[Top 10] WoW Classic Best Classes (Most Useful)

This is what we had to deal with back in the day.
There's room for everybody.

10. Destruction Warlock

How do you feel about making a deal with demons? How about backing out of the deal and sacrificing your demon for more damage to get higher on the damage meter? The Destruction Warlock might be the class for you.

  • Your warlock has extremely useful raid utilities. Soulstones that can store the spirit of your ally, allowing them to raise from the dead on their own. You save so much time in progression when all 40 members of your raid don't have to make the corpse run back to the dungeon.
  • You're always going to be needed in a raid as a warlock. You have curses that keep everyone's spells from being resisted. Your damage is going to be solid.
  • Warlocks get the best looking tier of any class. You might not use it for raiding at the moment, but you can sit around your capital city looking like a demonic taskmaster.

9. Marksmanship Hunter

Does the fantasy of a survivalist appeal to you? Do you want to shoot enemies from a distance while a loyal beast you've trained gets pummeled by those enemies? A hunter can get their hands dirty, or they can set up strategies to avoid damage alltogether.

  • There's a necessity for several hunters in a raid group in progression. Many bosses  become enraged during an encounter and do increased damage. Hunters are needed to use a spell called Tranquilizing Shot to stop the enragement. Hunters get raid spots.
  • The Marksmanship talent tree has a talent called Trueshot aura that will increased not only your attack power, but it will increase the attack power of everyone in your group. Melee damage dealers love having a hunter in their party.
  • Hunters don't have that much competition for gear. It's easy to gear a hunter. You have so many options and so many stats you can choose to prioritize. The mem has some truth to it, all gear is hunter gear.

8. The Fury Warrior

The fantasy of being an unbridled beserker is what caught my attention when I chose to play World of Warcraft. It might be your thing too if you like the idea of your character being so reckless and ruthless in their attacks, they leave it all on the table.

  • Fury warriors have the highest damage per second of any class in the game at many points in progression. They hit hard and fast and your resources for dealing damage are based on your damage. Your character is going to be a wrecking ball on boss fights especially.
  • Fury warriors get the gear the main tank doesn't need. Playing as fury can get you prepared for a tank role in your guild. In the event of your tank needing a night off or quitting the guild, you can take over that spot.
  • An interesting and involved rotation. One of the biggest issues in Classic is not all classes have been completely fleshed out as they have been in modern games. Fury warriors have a very involved and entertaining damage rotation. Biggest reason I play one myself.

7. Combat Rogue

The fantasy of a rogue in World of Warcraft is moving in the shadows. You can avoid enemies, sneak up on them, pick their pockets, and attack. There's an added swashbuckler fantasy in the combat rogue. You're essentially half ninja, half pirate. Sounds pretty damn radical to me.

  • Rogues have an easier time leveling than warriors. If you want to be at the top of the damage meters in raids, but you don't want to die a million times on your way to level 60, the rogue is a great option.
  • Personality and individual choices on how you gear your rogue. Rogues have options on the weapons they use. A sword build is generally considered the best, but the dagger build can be better with certain gear combinations. It can also help you avoid a bidding war with the fury warriors in your guild.
  • A huge part of the game is how your character looks, and that it reflects what you want your character to look like. Rogues have the best looking armor options of any melee damage dealers in the game. You get to wear your tier armor in raids too.

6. Frost Mage

Are you studious? Do you feel knowledge is power? Want to speak some Latin and toss a glacier out of your hands? This vending machine is the perfect class for you.

  • In the very early stages of progression, Frost is the only mage that can do damage in raids because bosses are resistant to fire. Frost is also the highest damage of any of the spellcasting classes available in Classic WoW at the moment. 
  • Mages have the best PvE crowd control in the game. You can polymorph humanoids into sheep, pigs, and eventually turtles. You can keep nonplayer enemies out of fights until it's time to attack. 
  • People in your raid or dungeon are going to need food and water to replenish their health and mana between fights. Mages can conjure up food or water for anyone who needs it. It's an invaluable and unmatched utility. 

5. Fury/Protection Warrior

Ideas on what is necessary for a tank have changed drastically in the 15 or so years since World of Warcraft was originally released. Back in the day, we thought it was the tank's job to stay alive. Today, it's up to the tank to both stay alive and do enough damage to keep the boss's attention while the raid does as much damage as they can push themselves to do. The tank may be the most interesting role that requires the most understanding of the game.

  • Tanks have a guaranteed raid spot. You are in a leadership position in your guild. Progression for 40 people is based on your individual progression. They will funnel you anything you need to do your role better.
  • You have gear for your damage specialization. You have gear for your PvP specialization. If there's a chance an item could be useful for you, there's a good chance you can have it.

4. Restoration Druid

The power of nature is on your side. Druids have so many tools that make it easy to level, PvP, and they have a definite place in a raid group. Especially as a healer. As a druid healer, you're going to top off your whole raid and make sure everyone is healthy enough to keep fighting.

  • The restoration druid has utility that can't be replicated by any other class. Your Mark of the Wild provides damage and survivability to your whole raid. Your innervate can restore a huge percentage of your mana or another healer's mana when the fight has gone on just a little too long. A clutch Rebirth from a Resoration Druid can be the difference between everyone dying and everyone getting epic gear.
  • Druids are almost impossible to kill in the open world. If you want to avoid a fight, go cat form, turn invisible, and avoid the trouble. If you see big damage coming your way, throw a healing spell on yourself and turn into a bear to last longer and escape.

3. Holy Priest

Holy light and divine power is infused in everything you do. You keep your allies fighting, and you stand back and hope for the best. The priest is a unique class, the only class with two specializations dedicated to healing and keeping your group alive.

  • Priests have a unique Light Well that you can place down and assume no responsibility over healing damage most of your group is taking. Rogue is taking a lot of damage for some reason? Tell them to hit the Light Well and stand back until he's good to fight another day. They may not listen, but you tried.
  • Molten Core offers the priest class one of the most interesting quests in the game for a one-of-a-kind staff called Benediction. You must test your individual skills to acquire this staff even after your raid has defeated the boss who gives you the quest item. It's an item that is guaranteed for a priest, and no one else can get anything quite like it.
  • Groups need plenty of priests. Not many people enjoy playing support classes, but groups need support for progression.

2. Restoration Shaman

The spirits guide you. Maybe you like the idea of a druid, but you also want to be able to hurl lightning bolts out of your hands. Maybe you like dogs better than cats. There's plenty of little reasons to choose the master of the elements, and it's certainly not a bad choice.

  • Melee damage dealers like fury warriors and rogues love shamans more than anything. The shaman has a Windfury totem that buffs the weapon of everyone in your group to randomly do twice as much damage. It's insane. 
  • There's very little competition for gear as a Restoration shaman. You're the only shaman who wants tier gear from raids. You're the only spellcaster in your faction who can wear mail armor. It's good to be a shaman.
  • Groups need support! Support is the hardest position for almost every guild to fill consistently.

1. Holy Paladin

What's cooler than a knight? That's the sort of fantasy almost everyone has had, I bet. To be ordained as a protector of people by the king, to ride into battle on a noble steed, to best your challengers with foritude and will. The paladin feels exactly like that in World of Warcraft. Maybe not the most exciting in terms of complexity, but what it lacks in complexity, it makes up for in coolness and power level.

  • The paladin will be THE strongest healer when all content has been released for World of Warcraft: Classic. As gear gets more powerful, paladins scale with this gear better than anyone else. It will eventually get to the point where you can use your best healing spells nearly infinitely without having to worry about mana resources. 
  • Blessing of Salvation allows Alliance to progress through raid content earlier than the Horde. A 20% decrease in a selected ally's threat means the people doing damage don't have to worry about getting the bosses attention. This might be the biggest game changer to any guild working their way through dungeons and raids.
  • Support is always needed! Holy paladins will never be left looking for a group.

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