Pokemon Go How To Get Sylveon

Who is Sylveon, how to catch Sylveon
Cute like a pinscher. Dangerous like... Well, a pinscher

_Mommy, may I have one? 

Spoiler: No, she wouldn't let you have it in real life, but thankfully we can get a charming Sylveon on Pokémon Go.

This Fairy-type Pokémon is weak only against two types: Steel and Poison, but strong against Fighting, Dragon, Bug and Dark types. 


How to Find Sylveon in Pokemon Go

  • Catch Eevee in the Wild;
  • Equip Eevee as buddie and reach the level two on friendship
  • Use "Kira" as the nickname of the Eevee you mean to evolve (This can be used one time, only).

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