[Top 15] Best Mecha Anime of All Time

Best Mecha Anime of All Time
The Iron Man of Japan

15. Vandread Stage One 

It is a literal battle of the sexes for the galaxy! Men and women fighting each other with mecha armor and opinions! Hibiki, a young man who dreams of inventing, is stuck having to do boring mechanical work. All he wants is to create his own mecha and pursue his dreams. And he decides to make that happen by basically stealing a mecha. Which, obviously, was a stupid idea because now he’s thrusted between the opposite sexes. At least his life ain’t boring now. 

So...why are women the enemy, again? 

14. Promare  

For more than 30 years, humanity is reaching the point of extinction due to the invasion of fire mutants known as “Burnish”. Promepolis, the only surviving and thriving nation, enlists the aid of Burning Rescue. A group of heavily-armed firefighters who are tasked with taking down these monsters. Their main enemy is the Mad Burnish, led by Lio Fotia. Recently registered Burning Rescue member Galo has a chance encounter with said leader. And this meeting sets him on the path of discovery, questioning everything he’s believed about the “Burnish”. 


13. Samurai 7 

In the future, a new kind of Earth had been overcome with war made by mechanized samurai. After the war, things began to settle down. But the scars of the past still lay as mechanized bandits still roam the lands. Farmers of the earth have no choice but to hire samurai for their protection. Kyra and her friends journey to find fellow samurai who still have a little honor left in them, hoping they are willing to accept meager farmed rice as payment. Seven samurai of different experiences and qualities rise to the task. 

Katsushiro becomes a man. 

12. Neon Genesis Evangelion  

In the future of 2015, alien war machines known as Angels once again attack Tokyo. The city’s only source of protection lies in Evangelion, a giant fighting mecha created by the organization of Nerv. And it’s piloted by a bunch of teenagers. All whom were born 14 years ago when the Angels suddenly attacked. Now their Tokyo’s hope for survival. That’s a lot of pressure to put on a bunch of would-be high school students. 

The original meme. 

11. Scrapped Princess 

Pacifica Casull is the most hated and feared person by the followers of God Mauser. Said to be “a living path of destruction to the world”, assassinations are common in her difficult life. In order to avoid this fate, she and her siblings escape their village. However, even on their journey, there is always someone trying to kill her. What a great way to celebrate turning 16, huh? 

Pacifica, aka the “scrapped princess” 

10. Asura Cryin’

High school student Tomaharu moves into his brother’s old house. While a seemingly normal boy, he does have one secret: he can see the ghost of his late friend Misao. Despite that, he continues leading a normal life. However, that comes crashing down when a mysterious briefcase comes into his possession. He thinks it’s merely junk and should just be in storage. However, next thing he knows, his house is invaded by several groups of people after the briefcase. Now he and Misao are on the run while trying to unravel the mystery of said item. 

Tomaharu (right) and ghost friend Misao

9. Comet Lucifer 

The town of Garden Indigo has remained prosperous, thanks to a mined source called gifdium. Young boy Sougo, whose hobby is collecting crystals, wanders deep into an abandoned mine. What he fines is not gifdium, but a girl with blue hair and red eyes. This unexpected friendship leads to an adventure that may explain the secret behind the crystals. 

Sougo (center left)

8. Fooly Cooly  

With his brother off to America to play baseball, his ex-girlfriend does nothing but make his little brother Naoto uncomfortable. In sixth grade and bored with life, Naoto thinks nothing interesting happens in his town. Until one day a girl accidentally runs at him with her scooter...and strikes him with her guitar. It’s the start of an unusual friendship that leads to something definitely not boring. 

Rock and roll! 

7. Kuromukuro 

Scientists from around the world have flocked to the United Nations Kurobe Research Institute to study a mysterious object. Discovered during the construction of a dam one day, every researcher has analyzed it, wondering what it may hold. One day, the young daughter of a fellow researcher somehow manages to open it. And out comes a samurai, welcomed to the year 2016. 


6. Bokurano  

In the middle of summer vacation, a group of kids venture into a grotto by the sea. Inside, they discover computers, wires, and a man who claims to be a videogame programmer. He states he’s in the works of a new game, and enlists the children’s help in testing it out. Before they do, all must sign a contract. Only one of the kids doesn’t sign. Next thing the children know, they suddenly wake up back on the beach, assuming it was just a dream. But later they realize that their curiosity has come with a price. 

Remember the kids in the Pied Piper story? This is different.  

5. Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet 

The galaxy has been in constant war with monstrous creatures known as Hidiaazu. During one battle, lieutenant Ledo is suddenly swallowed into what is best described as “time and space”. He wakes up in his hibernated state and realizes he’s landed on what is called Earth. The planet is nothing more than one gigantic ocean, civilization now residing on ships. The one he manages to end up in is called the Gargantia. He meets a young messenger girl who helps ease the troubled fighter in him. For a guy who has done nothing but battle his whole life, having an off day is practically baffling. 

Ledo and Amy 

4. Code Geass 

2010 marked the year Britannia planned to conquer Japan. Their weapons of choice? Mecha vehicles known as Knightmare Frames. Within a few months, the once proud Asian country has reduced to what is called Area 11. Its citizens can barely survive in their impoverished state, while the members of Britannia continue to live lavishly. An exiled prince of the dominant Britannia empire named Lelouch poses as a student. And from the inside he begins his plans of revenge. 


3. Gurren Lagann 

Humanity has resided ungrounded, ignorant to an outside world where you could almost touch the stars. A young boy discovers something shiny and beautiful while digging one day, and realizes it must be a sign that there truly is something on the surface. Of course, his village calls him crazy, and the head leader nearly wants him punished for such nonsense. However, underground becomes endangered from actions caused by the surface. Young Simon and his friends must venture to above, where they are greeted by a harsh world overrun by those called Beastman. 


2. Robotics; Notes 

The school’s Robotics Club has had a goal that lasted past many graduations: the completion of a massive functioning mecha. Akiho and Kaito are the remaining members of their club, and need to pull all the stops to make their predecessors’ dreams come true. There’s asking budgets from the school, robot fighting tournaments, and growing feelings between the two friends. But just as they’re reaching their goal, there is a dark, sinister presence that threatens to destroy everything. After all, the cliche is that robots want to take over the world, right? Well, Akiho, who’s family is in danger, will not stand by this. She believes in their beloved “Robot of Justice”. 

Akito (left), Kaito (right), and “Robot of Justice” (behind)

1. Mobile Suit Gundam Wing 

In this universe, humanity now resides in space. And they declare Earth the enemy. They have already created mecha suits that threaten the planet, planning to dominate as soon as possible. Nearly a year after the war began, the Earth Federation has created their own mechanically humanoid weapon: the Gundam.  

Anyone who’s watched Toonami as a kid knows this anime. 

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