[Top 5] The Last of Us 2 Best Melee Weapons And How To Get Them

The 5 best melee weapons in The Last of Us 2
Up close and personal

When push comes to shove, and in the name of being resourceful, we’ll often resort to melee in The Last of Us 2. It pins us in an arguably long animation where we are still vulnerable, but using combat arms is hands-down effectual. Precise swings achieve two things: they preserve our scarce ammo reserves, and they (usually) result in having one less enemy to worry about.

Aside from grouping them as “one-handed or two-handed”, we can also measure their performance by merits of durability, range, and of course: damage output.

Here are 5 standout examples of good melee weapons in the game.     


5. Baseball bat

I’ll have that, thanks

An iconic choice when the need for self-defense arises, the Baseball bat is a trusty companion in The Last of Us 2 as well.  Wood may not seem to be malicious material, but it can no doubt be used in a most unsportsmanlike manner. This weapon will break after only 4 strikes in its basic form, so be sure to make them count.

What's great about the Baseball bat:

  • Available practically from the start of the game – present even in the earliest encounters
  • It’s commonly found throughout the game, either wielded by enemies or just lying on the floor
  • It counts as a one-handed melee weapon, so it has a relatively fast attack speed. That means that it can down an enemy before its brethren can come to aid

Baseball bat details: https://thelastofus.fandom.com/wiki/Baseball_Bat


4. Ax

Sharpened steel head positioned on a foot-long stick? It is as pain-inflicting as it sounds. Ask any enemy in The Last of Us 2 (or in The Last of Us 1).

This is one of the more frequently obtained two-handed melee weapons. As such, it’s slow and cumbersome to use, but its heaviness results in more defining impacts once it lends. In other words, it takes fewer swings to get the job done with this one.

What's great about the Ax:

  • Used by WLF soldiers and Seraphites alike, so it can be found in many of the game’s areas
  • Difficult to use, but also very satisfying
  • It’s not hard to defend against enemies using this weapon, because their attacks will be well telegraphed

Ax details: https://thelastofus.fandom.com/wiki/Hatchet


3. Crowbar

Gordon Freeman, is that you?

With its everyday metallic appearance, the Crowbar is no stranger when it comes to staring in zombie-infested video games. Its pointy finish behaves just as one would presume, burying deep inside unlucky targets. 

It is sturdier than the Ax but is also less common. It’s also easier to use (faster attack animations), making it unarguably more useful.
What's great about the Crowbar:

  • Moderately high starting durability of 5 hits
  • Carried often by mid-game level enemies
  • It’s possible to one-shot unsuspecting foes with this one

Crowbar details: https://thelastofus.fandom.com/wiki/Crowbar


2. Machete

Finish him!

The shape of this weapon leaves no room to debate its purpose – it is only good for cutting. There are absolutely no theoretical possibilities to treat it as a sports accessory (for any sport that I know of, at least).

Being primarily envisioned as a tool for dealing with those stubborn bamboo trees in real life, it can also work against softer targets. As such, Ellie and Abby will find a good use for it, even against armored goons. Therefore, it’s unsurprising that this weapon spawns only during the more advanced stages of The Last of Us 2.

What's great about the Machete:

  • Super-fast cutting motion
  • Very high innate durability of 7 swings before upgrades
  • Makes you feel like Danny Trejo

Machete details: https://thelastofus.fandom.com/wiki/Machete


1. Pickaxe

Some doors are better left unopened

An overgrown, hulking cousin of the Ax. It’s heavy to use even with both hands, but it reaches far, crushing all opposition. This weapon is a natural evolution of this game’s melee weapons, becoming a not-so-rare find once we reach the game’s final chapters.

Even then, we’ll usually have to defeat a mini-boss type of an enemy to acquire it. These limitations are justified, mind you, because every point of the durability of the Pickaxe equals one dead enemy. Just be careful not to overuse it before upgrading it, and then witness the disappointed look on your enemy’s face.
What's great about the Pickaxe:

  • Kills enemies in one hit, even without upgrades
  • The perfect payback weapon
  • You won’t find many of these, but upgrading them before they break rejuvenates their availability

Pickaxe details: https://thelastofus.fandom.com/wiki/Pickaxe


Which of these choices seems most striking (pun intended) to you?


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