[Top 10] Best RE2 Remake Mods

Change the look of RE2 with these exciting modifications
And you thought Mr. X was scary...

10.  Pennywise 

Pennywise the Clown from IT invades Raccoon City - RE2 Remake MOD

As if the hulking menace Mr. X wasn't terrifying enough, this mod replaces the enemy with Pennywise the Dancing Clown from the current IT movies.  Complete with an eerie carnival soundtrack, the clown will stalk you just like the fedora-wearing fiend does in the game.  This mod is not recommended for players with coulrophobia, the fear of clowns.

  • Mod adds a new level of fear to an already horrific game
  • Two remakes meet in one terrifying gameplay experience
  • Pennywise is as detailed and gruesome as any other baddie in the game

Get the mod here

9.  X Gon' Give It To Ya

Mr. X Gon' Give it to Ya

Adding a bit of hip-hop to the relentless stalking of Mr. X throughout the hallowed hallways of Resident Evil 2, the DMX single plays in the background whenever the villain enters the room.  The catchy tune gives the player a little relief while they are being hunted by this bio-weapon badass.

  • Cut the tension with some upbeat music
  • Mr. X doesn't seem so scary when he has an exciting theme song
  • It's just a really fun song!

Get the mod here


8.  VHS Effect

Resident Evil 2 VHS mod

The stylized grainy effect of VHS's from yesteryear is an unmistakable look that lends itself perfectly to the horrific world of Resident Evil.  This effect is pretty straightforward. You play the entire game with a VHS filter which adds a creepy and nostalgic touch to a reimagined remake.

  • Enjoy the game with a new style
  • Gives a retro appearance for a nostalgic throwback
  • Adds more fear factor for hardcore fans

Get the mod here


7.  First Person Mod

Resident Evil 2 - First Person Mod Gameplay (First Person View)

Get up close and personal with a whole new perspective on fear.  The mod allows you to switch the camera angle from a third-person over-the-shoulder view to a first-person.  This does an incredible job of creating the appearance that enemies are coming right at you for a more intensely terrifying experience.

  • Explore areas in greater detail with nothing obstructing your view
  • Diehard fans of horror will marvel at this perspective
  • This option adds more playability for fans of the view

Get the mod here


6.  Thomas the Tank Engine

Resident Evil 2 Mr. X mod as Thomas The Tank Engine

In yet another Mr. X swap,  this time we find the behemoth being replaced with none other than the children's cartoon Thomas the Tank Engine.  This hilariously juxtaposes a playful animated character against the chaotic horror setting of Resident Evil.  To some though, the very sight of this may be even more fear-inducing than anything Umbrella has cooking in their labs.

  • Laugh out loud watching this energetic engine stalk you
  • Feel the joy of unloading ammunition into this irritating character 
  • Feel less stress exploring the monster-filled police station and city

Get the mod here


5.  Tofu Zombies

Resident Evil 2 Remake TOFU MOD Replaces ALL Zombies With Tofu

Mr. X isn't the only enemy to get swapped out for a less conventional bad guy.  The tofu mod lets you switch the carnivorous corpses of the undead for carnivorous giant pieces of tofu.  They're just as deadly as the zombies but less frightening to look at.

  • Vegans will most likely enjoy this mod 
  • A unique new perspective on the zombie sub-genre
  • This mod is hella funny

Get the mod here


4.   Dino Crisis Mod 

Resident Evil 2 Remake - Dino Crisis MOD

If you're a big fan of the Dino Crisis series this mod may be perfect for you. With this Claire gets a makeover with Regina's red bob-cut do and black leather outfit. Both Leon and Sherry get Dino Crisis skins as well.

  • Alternate costumes have been a staple of the series since the beginning
  • This costume may be the closest thing to a Dino Crisis remake
  • Fun new look for familiar characters

Get the mod here


3.  X No More

X no more - Resident Evil 2 Remake Mod Spotlight

Simply replacing Mr. X with a killer clown or friendly tank engine doesn't make him any less deadly, so why not take him out of the equation altogether?  You'll find a lot simpler, less stressful gameplay without the nuisance of checking around every corner to make sure you aren't being hunted by the grotesque giant.  There's still plenty of other creatures to lay waste to as well.

  • Easier gameplay lets you take your time and explore in greater detail
  • Save the Xanax with a less stressful game to play 
  • He's still there for important scripted events

Get the mod here


2.  Jason Voorhees Mod 

Claire vs Jason Resident Evil 2 Remake Mod

As one of the most recognizable faces in slasher films, seeing the RE2 characters pitted against the Camp Crystal Lake killer is a fanboy's dream.  Replacing Mr. X once again with an equally terrifying silent slayer puts a fun new perspective on the horror game. The Voorhees version is just as dangerous and twice as ugly!

  • Friday the 13th fans will love this look
  • More terrifying than your standard Mr. X
  • Jason's similar demeanor makes him the perfect fit to replace this baddie

Get the mod here


1.  Jill Valentine Vs. Nemesis

  • Get excited for RE3 with this magnificent mod 
  • Designs look amazing and on par with the rest of the game
  • Nemesis' creepy design and speech will shake you to the core

Get the mod here

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