Summoners War Tier List [Strongest and Weakest Monsters Ranked]

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Where do your faves stand?

How do these monsters rank according to RTA tier lists?

The highest tier of players in Real Time Arena and other PvP areas have spent years discovering and categorizing the best monsters in the game, especially those that shine in PvP categories. These monsters are crucial to climbing the ranks of any activity, and especially so in RTA. Here are those monsters ranked.

S Tier

S tier monsters are the best of the best. They have movesets that can’t be compared to any others, stats that stand above the rest, and they excel in multiple areas but especially in PvP arenas where strategy is key. These monsters are the regents of RTA, the gods of Guild Wars, and the angels of Arena.

  • Yeonhong (Light Sky Dancer): 98/100
  • Giana (Dark Oracle): 98/100
  • Ragdoll (Dark Dragon Knight): 98/100
  • Artamiel (Light Archangel): 97/100
  • Hathor (Wind Desert Queen): 97/100
  • Ganymede (Wind Fairy King): 97/100
  • Tiana (Wind Polar Queen): 96/100
  • Pater (Dark Druid): 96/100
  • Vanessa (Fire Valkyrja): 95/100
  • Fran (Light Fairy Queen): 95/100
  • Vivachel (Dark Harp Magician): 94/100
  • Antares (Fire Lich): 94/100
  • Shi Hou (Water Monkey King):94/100
  • Verdehile (Fire Vampire): 93/100
  • Josephine (Water Paladin): 92/100

A Tier

A tier monsters are typically very close to S tier monsters in their utility and skill sets, especially when it comes to RTA. These monsters could hold their own against monsters of S tier when runed well and put into the right team compositions, but ultimately the S tier outclasses them in PvP on an individual level.

  • Isis (Light Desert Queen): 89/100
  • Nephthys (Dark Desert Queen): 88/100
  • Mo Long (Water Panda Warrior): 88/100
  • Tian Lang (Light Panda Warrior): 88/100
  • Oberon (Light Fairy King): 87/100
  • Bolverk (Water Lightning Emperor): 87/100
  • Perna (Fire Phoenix): 87/100
  • Diana (Wind Unicorn): 87/100
  • Okeanos (Fire Sea Emperor): 86/100
  • Daphnis (Fire Fairy King): 86/100
  • Taranys (Wind Druid): 86/100
  • Velajuel (Fire Archangel): 85/100
  • Amelia (Water Unicorn): 85/100
  • Leo (Wind Dragon Knight): 85/100
  • Woosa (Water Pioneer): 84/100
  • Seara (Wind Oracle): 84/100
  • Juno (Fire Oracle): 84/100
  • Aegir (Water Barbaric King): 84/100
  • Elenoa (Light Polar Queen): 84/100
  • Akroma (Light Valkyrja): 84/100
  • Ethna (Wind Hell Lady): 83/100
  • Triana (Wind Harp Magician): 83/100
  • Julianne (Light Vampire): 83/100
  • Nicki (Dark Occult Girl): 83/100
  • Icares (Dark Sylphid): 82/100
  • Celia (Light Harp Magician): 82/100
  • Garo (Fire Ninja): 82/100
  • Bastet (Water Desert Queen): 82/100
  • Jamire (Wind Dragon): 82/100
  • Odin (Wind Lightning Emperor): 81/100

B Tier

B Tier monsters are still excellent, but they can’t stand up to S and A tier monsters unless put into the right team comps and played carefully. Even then, equal quality runes on S tier monsters will win out. However, players can make great use of them in multiple areas of the game, and they’re still coveted monsters.

  • Tesarion (Fire Ifrit): 79/100
  • Rica (Fire Occult Girl): 79/100
  • Qitiang Dasheng (Light Monkey King): 79/100
  • Feng Yan (Wind Panda Warrior): 79/100
  • Lydia (Dark Polar Queen): 79/100
  • Amduat (Dark Horus): 78/100
  • Wedjat (Light Horus): 78/100
  • Tablo (Light Dice Magician): 78/100
  • Eleanor (Light Unicorn): 78/100
  • Racuni (Fire Harg): 77/100
  • Verad (Water Dragon): 77/100
  • Gemini (Light Brownie Magician): 76/100
  • Psamathe (Water Fairy King): 76/100
  • Sekhmet (Fire Desert Queen): 76/100
  • Zeratu (Dark Chimera): 76/100
  • Betta (Dark Mermaid): 76/100
  • Craka (Dark Hell Lady): 75/100
  • Frigate (Dark Pirate Captain): 75/100
  • Helena (Fire Unicorn): 75/100
  • Rahul (Dark Beast Monk): 74/100
  • Raki (Fire Hell Lady): 74/100
  • Chilling (Water Jack-o-lantern): 74/100
  • Chiwu (Fire Pioneer): 73/100
  • Jeanne (Light Paladin): 73/100
  • Valantis (Light Druid): 73/100
  • Tetra (Water Mermaid): 73/100
  • Triton (Wind Sea Emperor): 72/100
  • Xing Zhe (Wind Monkey King): 71/100

C Tier

C tier monsters are what most savvy players will be using at the Fighter rank in RTA, but they can’t climb much higher without excellent runes and RNG. They may excel in their bracket, but they won’t overcome S and A tier monsters. C tier monsters aren’t bad by any means, but many are more niche or require help to shine.

  • Chow (Water Dragon Knight): 69/100
  • Lushen (Wind Joker): 69/100
  • Mi Ying (Dark Panda Warrior): 69/100
  • Mihyang (Water Sky Dancer): 68/100
  • Izaria (Water Succubus): 68/100
  • Harmonia (Fire Harp Magician): 68/100
  • Bulldozer (Fire Frankenstein): 68/100
  • Lagmaron (Wind Chimera): 68/100
  • Iris (Light Magic Knight): 68/100
  • Jager (Light Dragon Knight): 68/100
  • Avaris (Water Anubis): 67/100
  • Laima (Light Oracle): 67/100
  • Anavel (Water Occult Girl): 67/100
  • Orion (Water Brownie Magician): 66/100
  • Rakan (Fire Chimera): 66/100
  • Mei Hou Wang (Fire Monkey King): 66/100
  • Trinity (Dark Valkyrja): 66/100
  • Ophilia (Fire Paladin): 65/100
  • Copper (Wind Living Armor): 65/100
  • Imesety (Wind Horus): 64/100
  • Amarna (Light Anubis): 64/100
  • Bernard (Wind Griffon): 63/100
  • Fermion (Dark Archangel): 63/100
  • Hwadam (Light Taoist): 62/100
  • Leona (Dark Paladin): 62/100
  • Wolyung (Dark Sky Dancer): 61/100

D Tier

D tier monsters are the most basic monsters in PvP categories and usually have good skills and good damage but are helpless against higher-tier teams unless used in the most ingenious ways. D tier monsters are still good monsters and may even be very rare, but they don’t live up to the god tier status of other units.

  • Zaiross (Fire Dragon): 59/100
  • Theomars (Water Ifrit): 59/100
  • Camilla (Water Valkyrja): 59/100
  • Galleon (Water Pirate Captain): 59/100
  • Han (Dark Ninja): 59/100
  • Nigong (Light Pioneer): 58/100
  • Laika (FIre Dragon Knight): 57/100
  • Chasun (Wind Sky Dancer): 57/100
  • Manannan (Dark Sea Emperor): 57/100
  • Chloe (Fire Epikion Priest): 56/100
  • Woonsa (Dark Pioneer): 56/100
  • Eladriel (Wind Archangel): 56/100
  • Pungbaek (Wind Pioneer): 55/100
  • Alicia (Water Polar Queen): 55/100
  • Beth (Water Hell Lady): 55/100
  • Louise (Wind Paladin): 54/100
  • Pontos (Light Sea Emperor): 53/100
  • Poseidon (Water Sea Emperor): 52/100
  • Kabilla (Light Harpy): 52/100
  • Jaara (Dark Phoenix): 52/100

S-Tier Detailed Breakdown


Yeonhong (Light Sky Dancer)

As a formidable healer and ATB booster, Yeonhong can be a terrifying force in an RTA battle and turn the tide by filling the ATB of herself and a key ally. This essentially takes a turn off of her cooldown on her heal and gives that ally an instant turn as well.

Why Yeonhong is Overpowered:

  • Second skill can do good damage as well as strip and boost ally ATB
  • Can solo teams due to her heal, ATB boost, and damage
  • Use in both defensive and offensive PvP situations for great team support

See Yeonhong in Action:

Yeonhong is an exceptionally powerful healer for RTA and PvP and can carry a team to victory.


Giana (Dark Oracle)

Giana can be a force of nature if left unchecked, using her third skill to strip a team of their Immunity effects and then stun them as well, leaving them vulnerable to her bomb or other units. Her second skill can give her an extra turn even without Vio procs, cycling her cooldowns as quickly as possible to bring back her moves quickly.

Why Giana is Overpowered:

  • The stun on her third skill is guaranteed if she strips any beneficial effect
  • First skill can recover up to 45% of her bar
  • Bomb has a 3 turn cooldown with an instant turn, effectively reducing it to a 2 turn cooldown

See Giana in Action:

Giana has incredible utility with her strip and stun combo, as well as a powerful bomb.


Ragdoll (Dark Dragon Knight)

Rated “Most Likely to Get Banned” by RTA players everywhere, Ragdoll can get your team turns without ever lifting a finger. Critical hits are the norm in high-level PvP, and Ragdoll benefits off of this greatly by boosting your entire team’s ATB on every crit. A 15% ATB increase, especially on multihit moves, can get your team ahead of the enemy in one turn if the race is close.

Why Ragdoll is Overpowered:

  • Rune as a bruiser to do significant damage as a single target DD
  • Second skill ignores Defense when his health is low, giving him a chance to fill his own HP on Vamp
  • Torrent gets down to a 2 turn cooldown with skillups, making it frequently available

See Ragdoll in Action:

Ragdoll's passive gives his team a distinct advantage.


Artamiel (Light Archangel)

Artamiel is the poster child for Summoners War for a good reason; the synergy of his skillset places him above the rest of monsters. With a passive that boosts his Defense and an attack that scales off that same stat, he can quickly build himself up to become ridiculously strong.

Why Artamiel is Overpowered:

  • Rune Despair to turn him into a stun machine on his passive counterattacks
  • Huge heal on second skill can save him or allies every 3 turns
  • Increases his ATB with every critical hit received, which can give him turns quickly

See Artamiel in Action:

Artamiel has ridiculous power and is incredibly useful in high tier RTA where crits are the norm.


Hathor (Wind Desert Queen)

If you’re using Hathor right, she can turn ToAH and RTA into easy mode. Her third skill has an ATB reduction and two turn sleep combo, which is used to control entire teams and beat them into submission. Pair Hathor with Ganymede and you have infinite ATB control and sleeps.

Why Hathor is Overpowered:

  • Two turn sleep helps control Violent procs
  • Second skill has a strip to remove immunity and make way for her sleep or ATK break
  • Very versatile monster - use for ToAH as well as PvP

See Hathor in Action:

Hathor has many uses and can control the battlefield with just a turn.


Ganymede (Wind Fairy King)

Ganymede is the king of ATB resets and cooldown refreshes. Although he can no longer reset his own cooldowns, he can still play support to your most important monsters and allow them to get off their most powerful attacks repeatedly while immobilizing the enemy.

Why Ganymede is Overpowered:

  • Third skill can’t be resisted by the enemy and does surprising damage
  • Ventilate can’t be reset, so he’ll have it consistently ready (3 turns with skill up)
  • Useful across the board; shines equally in ToA and PvP

See Ganymede in Action:

Ganymede is a key unit for many RTA teams as well as ToA teams thanks to his skill set.


Tiana (Wind Polar Queen)

Tiana is one of the monsters most commonly called a game-changer, and she may be one of the biggest game changers when it comes to PvP. Her third skill can completely reset the flow of the enemy’s team, while also giving her team a 30% ATB boost to cut into enemy turns and take over the battle.

Why Tiana is Overpowered:

  • Like Ganymede, her third skill can’t be resisted so it’s a guaranteed strip
  • Second skill can do serious damage to fast RTA teams if she’s built as an attacker
  • Defense break on Essence Explosion makes even her first skill useful

See Tiana in Action:

Tiana can change a battle with just one turn, using her third skill to reset buffs and debuffs and boost her team.


Pater (Dark Druid)

Pater has a ridiculous skill set that can turn the tide of a battle in just a turn. Pater has the all-important AoE cleanse with immunity buff, which comes with a provoke as well. He can also either self cleanse or heal his team automatically depending on his Form.

Why Pater is Overpowered:

  • Basically has both Perna and Josephine’s passives on one monster depending on Form
  • Can do ridiculous damage with his second skill while in Beast Form
  • Can bring your team back from the brink of defeat with his passive heal and cleanse

See Pater in Action:

Pater can come in clutch with his passive as well as the skills on his two transformations.


Vanessa (Fire Valkyrja)

Vanessa is used as a reviver whose passive activates automatically when an ally dies. She is used to revive key units that may die more quickly or be targeted, and she can be a serious threat if not dealt with first. 

Why Vanessa is Overpowered:

  • Instant revive to beat your opponent’s cleave attempts
  • Ridiculous 33% speed lead that can give you an advantage when speed is key
  • Second skill has defense break and can activate automatically on a kill

See Vanessa in Action:

Vanessa can save key units with her automatic revive, changing the odds of a battle in seconds.


Fran (Light Fairy Queen)

It’s hard to believe that Fran is a 3* monster when she outspeeds the enemy team and puts Immunity and Attack Buff on all her allies before they can get anywhere near you. Since she was put in the Ancient Shop, she’s become a widespread contender in RTA and PvP in general.

Why Fran is Overpowered:

  • A Nat 3 with a Speed leader skill that often can slip through the cracks while banning
  • Her heal is impressive while under her ATK buff and has a 2 turn cooldown
  • ATB reduction on her first skill can disrupt enemy turns and Attack break can paralyze nukers

See Fran in Action:

Fran is a recent contender in RTA meta and has come forward as a high-tier monster.


Vivachel (Dark Harp Magician)

Vivachel can be extremely dangerous when paired with an ATB reducer or even just when used at the right moment. Her third can completely eliminate an enemy’s HP regardless of what buffs they have, and as such she’s used everywhere by the highest tier players in PvP.

Why Vivachel is Overpowered:

  • Irresistible HP reduction - enemies with low ATB are almost guaranteed dead
  • Use to quickly neutralize Vanessa before her passive can kick in on an ally
  • Also has a single target cleanse with an AOE heal and immunity buff

See Vivachel in Action:

Vivachel's most important skill can destroy the HP of any chosen monster when used at the right moment.


Antares (Fire Lich)

Antares is a hidden gem that can quickly ruin the flow of the best RTA teams and give you an advantage. He may not seem like S tier until you have your sequence interrupted by an ugly AOE stun by an Antares runed on Despair. Immunity is a necessity when encountering Antares.

Why Antares is Overpowered:

  • Passive has an increased chance of activating every turn it doesn’t activate
  • Can recover his own HP with his second skill and sustain himself for more attacks
  • Attack Bar reduction, while unreliable, can proc at key moments and disrupt team orders

See Antares in Action:

Antares can annoy and disturb the enemy team with the turns and buffs gained from his passive.


Shi Hou (Water Monkey King)

A once-underrated choice for RTA, Shi Hou has now become one of the most reliable and impressive single-target Water damage dealers in PvP. His third skill has an 880% multiplier (220% per hit times 4 hits) that allows him to dish out massive damage, and his self-buffs keep him alive and destroying the enemy.

Why Shi Hou is Overpowered:

  • Second skill can not only CC the enemy but help him cycle turns
  • Criticals on third remove beneficial effects, which can proc at key moments (think Theo Endure strip)
  • Benefits from his own 33% Attack boost leader skill

See Shi Hou in Action:

Shi Hou can easily take down threats like Theomars with his strip and his AoE.


Verdehile (Fire Vampire)

A fast Verde can ensure your entire team gets turns before your opponent, and although he’s now quite easy to obtain, he’s still a key monster in multiple areas. He’s a staple for Dragon’s Lair B10 even on speed teams, and can help you end an RTA battle in seconds.

Why Verdehile is Overpowered:

  • Good Speed lead for dungeons and Rift teams
  • Violent procs can completely fill allies’ attack bars before the enemy attacks
  • Passive works on Revenge which means you can cut into enemy turns

See Verdehile in Action:

Verdehile can give your team turn after turn while the enemy team stands by helpless.


Josephine (Water Paladin)

Josephine is an impressive tank with an even more impressive passive. If she or an ally is under an inability effect, she cleanses herself and applies a shield to all allies. Her first skill stun can’t land as a glancing hit, which means she’s a great counter to Wind monsters like Seara, Ganymede, and Hathor in RTA.

Why Josephine is Overpowered:

  • Can stun on counterattack when her Provoke is active
  • Passive cooldown gets down to three turns when skilled up
  • Monster base HP lets you provide a beefy shield when her passive activates

See Josephine in Action:

Josephine's cleanse and shield as well as her counterattack make her a force to be reckoned with.


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