[Top 3] Shadow of the Colossus Best Sword and How to Get Them

Shadow of the Colossus Best Sword
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What are the best sword one can wield in Shadow of the Colossus?

 Every hero needs a sword and in Shadow of the Colossus this is especially true for our hero, Wanderer. While he might lack in size, he sure can wield a sword. Especially considering he’s usually hanging on for dear life from a colossus with one hand, and sword in the other.

Have you been wondering exactly which sword you should wield? Well, lucky for you, you’ve come to the right place! We will be discussing the different sword options, as well as their abilities and strengths. Keep reading to find out which one is the most powerful.

3. Sword of the Sun

Wanderer gathering light with the Sword of the Sun

The Sword of the Sun is the first unlockable sword in the game. The sword shares the same damage-dealing capabilities as the Ancient Sword (Wanderer’s first sword), but the sword’s ability to generate light is new. The Sword of the Sun shines brightest even in the darkest of places.

What to know about the Sword of the Sun?

  • It's very shiny
  • It draws light in dark locations to guide you to colossi
  • It inflicts the same amount of damage as the Ancient Sword

How to get the Sword of the Sun?

  • Acquired after beating 4 colossi on Time Attack on Hard mode

2. Sword of Dormin

The Sword of Dormin: Wanderer drawing his shadowy essence 

The Sword of Dormin is pretty freaking sweet, I am not going to lie. This sword is oozing with the essence of Dormin, giving it that eerie black glow. The eye of a colossus is at the hilt. While the sword causes major damage to its victims, it comes at a price. The trade-off for its immense strength is it slows down Wanderer’s life regeneration.

What to know about the Sword of Dormin?

  • Possibly the coolest looking sword in the whole game
  • Casts a shadowy dark aura
  • Inflicts major damage
  • Dwindles away Wanderer’s life regeneration

How to get the Sword of Dormin?

  • After collecting 79 gold coins the sword can be found on the western side of Shrine of Worship's exterior
  • A path is then exposed which leads below the shrine
  • The sword will be found within a rock 

1. Queen's Sword

Charging in battle with the Queen's Sword

The Queen’s Sword deals great damage. When fully charged, it can destroy minor sigils in a matter of 1 to 2 blows. Moreover, it has the same tracking abilities as the Ancient Sword. The Queen's Sword might not be as powerful as the Sword of Dormin, but it does not dwindle away life force like the Sword of Dormin. 

What to know about the Queen’s Sword?

  • Very powerful
  • Can take out weak sigils in 1 or 2 blows
  • It has the same tracking abilities as the Ancient Sword

How to get the Queen’s Sword?

  •  Slay all colossi in Hard Time Attack mode

While the selection of swords is small, they all possess unique capabilities and powers to spice up your gameplay. But get a load of that Queen’s Sword! It’s definitely the icing on the cake. 

Hey all, thanks for reading! Hopefully happy stabbing and gouging your way through all 16 colossi. 

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