[Top 5] Pokemon GO Best Against Grimer

Pokemon GO Best Against Grimer
Metagross is a fierce opponent for Grimer!

Grimer is a good and gross pocket monster to use in Pokemon battles! However, if Grimer shows up as an opponent, which Pokemon are great to use to defeat it?

Poison Pokemon tend to be vulnerable to ghost, ground, poison, and rock type pocket monsters. All the Pokemon listed below are in my Pokedex and I have used all of them in battles. Read on to find out more about which ones can endure the stench and prevail against the Poisonous Sludge Pokemon!

5.  Dugtrio

Triple the power!

Dugtrio, a Gen 1 pocket monster from the Kanto region, is also known as the Mole Pokemon. According to the Pokedex, “its shining gold whiskers are advanced sensors that can detect vibrations from sounds several miles away.”  There are two types of Dugtrio: Normal (Ground Type) and Alola (Ground and Psychic Type). Read more to find out why and how this Pokemon is a great opponent to defeat Grimer! 

Why Dugtrio Is Great Against Grimer 

  • Both forms are resistant and strong against Grimer because they are both ground Pokemon. (Ground and Psychic Types are great against Poison Pokemon!)
  • Maximum CP for the Alolan Dugtrio is 1,897; the Normal Dugtrio is 1,557. For this reason, and because the combat stats are higher, I would choose the Alolan Dugtrio. 
  • Offense Stats are higher for the Alola Dugtrio with a score of 201. 

Pokemon details

  • Dugtrio is boosted by Snowy and Sunny Weather conditions! 
  • For Pokemon GO collectors, Dugtrio is listed as #51 in the Pokedex. 
  • Movesets include Earthquake and Sucker Punch (Normal), and Iron Head and Metal Claw (Alola). 

How to get Dugtrio 

  • Dugtrio cannot be caught in the wild, but it can be evolved from Diglett with 50 Candy!
  • Spawn locations include farmland, golf courses, and parks.
  • Unlike Dugtrio, Diglett can be hatched, and easily captured.

4. Espeon

Espeon will psych out Grimer!

There will rarely, if any, be on my list that does not include an Eevee. These creatures are versatile and great to battle with; Espeon is no exception.  Also known as the Sun Pokemon, Espeon is a Gen 2 evolved Eevee from the Johto region. Read below to find out why Espeon is a great opponent against Grimer!

Why Espeon Is Great Against Grimer

  • Because Espeon is a Psychic-Type Pokemon, it is strong against Poison-Type Pokemon, and since Grimer is a Poison-Type Pokemon, it is a perfect fit in battle!  
  • CP for Espeon can be as high as 3,170; this is helpful when battling Grimer (or any other Pokemon). 
  • Offense is for Espeon is strong at 261; offense for Grimer is 135 and Defense is 90. Grimer will have a tough time fending off Espeon. 

Pokemon details

  • Espeon is boosted by wind, so it would be ideal to battle Grimer in windy weather conditions. 
  • For Pokemon collectors, Espeon is listed as #196 in the Pokedex. 
  • Strongest movesets against Grimer are Confusion and Psychic, so Espeon can have strong mind control in battle!

How to get Espeon

  • Espeon cannot be captured or hatched; it must be evolved. 
  • I evolved my Espeon by using 25 Eevee Candy and then I renamed the Eevee in the name bar ‘Sakura”.  Eevee are common to find and catch, so it does not usually take long to evolve. 
  • I recently learned that you could get Espeon by making an unevolved Eevee your buddy and then walk 10 km. Then, Espeon evolves during the day and Umbreon evolves in the evening. 

3. Marowak

Make no bones about it!

Marowak, also known as the Bone Keeper Pokemon, is a Gen 1 pocket monster that stems from the Kanto region. Interestingly, I have both versions of Marowak in my Pokedex: the regular form (Normal), and the Alolan form (Fire/Ghost). The easiest way to describe them would be like fraternal twins; both are in the same family with the same CP, but different types of pocket monsters. Either version would be effective against Grimer. Read on to find out more about Marowak! 

Why Marowak Is Great Against Grimer

  • As a Normal-Type Pokemon, Marowak is resistant to and strong against Poison-Type (Grimer) Pokemon.  The Alola Form of Marowak is a Dual-Type Fire/Ghost Pokemon that is also resistant to Poison-Type Pokemon, so either one would work well. 
  • Best movesets for Marowak (Normal) are Earthquake and Mud-Slap; those are formidable moves in battle! The best movesets for Marowak (Alola) are Fire Spin and Shadow Ball. 
  • Maximum CP for both versions of Marowak are 1,835, which is respectable. 

Pokemon details 

  • According to the Pokedex, “When it beats opponents with its bones, the cursed flames spread to them. No amount of water will stop those flames from burning.” The cursed flames could be why the flames on the Alolan Marowak’s bone are green! 
  • For Pokemon GO collectors, Marowak (both versions) are listed as #105 in the Pokedex. 
  • Normal Marowak is boosted by Sunny weather; Alolan Marowak is boosted in foggy and sunny weather.  

How to get Marowak 

  • I captured the Alolan Marowak during a special event held in July 2020. 
  • Marowak is evolved from Cubone with 50 Candy; it cannot be hatched. 
  • Spawn locations include farmland and nature locations.

2. Metagross

Poison resistance makes Metagross tough against Grimer!

In my experience, Metagross is a staple to use in Trainer Battles and Gyms! This Gen 3 Dual-Type Psychic and Steel powerhouse derives from the Hoenn region. Because Metagross is resistant to Poison-Type Pokemon, it is a perfect pocket-monster to use against Grimer.Read on to find out more about why Metagross would be a great opponent against Grimer! 

Why Metagross Is Great Against Grimer

  • Best movesets for Metagross are Bullet Punch and Meteor Mash. Also, Poison-Type Pokemon do not affect Metagross as much as other types, such as Dark, Fire, Ghost, and Ground. 
  • Combat stats in general are high: 257 for Offense, 228 for Defense, and 190 for Stamina. (Poor Grimer does not stand a chance!)
  • Maximum CP for Metagross is 3,791; maximum CP for Grimer is 1,374. (In Grimer’s defense, it is not the most evolved Pokemon in its family: Muk is the highest evolution.) 

Pokemon details

  • According to the Pokedex, “this Pokemon can float in the air by tucking in its four legs.” 
  • For Pokemon collectors, Metagross is listed as #376 in the Pokedex. 
  • This pocket monster is a snowbird, as it is boosted by snow and/or windy weather conditions. 

How to get Metagross

  • Metagross is evolved from 100 Metang Candy; Beldum is the unevolved form. 
  • Spawn locations include hospitals and residential places. 
  • This Pokemon cannot be hatched. 


Watch out for Rhydon's tail!

Rhydon is a strong, Gen 1 Pokemon that originates from the Kanto region. This Dual-Type Ground and Rock pocket monster would make a sturdy opponent against Grimer. According to the Pokedex, “Rhydon’s horn can crush even uncut diamonds. One sweeping blow of its tail can topple a building.”  Read on to find out how and why Rhydon would make a great opponent against Grimer!

Why Rhydon Is Great Against Grimer 

  • As a Ground- and Rock-Type Pokemon, Rhydon is resistant to and strong against Poison-Type Pokemon. 
  • Best movesets are Earthquake and Mud Slap! That would shake Grimer’s world!  
  • Combat stats are strong with 222 on Offense, 171 on Defense, and 233 on Stamina. 
  • Maximum CP for Rhydon is 3,129! 

Pokemon details

  • For Pokemon GO collectors, Rhydon is listed as #112 in the Pokedex. 
  • Rhydon is boosted by partly cloudy and sunny weather conditions. 
  • Rhydon is known as the Drill Pokemon. Referring again to the Pokedex, “This Pokemon’s hide is extremely tough. Even direct cannon hits don’t leave a scratch.” 

How to get Rhydon 

  • Rhydon is the first evolution from Rhyhorn; it costs 25 Candy to evolve into Rhydon. 
  • Rhydon cannot be hatched, but Rhyhorn can be hatched. 
  • Spawn locations are Farmland and natural settings.

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