Phasmophobia: How To Use The Spirit Box

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Should we be upfront about this? Few people will voluntarily communicate with ghosts and wait for a reply. In phasmophobia, on the other hand, listening for ghost voices will provide you with hints as to who is haunting the property.

The spirit box is the ideal piece of gear if you want to ask the spirits questions and get a response. The proper radio frequency can be captured by the spirit box, enabling ghosts to converse with you. terrifying, huh?

Here are the steps you can use for a spirit box during any game.

Step 1: Knowing How Many Spirit Boxes You Can Buy Per Game 

The easiest step is definitely this one. For each contract you enter, make sure you have at least one spirit box. The location of the ghost room and the identification of the specific ghosts you are dealing with can both be established with a spirit box. You are allowed to purchase two spirit boxes in each game. Therefore, if you can, get two. However, if you can only acquire one, don't be disheartened. Either way, it will function perfectly.

Step 2: What Are The Requirements For The Ghost To Respond 

Although hearing the ghost speak for the first time can be interesting, use the spirit box properly. To ensure that the spirit box will function, there are a few requirements you must fulfil.

These are:

  • You have to make sure the ghost will use a spirit box as one of the types of evidence. Not all ghosts will speak. 
  • Make sure the lights of the ghost room are turned off. Wouldn’t be a horror game without darkness!
  • You or the teammate needs to be within three metres of the ghost for a response. 

Step 3: You Might Come Across A Shy Ghost!

Trust me, the ghost won’t be timid for long once it starts hunting, but certain ghosts may only interact with lone individuals. This is where you or a teammate enters the ghost room and converse with no one else there.

Step 4: How To Work The Spirit Box 

The spirit box's voice is recognised when you use the right control button, so now turn on the spirit box. When using a spirit box, there are some questions that will trigger a stronger response.

These are:

  • Are you there?
  • Are you close?
  • Give us a sign
  • Do something
  • Open the door
  • Make a noise 
  • Where are you?

Step 5: Knowing Which Ghosts Use Spirit Box

As I have previously said, certain ghosts will interact with a spirit box if it's one of the pieces of evidence, so it will be a clever idea to look into which ghosts could make the spirit box go off.

What are the ghosts who use spirit boxes? 

  • Spirit
  • Wraith 
  • Yokai
  • Onryo 
  • Mare
  • Deogen
  • Moroi
  • Poltergeist
  • The twins
  • The mimic
  • Phantom
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