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Stellaris (2016)

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The galaxy is yours if you can take it. After thousands of years of evolution your race has risen out of their homeworld to discover the galaxy. There are thousands of planets to be explored and hundreds of potential worlds to colonize, to expand your people's empire across the galaxy. But you are not alone in the wide reaches of space. Many other races have also risen just like you and are taking the exact same steps to expand their borders. Be cautious, some of them will not be friendly.

In this space based real time strategy, research new technologies to make your empire stronger, and build bases to make your mark upon the universe. Other empires will also be expanding however. They may trade with you or even make alliances so both of you can grow strong together. Make sure you build a strong army however for they may want your empire for their own instead. Sometimes war cannot be avoided and only the strong survive in the ever growing universe.

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Harley's picture

Harley 6 years 5 months ago

This game is incredible. I was first introduced to this game by one of my family members and i have been hooked since. I have spent some time experimenting with mods and some of them are meant to add more, some help you, some change the UI, and others add immersion. I have had a lot of cases where the mods are not compatible with one another but most of them work together. I most defiantly recommend this game to anyone who likes real time strategy games.

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