[Top 10] Warhammer 40k Best Kill Teams

Warhammer 40k Best Kill Teams
A fully constructed and painted Kill Team. Ready to play

 Kill Teams are an exciting version of 40k played on a much smaller scale.

 “Kill Teams” is the Warhammer game on a smaller scale. You build a kill team with specialized units. They earn experience and have their own unique traits.

This team carries out specific missions to deal a blow to your enemy in a much larger campaign. It's a ton of fun and I want to share my top ten Warhammer 40k best kill teams.

10) Orks

Ork Warbosses are menacing and cruel. Orks never surrender and they fight because they see it as their right

The green-skin menace barrels through the universe killing, stealing, and eating. These powerful brutes’ smash random parts together to make weapons. Use this blunt hammer for even the most precise operations.

  • Brutal melee units
  • Tactic that allows a unit to shoot a second time in the shooting phase
  • Grot shield allows a unit to use a nearby Gretchin to take wounds

9) Deathwatch

Brutal war in the distant future comes with many consequences. A byproduct of these consequences tend to be cybernetic replacements for: eyes, hands, joints, etc.

Deathwatch is known for being on the frontlines of the alien threat. A deathwatch kill team is excellent for anyone who wants to run space marines but doesn't want to subscribe to one chapter. You can customize Deathwatch squads however you like.

  • Bolters that can fire different types of ammunition
  • Strong melee, firepower, and heavy weapons
  • Customizable
  • Elites that allow you to pick models on your enemy's side to wound on 1s

8) Adeptus Astartes

Leaders of the Astartes stand tall and proud for their centuries of service to the emperor. They are fierce warriors who fight off the great alien threat

The Adeptus Astartes are the golden boys of the Space marines. Facing down any foe with valor and expensive equipment. They are the crown jewel in the emperor’s proud army

  • Ability to maneuver around corners
  • "transhuman physiology" allows your units to ignore their first wound
  • Flexible gear and tactics
  • Choose your favorite space marine chapter

7) Tau

Tau are disciplined warriors who fight for the “greater good.” They utilize long-range, high-tech weaponry to stay their foe

The Tau look like genetically engineered Smurfs stuffed into armor. These Smurfs fight for “the greater good” with advanced weaponry. Tau have cover negating firepower, devastating armor-piercing weapons, stealth suits, and drones. 

  • Long-range weaponry allows you to hit your enemy from across the table
  • Drones help keep units in the game and are great for grabbing objectives
  • great armor-piercing stats

6) Heretic Astartes

Horus the Betrayer almost killed the Emperor and toppled the Imperium during his civil war. Horus cemented his legacy as the greatest traitor to humankind

these tormented souls once fought for the emperor and now live a brutal, savage existence. They like to unwind by cozying up with demons and traveling the dangerous warp. Chaos space marines are hellbent on toppling the Emperor.

  • Flexibility in building your team
  • "Beseech the gods" allows you to pick a model and roll to add one to hit and wound rolls
  • "Deamon spirit" allows you to pick an enemy model near your leader and roll to inflict a mortal wound

  5) Thousand Sons

Thousand sons have fearsome psychic abilities and benefit greatly from the Chaos powers of the Warp​

each warrior crackles with psychic energy, wielding it in battle. The Thousand Sons lay waste to the stars at the behest of Tzeentch, the chaos god known as the changer of ways. Thousand Sons now fights the very Imperium they used to defend

  • Psybolt as a psychic power
  • Effective against armored targets
  • Tzaangor is a powerful close combat unit


4) Grey Knights

Grey knights are daemon hunters with unparalleled melee skills

Fierce melee warriors and the inquisition of the Emperor. The grey knights have specialized in hunting and exterminating demons from the warp. They laugh in the face of the most terrifying beings you've never thought of.

  • Powerful close combat weapons
  • Access to psybolt
  • capable of anyone on one fights

3) Eldar

Eldar are an ancient race who once had a hold on the galaxy. They have fallen from greatness due to material pleasures and splintered into smaller factions.

These Elves wield sophisticated tech and wage war. Eldar have fought for longer than almost any other race in the universe. They commanded the known galaxy at one point. the Eldar empire has fallen to self-indulgence and material pleasures.

  • "Asurmen's Blessing" allows your dire avengers to re-roll failed hits in shooting phase
  • Capable of advancing and firing their weapons
  • "phantasm" allows you to reset a model inside your deployment zone on the first round

2) Tyranids

Tyranid are ravenous cruel bug monsters. They swarm the universe devouring everything they touch

I can’t think of anything more terrifying than a hive-mind mass of monster bugs. Swarming the universe, devouring everything in their path. these beasts make grown men cry including your opponent.

  • Ferocious close combat abilities
  • Gain command points for killing the enemy commander
  • Lurk tactic allows you to provide better coverage to you units


1) Necrons

Necrons, like the Eldar, are an ancient race whose only goal is to dominate everything in the galaxy

who doesn’t want to command an army of terminators? Older than the Eldar, Necrons once ruled the universe with an iron fist. The Necrons oppressed civilizations through sheer cruelty and force. They have risen from stasis and are ready to reclaim what is theirs.

  • Excellent shooting kill team
  • Hard to kill with regenerative powers
  • "overcharged disintegration" gives some of your weapons better AP values

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