[Top 10] Subway Surfers Best Boards (Early To Late Game)

Subway Surfers Best Boards
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Subway Surfers is the absolute pinnacle of mobile games everywhere. Its notoriety in recent years has been one of interest, pulling in newer players despite its rather simple gameplay.

If you are one of these newer players, you are no doubt already familiar with the hoverboard mechanic. However, if you somehow have not been bombarded with the game throwing the existence of hoverboards in your face every 5 seconds, hoverboards are an item that gives you a second chance in your run when it is activated. It lasts for 30 seconds, and once it is used/time runs out, there is a short cooltime where you cannot reactivate it. After that time runs out, you can use another hoverboard.

There are a lot of hoverboards in the game you may purchase, and while part of their appeal is their different appearances, some of these boards have different features and upgrades. Some of these upgrades have similar mechanics to existing power ups.

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1. Starboard

When starting out, you will likely unlock this one early on. It is free, but has a Star Trail upgrade and Double Jump upgrade. The Star Trail upgrade does not offer anything in the way of improving your game, but does provide a nice trail of stars that follow your hoverboard. The Double Jump, as the name implies, lets you do an extra jump while you are currently jumping. This board will surely make you feel like a star.

2. Lumberjack

For when you want to feel like you’re woodworking while also running from the train security guard. This board costs 4 000 to unlock, and has the Double Jump and Stay Low features as upgrades. The Stay Low feature lets you stay down, which is useful for obstacles that require the player to roll underneath.

3. Superhero

Designed with stylized text inspired by comic books, this board costs 8 000 to unlock. It has the Zap Sideways and Super Jump features as upgrades. The Zap Sideways feature teleports the player to the lanes beside it, which lets the player avoid stumbling into obstacles. The Super Jump feature allows the player to have a longer and higher jump, which lets them hop over trains.

4. Great White

This board, which looks like a particularly goofy looking great white shark, costs 20 000 to unlock, has the Speed Up and Smooth Drift Upgrades. The Speed Up feature provides a small speed boost, while Smooth Drift allows the player to have a smoother ride, flying more gently as you do your jumps.

5. Monster

The Monster board is objectively one of the best boards in the game. Not for its looks (absolutely not, the choice of green with the eyes emblazoned on the surface of the board is rather uninspired), but rather for its upgrades. This board costs 30 000 to unlock, has Super Speed and Super Jump as Upgrades. Unlike the Speed Up feature, Super Speed boasts a faster speed boost and increases the player’s view. This combination of upgrades make this a great choice for this price point, however its appearance is not the best.

6. Scoot

This board costs 35 000 to unlock, has the Zap Sideways and Speed Up Upgrades. For this price, the upgrades could be better, but it is one of the more stylish boards you can buy. I still use this board on my regular runs, since it just looks nice.

7. Freestyler

This board costs 45 000 to unlock, has the Double Jump and Super Jump Upgrades. If you are an expert in jumping, this is an excellent pick. Plus, it looks pretty sick with its snowboard look.

8. Skull Fire

Black with flames, it's a simple yet effective look. This board costs 75 000 to unlock, has the Double Jump and Speed Up Upgrades. If you know how to navigate these features well, this is an excellent choice.

9. Hot Rod

This costs 280 000 to unlock, but unlike the previous boards, this one does not need to be upgraded to unlock its special ability (Super Speed). However, it only has one ability and cannot be swapped out or deactivated. This is a wonderful choice if you’re only after speed, but would rather save your keys for something else. It also looks cool, taking inspiration for its looks from a hot rod car.

10. Bouncer

This costs 280 000 to unlock, and like Hot Rod, this one does not need to be upgraded to unlock its special ability (Super Jump). Just like Hot Rod, Bouncer only has its one ability. If you are short on keys but high on money, this is a great choice if you prefer jumping over speed.

The Monster and Great White boards provide the most value for your coin, but they might not be up to your taste based on its aesthetic. Remember, these features function the same way even on different boards, so if you’re only after a specific upgrade but want a more expensive board due to their appearance it would more or less function the same.

Do keep in mind that a board may only have one feature at a time, so even if a board has two features, you would not be able to stack them. This guide only serves as a starting off point, but there is no wrong or right pick. There are often limited edition boards with similar features, and if those strike you as something you want, go for it!

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