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Diablo Immortal vs Diablo 3
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Sombra pointing her gun at the screen
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Brigitte behind her shield
While most of the healers require you to keep a distance from the... Read More
Jazzy Lucio
Lúcio may not be a good choice for solo-healer, but he has some great... Read More
Mercy Winged Victory Skin
Mercy is one of the most popular healers for good reason, when you... Read More
11 weeks between Warcraft: Legion patches Reddit user das_momo has... Read More
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Battleborn, pc game, pc
Keep an eye out for these 11 great new games to expect this year.... Read More
Overwatch: Blizzard Releases New Gameplay Footage of Pharah
She shoots rockets and makes people cry Blizzard has just... Read More
Legends of the gaming world
Here they are: the best Blizzard heroes and the... Read More
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