[Top 5] Star Trek Online Best Armors and How to Get Them

Star Trek Online Best Armor
Klingon Honor Guard Armor

Ranking the Top 5 Star Trek Online Best Armors and How to Get Them

If you are a ground enthusiast, like me, in Star Trek Online, there are many things that you can do to ensure superior survival on the ground.

Grinding for the best weapons as well as locating and slotting the best armor will go a long way to maintain your health and survival on the ground.

In addition, depending on your career, you will often be providing ground support to other members of your team, whether from your fleet or pugging a Task Force Operation.

From the start, there are armors that are surprisingly good and will level with you, all the way to endgame perfection to tackle the most difficult situations.

While upgrading these sets to maximum leveling will eventually cost you tech upgrades, catalysts and possibly dilithium, most of them are free to obtain by playing missions in the game except for the Omega Set, my hands down number one choice in the game. 

5. Na'kuhl Temporal Operative

Na'Kuhl Temporal Operative Set

When you play “The Temporal Front” mission in the Future Proof series, you will find out how valuable this armor can be. Designed to be worn as early as Level 10, this armor is scalable and becomes more devastating with each upgrade. 

Armor Details

  • The armor, personal shield, and minigun combine to deliver a solid ground set capable of impressive performance.   
  • The armor delivers a wide range of protection against several types of damage including physical, kinetic, energy, plasma, toxic, root, and knockback at MK XII.
  • The personal shield automatically provides Timeslip for when shields drop below 10%. Timeslip creates a Level 60 Distortion for 10 seconds, making you immune to all damage and invisible to your enemies.
  • Provides rapid regeneration after no damage is taken for 3 seconds and 2 seconds, if you are crouching while it’s active. 
  • The bolt burst from the minigun provides a substantial plasma burst and a +2% critical hit chance while also delivering a biotoxin in the process.

How to get the Seta

  • Play through The Temporal Front and repeat until you have all three pieces of the set.
  • While this is available at Level 10, this set is worth the time to upgrade. It can be an end game armor set.
  • This set is not available through the exchange.

4. Romulan Imperial Navy

Romulan Imperial Navy Set

The Tal Shiar provided the Romulan Imperial Navy with integrated Borg technology in the form of a personal ground combat set. Obtained as a mission reward, this scalable set is truly powerful and anyone looking to improve their ground game should consider it.

Armor Details

  • The Profession Specific Romulan Imperial Navy Kit provides several bonuses to include: A +20% plasma damage boost, Critical Chance, and Critical Severity Boosts. It also provides a striking 52.5% increase in your Personal Shield Expert setting. 
  • The Personal Shield is also packed with power. It will give you a 414.3 shield capacity, full regeneration after 3 seconds of taking no damage, a chance to receive a 15% energy damage buff for 4 seconds, and a full 20% reduction of damage to shields to help keep you in the game.
  • The Personal Armor is packed full of damage resistance from root, knockback, physical, kinetic, plasma, and all energy. 
  • All secondary energy attacks will deliver 50% more damage while also providing +1.1 regeneration of health.

How to Get the Set

  • Look for “Uneasy Allies” while engaged in the missions tied to the Iconian War to find this set.
  • This set, once obtained, is scalable and usable as an end game armor option, if desired.
  • This set is not available through the exchange.

3. Furtive Perseverance

Furtive Perseverance Set

If you are looking for a ground set that provides good resistance as well as the ability to dodge and stealth, this might be the set for you. An excellent choice for the ground player looking to be able to strike quickly and make a clean getaway. 

Armor Details

  • The combat armor provides a good range of resistance from physical, kinetic, and energy damage while increasing stealth, dodge and critical chances.
  • The personal shield gives you a 308.7 shield capacity and triggers Reactive Escape, which provides a 10-second cloak, providing plenty of time to get out of Dodge. 
  • The compression pistol provides decent damage as well as knockback.

How to Get the Set

  • Playing the featured episode “Survivor” will award you with the choice of pieces from this armor set.
  • Use tech upgrades to maximize the armor as you level.
  • This set is not available through the exchange due to its free availability in the mission

2. Excessive Development

Excessive Development Set

This set is the result of the many attempts by the Kentari army to produce a successful set for their military. The armor is designed to take heavy damage, and is effective at repelling several types of it. This is yet another good choice to consider when arming for ground warfare. 

Armor Details

  • The combat armor provides significant resistance to many types of damage including physical, kinetic, energy, plasma and toxic damages while adding +120.2 hit points. It even grants a chance for additional hit points. 
  • The personal shield provides 392.9 total capacity and provides rapid regeneration while reducing environmental damage to the shields by 25%. 
  • The Kentari Partisan Residuum Thrower deals both Cylindrical Plasma Damage DoT and AoE plasma damage with a +20% severity.

How to Get the Set

  • You can obtain the set by playing the featured mission “Mirrors and Smoke”.
  • Keep upgrading this set to maximum by using tech upgrades.
  • Since this is also a free set received by repeating the featured episode, this is not available on the exchange. 

1. Omega Force

Omega Force Set

Leveling up in the game is something most will attempt, and a great deal of that time will be devoted to the Reputation System. By collecting marks and other items through space and ground combat, the Reputation System will level you up until you reach the maximum tiers, unlocking the potential to earn amazing sets for both space and ground.

For the Omega Force Reputation, the pinnacle of ground armors can be found when this reputation is completed. Well worth the investment, this is one of the go-to ground sets for elite players throughout the galaxy.

Armor Details

  • The Omega Force armor increases energy damage and provides excellent damage resistance and a +20% critical severity.
  • At a 308.7 capacity, the Personal Shield offers knockback, root resistance and a dodge chance. IT also has an energy redirection chance, which will allow you and your teammates to encounter an exposed enemy when it activates.
  • The Antiproton Auto carbine is a superior weapon that deals not only additional damage to the Borg, it contains an integral frequency remodulator that automatically resets the frequency for you during battle.  It also contains a powerful +40% critical severity, greatly improving your odds. 

How to Get the Set

  • This set is unique to the Omega Force Reputation System.  
  • The shield is available at Tier 1, the armor at Tier 5, and the auto carbine at Tiers 3 and 6.
  • This set is not available through the exchange as it is bound to character upon purchase. 

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