Two Point Hospital Best DLCs (All DLCs Ranked)

Two Point Hospital Best DLCs
Two Point Hospital has some crazy DLCs, including Bigfoot!

Which DLC is ranked the best?

Two Point Hospital is the first game developed by Two Point Studios. It was first released on August 30, 2018, for PC, then it launched on consoles two years later.

Two Point Studios released plenty of downloadable content for the game for the past four years before moving on to their new game, Two Point Campus. Speaking of Two Point Hospital DLCs, most of them are unique enough to add more value and gameplay mechanics, while some are cosmetics, which are decent enough if you truly want them.

In this article, we will rank them one by one and see which one is the best DLC.

11. Fancy Dress Pack

Let us start off with the item packs, and the first one on our list is the Fancy Dress Pack. This item pack adds costumes and headwear for your staff, such as new outfits like Dying Trend, Something Fishy, and a Penguin Suit. It also adds some new items that are related to the dress pack.

It is purely a cosmetic item pack, so we highly recommend getting it on sale or if you really want to have your staff diagnosing and curing patients in a wizard costume. Otherwise, it will not really change anything gameplay-wise.

Get the Fancy Dress Pack DLC if:

  • You like new clothes for your staff (like a costume/Halloween-themed hospital)
  • You love Two Point Hospital so much that you want to get every DLC for the game.

DLC Full Details:

DLC score: 4/10

10. Exhibition Items Pack

The next item pack is the exhibition items pack, which includes hospital items that you can use to improve the looks of your hospital. There are different types of items ranging from classical art to science-related items, so even fossils are included.

These items increase your hospital attractiveness, and some of them can increase room prestige and give out entertainment value to your staff and patients.

Get the Exhibition Items Pack DLC if:

  • You want to build a museum-themed hospital
  • You love dinosaurs and art!

DLC Full Details:

DLC score: 5/10

9. Retro Items Pack

For both 9 and 10, they are actually interchangeable, but I prefer the Retro Items Pack slightly because I prefer simple items that can still fit into the theme of Two Point Hospital most of the time.

I mean, a jukebox, a retro television, and even a pinball machine are just some of the included items in this pack, which looks perfect in my staff rooms, and it definitely has some other use cases in other locations of your hospital.

Get the Retro Items Pack DLC if:

  • You love retro-looking items
  • You love the nostalgic feeling of old technology

DLC Full Details:

DLC score: 5/10

8. SEGA 60th Items Pack

Probably the best item pack is the SEGA 60th Items Pack, and it is simply because it is a free DLC. You do not have to buy it, and the four items included are great additions to your hospital regardless of theme.

The four items are the SEGA Out Run machine, One-eyed Mammoth (from Space Harrier), SEGA Dream Catcher machine, and SEGA Periscope Arcade Game. These items will look great when you create a small hub in your hospital for your patients and staff to relieve their boredom.

You can even pair it with the Sonic character costume for your staff.

Get the SEGA 60th Items Pack DLC if:

  • You love arcade cabinets
  • You love free items
  • You love SEGA
  • Works well with Sonic characters costume for your staff

DLC Full Details:

DLC score: 6/10

7. A Stitch in Time

Now moving on to the actual expansion that increases the game’s value by adding more maps and gameplay features. A Stitch in Time DLC is the sixth expansion for Two Point Hospital, and it came out in February 2021.

This DLC adds three unique levels to each other as it focuses on the time travel feature, and thus the maps are based on futuristic, medieval, and prehistoric maps. Moreover, it has thirteen new visual illnesses, which is a nice addition, as well as new music and appropriate DJ and tannoy lines.

This DLC would be ranked higher if they added new treatment rooms since most of the DLCs have new ones that you can build specifically for the DLC.

Get A Stitch in Time DLC if:

  • You love time traveling
  • Futuristic map
  • Medieval map
  • Prehistoric map
  • You like new music and new unique gameplay for the DLC

DLC Full Details:

DLC score: 6/10

6. Close Encounters

Close Encounters DLC is the third expansion DLC for Two Point Hospital. If you like aliens and extraterrestrial illnesses, then Close Encounters has it all for you.

Similar to A Stitch in Time, this DLC includes three new locations, several new visual illnesses, as well as many new non-visual illnesses as well. 

It also has a unique mini-game which is to find aliens among your patients. This can be a big yes or a big no, depending on the player’s preference, since it may become tedious once the number of patients reaches one hundred or more.

Get Close Encounters DLC if:

  • You love aliens
  • New alien-themed/science fiction-themed treatment rooms
  • New mini-game, gameplay, and alien-themed maps

DLC Full Details:

DLC score: 7/10

5. Off the Grid

Off the Grid DLC is the fourth expansion for Two Point Hospital, and it is about building hospitals that are in either remote locations or use eco-friendly electricity.

It is a good DLC with thirty-five new illnesses, and nine of them are visual illnesses that are “eco-friendly”-related as well. This DLC would have ranked higher if the eco-mode feature that was used in the last map were available in all other maps since it gives a unique challenge for this DLC.

Get Off the Grid DLC if:

  • You like new gameplay mechanics that revolve around being eco-friendly
  • Three new hospitals that are widely different from each other
  • New eco-mode feature to give more challenge on the later missions

DLC Full Details:

DLC score: 7.5/10

4. Culture Shock

Culture Shock is the fifth DLC, and one of the better ones compared to the first three expansions listed above. I think it is because of the added challenge of hiring a celebrity as your doctor and creating a successful TV hit in Plywood Studios by completing challenges.

Just like the other DLCs, there are three new maps that are movie-themed hospitals. It also has three new treatment rooms and twelve new visual illnesses on top of more than 20 new illnesses.

Get Culture Shock DLC if:

  • You like mixing drama and hospital like hiring a celebrity as a doctor
  • New illnesses for stunt man or stunt woman
  • New items that are television-themed

DLC Full Details:

DLC score: 8/10

3. Pebberley Island

Two Point Hospital: Pebberley Island (Official Trailer) - YouTube

The Pebberley Island, the second DLC for Two Point Hospital, focuses on exploring uncharted locations such as beautiful beaches, jungles, and even the top of a mountain. 

It is a great DLC for Two Point Hospital and can be quite challenging as some of the maps are not as spacey as other maps in the game. Plus, there are tons of new illnesses that you need to cure. Additionally, it is also one of the most visually pleasing DLCs as it is quite relaxing to look at most of the time.

Get Pebberley Island DLC for:

  • The new beautiful maps
  • 10 new visual illnesses
  • Tropical-themed items

DLC Full Details:

DLC score: 8.5/10

2. Speedy Recovery

The Speedy Recovery DLC is a great DLC and the most recent one for Two Point Hospital Hopefully, this is not the last one. 

Of course, there are three new maps, new treatment rooms, and several new illnesses, both visual and non-visual. However, what makes this one of the best DLCs for Two Point Hospital is the new gameplay mechanics for ambulance dispatch, which is a really nice addition to the game. You can send out ambulances to pick up patients, and there are six ambulances that are available for you.

This would easily be ranked first, but the fact that the ambulance gameplay only works for this DLC is truly unfortunate.

Get Speedy Recovery DLC for:

  • New ambulance dispatch gameplay
  • New locations, treatment rooms, and illnesses for you to cure.

DLC Full Details:

DLC score: 9/10

1. Bigfoot

Bigfoot is the first DLC for Two Point Hospital, and surprisingly, it is also the best one out there. Three amazing maps that are both big and fun, and they are located in areas full of snow. It is also challenging since the maps are in remote locations, and thus, you need to train your staff to be better.

It includes 9 visual illnesses, new treatment rooms for these illnesses, and more than 30 region-specific illnesses. The new items that are holiday-themed for winter such as ski-wares.

Get Bigfoot DLC if:

  • You love snow and Christmas-themed challenging maps
  • Big hospitals
  • New gameplay, illnesses, and items that are Christmas/Holiday-themed

DLC Full Details:

DLC score: 9.5/10

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