Pathfinder Kingmaker Best General - Who To Choose?

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What are your Options?

Pathfinder Kingmaker is a CRPG where you get to rule the Stolen Lands. One of the big decisions you make is selecting your general. They will deal with threats to your kingdom and develop your army. This guide will help you determine the best general among the three options you get. The attribute that determines success chances for a general is strength. Only enhancement and racial bonuses (along with your base) count so plan your gear accordingly.

3. Amiri


Don't let her looks fool you she is well qualified for the job

Amiri is a barbarian with a chip on her shoulder who you recruit as a companion early on in the game.

She is also one of the possible candidates for your general. As a general, she always prefers martial prowess, simple but effective.

What Amiri Excels In:

  • Very easy to get and retain. You can get Amiri as a companion in the prologue. She stays with you throughout the game and only has the potential to leave your party during her quest later on in the game.
  • Very high strength potential providing a massive bonus as a general. Amiri’s normal build allows her to fully exploit her strength potential (from 16 to 21 at level 20 as her base and +8 strength from enhancement) which is her most important attribute. If you don’t plan to use her as a companion then you can specialize her into a dragon disciple to further increase this bonus though this is not recommended.
  • Amiri prefers brute force and ambition; she will specialise your army to utilize their martial prowess over magic, a simple but effective approach.


Pick Amiri if

  • Amiri is a solid choice for a general if you want to go with a simple non-magic approach or if you want to mix and match. You get her early and she is easy to keep. You don’t need a fancy build for her.


Amiri details:


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2. Regongar


Dark background, shooting lightning...definitely a good guy

Talented, bloodthirsty, and volatile Regongar is a fighter who can also use magic. You recruit him in act 1 at the Technic League Camp who later on can be assigned as your general. As a general, he is all about strength and magic no matter the cost.

What Regongar Excels In:

  • Highest starting strength at 19 and has the highest strength potential with a base of 24 strength at level 20 being enhanced up to 36 with +8 from the enhancement bonus and +4 from the racial bonus as a dragon disciple. It also works naturally into his build as you can easily pick up dragon disciple as his prestige class.
  • Easy to get and retain till the end of the game. Once you recruit him he won’t leave your party until the final dungeon.
  • A very competent general that focuses on making your army very lethal especially by using magic.


Pick Regongar if

  • Pick him if you are magically aligned and want your army to focus on power above all. He can handle almost all problems reliably due to his high strength.


Regongar details:


Regongar guide:


1. Kassil Aldori

Kassil Aldori

As straight-edged and by the books you can get in this game

Kassil Aldori is a unique character who you can recruit to be your general. This is done during your coronation and he is one of the exclusive special characters you can get. As a general, he favours taking care of your soldiers and a traditional military.

What Kassil Aldori Excels In:

  • The only Lawful option; Kassil cares about his soldiers and their loyalty. He picks options that are honourable and focuses on improving the military's skills.


Pick Kassil Aldori if

  • If you want to support the Aldori Swordlords then you should pick Kassil or if you want to choose a Lawful option. He was raised by the swordlords so it should come as no surprise that he will only rejoin in Act 4 if you side with the Swordlords. Furthermore, he is the only lawful option among the generals.


Kassil Aldori details:


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As you can see that your companions work best as your general but there are no bad options only different flavours.


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