towers. Simple enough, in theory. Many TD games now blend genres, adding RTS or FPS elements within.

Let’s have a look at 11 tower defense games that stand out from the other thousands out there.

1. OTTTD (Over The Top Tower Defense Game)

This game doesn’t take itself too seriously

This game is crazy. Like the name suggests, it is OTT in a big, but supremely fun, way. You are in command of HEROCORP, and must battle wave after wave of enemies from parallel dimensions. If you like flying, undead sharks (who doesn’t?) you’ll love OTTTD.

2. Tower Wars

multiplayer mayhem in Tower Wars

In Tower Wars, you not only have to defend your base from attack, but you also have to plan attacks on your enemies castles as well. This adds a nice twist to the genre. However, there have been some issues with long wait times to find matches, and with no single player story mode, this may harm what is otherwise a beautiful looking game.

3. Sanctum 2

There’s some beautiful views in Sanctum 2

A tower defense/fps hybrid, Santum 2 has the player trying to protect the oxygen-producing cores that are under threat by aliens. With plenty of customisation options, you can equip your character and towers any way you want. A nice single player campaign and up to 4 player co-op mode, this beautiful game is hard to put down.

4. Dungeon Defenders 2

Enjoy the Zelda-esque rpg elements in Dungeon Defenders 2

Dungeon Defenders 2 is a must have if you are any kind of RPG fan. With an instant likeness to Zelda, its bright and colourful art style will attract many players. With 4 playable characters, each with different skills and abilities, there are multiple strategies available for all kinds of players here. And the option to switch classes and use class combinations add to the versatility even more.

5. Orcs Must Die! 2

If you prefer getting your hands dirty, try Orcs Must Die! 2

This time, the TD genre has combined with a 3rd person shooter to provide many revolting ways to see orcs die. And die they must. For that is the name of the game here.  The sequel has a nice, 2-player co-op element, which was missing from the original, although some of the later levels seem like they were designed for this mode only, making solo play frustratingly tricky at times.

6. Plants Vs. Zombies 2

This old classic is still a popular seller

In this game, probably the most famous name in the genre, players must build a terrifying army of plants to defeat the extremely (un)dead, relentless, and seemingly vegetarian zombies. Not yet officially out for pc, there are ways of getting it, but for the honest, paying gamers around, at the moment it’s just on iOS and Android. If you’re ok with lots of in-app purchases, this is the game for you.

7. Defense Grid 2

One of the more serious TD games on the list, but still great fun

Defense Grid 2 is probably one of the purest Tower Defense games on the list, but with so many options and game modes, this also makes it one of the most addictive and playable too. It has a deep story mode, multiplayer versus, and co-op battles as well as multiple challenge modes that will keep you from tower defense withdrawal symptoms for some time to come.

8. Pixel Junk Monsters: Ultimate

Simple, but addictive, PJM has lots of modes to keep you busy

First released as a mobile app, pc and mac users can now get the game with all the DLC included (that’s what the ‘Ultimate’ in the title is for. In this game, you play Tikiman, a forest defender. Monsters are invading the realm however, so it is up to you to strategically place traps to defend yourself and your little ones. It’s quirky and nice, if not in the same league as some of the others in this list.

9. Yet Another Zombie Defense

The blood soon piles up in YAZD

Another fairly standard tower defense game, you must defend yourself from hordes of zombies intent on eating your brain. Each wave is stronger than the last, and ultimately, you will get overrun and die, but the test is to see how long you can stay alive for. From the title to the game itself, this game pokes fun at its own unoriginality.

10. Defense Zone 2

RTS fans will love Defense Zone 2

With truly engaging levels, the defense zone series is a fan favourite. The different difficulty levels accommodate all kinds of players from rookies to veterans. There’s a huge variety of weapons and scenery to plan your strategy and create an effective defense. Look out for Defense Zone 3 this autumn.

11. Kingdom Rush Frontiers

This place looks nice and friendly...it’s not.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers takes the standard TD formula and gives it a twist by adding ‘barracks,’ towers that create ground troops to slow down enemies. This can turn the tide in many a tight situation. Like the original Kingdom Rush, this game is a fun, and charming game.

Choose your tower

So there you have it. These are some of the best tower defense games around at the moment. There is something here for all kinds of tastes whether you’re an fps fanatic, or an rpg enthusiast. Did I miss any awesome games out? Let me know in the comments section below.

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