OSRS Money Making Gold Guide (10 Fastest Ways to Make OSRS Gold)

This gear could be yours! You just need to learn how to make the money for it.

OSRS Money Making Gold Guide: Here Are The Best Ways To Earn OSRS Gold 

Don't let the daunting prices of the high-tier items in Oldschool Runescape scare you away from having fun. Learn the best money makers in the game so you never have to feel left out!

You need money to make money, right? You know you could achieve your new personal best time against Zulrah if you just had a twisted bow… but how could you ever afford one? You could step up your fashion senses with your newly gained cape of achievement if you had 3rd-age armor to match it, but the price seems too steep.

With more and more updates coming out on Oldschool Runescape, it seems near impossible to keep up with all of the new BIS items constantly being added to the game. By the time you are able to afford one, two more have come out. Lucky for you, you’re determined and willing to commit to that grind that is going to make the cash start flowing in.

So where do you start? There are countless ways to make a pretty profit in Oldschool RS, you just have to be able to sift through the options and find something that fits your style.

I’m here to give you ten methods to help you reach your money goals, and finally, afford those upgrades you’ve been working towards.

10. Catching Chinchompas

These furry friends love frolicking through the wilderness. Lucky for you, their innocence makes them easy to catch/

There are three different levels of chinchompas to catch: gray, red, and black. Although the gray ones aren’t worth your time, the red and black ones may be. Luckily, due to the fact that chinchompas offer the quickest experience for training range and are meta for the most kills per hour at certain God Wars bosses, their price stays at a constant level as they are in constant demand.

So maybe you’re someone who doesn’t like the idea of killing all those innocent monsters scattered around Runescape. Maybe you’re a skiller or just plain bored of PVM. Well, chinchompas are a good option for you (just don’t think about what the guy who is training range is going to do with them).  It takes 63 hunter to catch red chins, but at 73 you are able to catch black chins. That’s where the money is. With this method, remember that you are in the wilderness and any PKer can come along and kill you for all your furry friends.

What you need:

  • 5 box traps
  • Saradomin brews, super restores, and food
  • The best defensive gear that you’re willing to lose (Dihn’s bulwark is a great option, as long as you do not become skulled)
  • Pestle and mortar, swamp tar, clean herb (if you want to 3-tick)
  • Escape teleport (glory amulet or royal seed pod)

From there, it’s as easy as laying down your traps and waiting for the chins to come strolling in. Once you get into the rhythm, 3-tick hunter can be quick and relaxing and it will give a noticeable difference in money and experience per hour. Just keep an eye out for PKers and be ready to run into 30 wilderness to teleport out. This method can make up to 700k or more an hour.

9. Lava Dragons

Safespotting lava dragons is the best way to kill them, and it ensures that you won't take any damage. Well... You won't take any damage from the dragons, at least.

Let’s say you are interested in killing creatures. Dragons aren’t all that innocent anyway; they’ve killed countless adventurers. Lucky for you, lava dragons terrorize the wilderness, just asking to be slain for their riches.They have no requirements to kill, and the best method is to safespot them while using your best magic attack. This makes them good for those low-level players who aren’t quite ready to test their skills against some more difficult NPCs. Their drops include a 100% chance for dragon bones, dragonhide, and lava scales. The income from these stack up fast. They also offer a variety of runes, herbs, and adamant/rune armor drops, adding more and more to the potential profit. You may even be lucky enough for RNG to grace you with a draconic visage.

Since this method is so simple, a lot of low-level players come here to train their magic and make bank along the way. It’s all smooth sailing from there, right? Well… The down-side of this method is that it is in the wilderness. You gather a lot of noted and stackable items here, making it a hotspot for PKers to come and take all the loot you’ve worked so hard for. It is at a deep level of the wilderness, so if you cannot use the agility shortcut you will have a hard time escaping. Always be careful and bank when you get expensive drops.

What you need:

  • Runes for best magic attack (trident and occult for fastest kills)
  • Best mage armor that you’re willing to lose
  • Anti-fire shield (unless you are safespotting)
  • Telegrab runes (if you are safespotting)
  • Glory as escape teleport
  • Looting bag (to extend trips)
  • Games necklace

Use your games necklace to Corporeal Beast or the obelisk to level 35, and run to the lava dragons. If you have 74 agility and have completed the hard wilderness diary, then you can use a shortcut. This helps you quickly enter or exit the lava dragon enclosure. The least dangerous option for fighting them is to safepot them from behind a tree and attack with mage. You can also stick to the opposite side of the lava and attack without entering the enclosure, This ensures that they cannot attack you back and you can telegrab your loot. You can make more than 800k an hour killing lava dragons.

8. Slayer

The world of Oldschool is littered with many different monsters. Take on the job of exterminating them all through slayer.

If the monotony of one method for too long seems dull to you, then slayer may be a good option. You can still feed your thirst for blood, but also change up what you are fighting. So you will get new scenery and mechanics to work with after each task. This can vary from fighting small animals to large dragons. Ghosts, gouls, and gargoyles are all on the plate when it comes to slayer. You will have to be willing to work through a lot of tasks other than the ones that are the best money makers, but luckily you can extend tasks you like and skip the ones you would rather not do.

Some of the most notable slayer tasks that make you money are cave horrors (black mask drop), gargoyles and nechryeals (alchables drops), and wyverns (noted supply drops). This is not the extent of tasks that make money, but you'll have to see for yourself what you enjoy the most.

What you need:

  • BIS combat gear (Bandos, Armadyl, Barrows, etc.)
  • Weapon (Whip, blowpipe, etc.)
  • Slayer helmet (highly recommended)
  • Food and potions (depending on the task)
  • Runes for alchemy

To start slayer you should get an assignment from the best master for your combat level and then make your way to the task and begin killing them. Each monster varies in the supplies that you will need and the location you will have to go. You are able to skip and block some tasks if you would like. Note that you can make money at any level, but having high combat stats and expensive gear will speed up your income. Your money will be RNG based, but some monsters, like wyverns (72 slayer), are consistent and can make more than 800k an hour.

7. Blast Furnace

Submerge yourself in dwarven culture and learn what it's like to smith all day long through Blast Furnace.

So maybe you want a skilling method that is a little more safe from harm, unlike black chinchompas. Well, Blast Furnace has got you covered. Blast Furnace is a minigame located deep within in the underground dwarven lands of Keldagrim. These dwarves love mining, as most dwarves do, and offer you their services to help you with smithing as well. It takes very few requirements to unlock Blast Furnace and you can begin making money from it at a very low smithing level (as low as iron bars).

Smithing is a skill that can easily wipe out the cash stack in your bank, but fortunately, this method is good experience and also a ton of profit. You could go all the way from 15-99 smithing at Blast Furnace and make a heavy profit, but the big income starts when you have 85 smithing and can start runite bars.

The way this minigame works is that you pay dwarves to use their furnace, and in return, you can smelt metal bars and only use half of the amount of coal that is normally necessary. For rune bars, this means you only need 4 coal, instead of 8, allowing you to profit off of each bar.

What you need:

  • Gold to pay dwarven foremen
  • Ice gloves or bucket of water to remove hot bars (gloves recommended)
  • Coal bag for more inventory space
  • Weight-reducing gear (graceful, boots of lightness)
  • Metal ore and coal

The method is quite simple. First, you must pay the foremen by putting gold in the coffers and he will let you use his furnace. Place your coal and ore on the conveyor belt, run to the dispenser and collect your bars (with ice gloves equipped), restock at the nearby bank, and repeat. With rune bars, this method can make over 850k an hour.

6. Barrows

Dying once isn't enough for these brothers. Complete the Barrows minigame and kill them again.

If you ever watched Super Natural and really connected with the idea of killing ghosts, then barrows could be a good method for you. This mini-game involves breaking into tombs and killing the ghosts of 6 different brothers. Barrows is a great way for those mid-level players who aren’t high enough for top tier bossing yet. You can start with combat stats as low as in the 50s, although it is best to be at least base 70s in each of your combat stats.

The great part about barrows is that you don’t need that much cash upfront to start. Rune armor offers a great defensive bonus while in the tunnels, and you can use the highest level spell available to you to kill the brothers (Iban’s Blast is a good option). Black d’hide will also be a worthy range switch to kill Ahrim’s.

Although this is mid-tier content, you can revisit Barrows once you are a higher level to make the best profit. For the most possible gold per hour make sure you have completed the Morytania hard diary and you will gain a higher percentage of rune drops.

What you need:

  • Mage and range weapon (trident and blowpipe recommended)
  • Melee weapon for tunnels (optional)
  • High range damage gear or defensive gear (for low levels)
  • Void armor (for high levels)
  • Food and prayer potions
  • Spade
  • Teleports

This minigame involves digging through graves and killing each of the 6 barrows brothers. Kill all of them with mage, except for Ahrim’s, which you kill with range. Something to note is that all of the brothers have such low magic defense, which is why it is better to wear defensive or range bonus gear over magic bonus. If you are closer to max, a void range set may be the quickest option for you. Many of the brothers can deal a lot of damage so protection prayers are very important. There is a prayer drain mechanic in the tunnels to watch out for that.

After you kill five of them, you will find that one grave that has a tunnel instead of a ghost. Go into the tunnel after you kill the other 5. Once down there, you will find that it is filled with doors and puzzle. This is where low levels need good defensive gear. Use the NPCs in the tunnels to get up your reward percentage and then make your way into the middle room by working through the tunnels and solving a puzzle.

You will have to fight the final brother while opening these doors so make sure you are quick with your protection prayers. Once you are in the center, you can open the chest for your reward. Dueling ring and barrows teleport tabs make for quick banking. This can make you up to 1.1m an hour.

5. Runecrafting

Sacrifice good experience for good money at wrath runes. When you see the cash stack you'll know it's worth it.

We all know that runecrafting is the worst skill in the game and you’re insane if you choose to train it up, right? Maybe not.  Many people are deterred from ever giving runecrafting a chance, outside of what they need for quest requirements. It may be very slow to train, but the money making benefits that you reap once you are a high level are amazing compared to many other skilling methods. Not to mention that you will make noobs gawk at your skill when you flex your runecrafting skillcape.

There are many runes that make a decent profit,  even at low levels. But you make the big bucks once you are above 90 runecrafting. It starts with double natures at 91, then double laws at 95, wrath runes at 95, and eventually double death runes at 99. Crafting these runes is already decent money, but when you can begin making 2 at once you’ll realize why you put all of those hours into the skill. All of these give over 1m gold an hour, but wrath runes are the best.

What you need:

  • Weight-reducing clothing (graceful, boots of lightness)
  • Small through large runecrafting pouches
  • Wrath tiara
  • Mythical cape (requires Dragon Slayer II)
  • Quickest bank teleport (Dual ring, crafting cape, etc.)
  • Pure essence

Once you have your inventory set up, teleport using your mythical cape (Requires Dragon Slayer II) and go down into the basement of the guild. Make your way past the dragons and into the cave. Use all your essence on the altar inside, making sure to empty out all your pouches as well. From there, teleport to a bank and repeat. If you are not 99 runecrafting, you will have to repair your pouches every once in a while. The quickest way to do this is to use NPC contact on the lunar spellbook. This runecrafting method makes over 1.5m an hour.

4. Revenants

At revenants, it's either kill or be killed. So watch your back.

If you’re reading through these methods and think to yourself, “I would like to die more often while I make money”, than revenants are a good option. These are a high risk yet high reward form of making money. The revenant caves are filled with different monsters that vary from low-level imps to high-level dragons, making it a good method for medium to high-level players.

What makes revenants worth killing is they have a different loot table than the normal versions of that NPC. They can drop rune and dragon armors, noted supply drops, and if you’re lucky, one of the rare wilderness weapons: Vigorra’s chainmace, Craw’s bow, or Thammoran’s sceptre. The noted supply drops are often and high quantity.

So where does the dying a lot come in? The high-risk aspect of this method is because it is located in the wilderness and the multicombat makes it a PK hotspot. You should expect to die if you continually use this method. But don’t let that scare you away from the potential money to be made!

The loot is RNG based, so your best bet is to kill the revenants until you get a decent sum of money in your inventory, and then hightail it out of there. It’s your decision when to play it safe and bank before you get PKed and lose your loot.

What you need:

  • Armor (that you’re willing to lose)
  • Weapon (make sure you do not become skulled)
  • Bracelet of Ethereum (recommended)
  • Food
  • Prayer potion
  • Looting bag (recommended)
  • Runes for alchs
  • Escape teleport (glory amulet or royal seed pod)

Use a burning amulet to reach the rev caves. Once there find a spot that has a good combination of NPCs around your level (higher monsters have a better chance for expensive drops). Kill the revenants, but keep an eye out for Pkers in case you need to emergency teleport. This method is RNG based but averages around 1.7m an hour at high levels.

3. Pyramid Plunder

It may be slightly disrespectful to dig through this pharaoh's grave, but he should have thought of that before he stashed so much money in it.

If barrows wasn’t enough grave defiling for you, I’ve got another method, but this one is skilling instead of killing. This will potentially take a long time before you see any of the income, but when you get it, you'll know that you weren’t desecrating this pharaoh's grave for nothing. You can begin this method as soon as you hit 21 thieving, making it good even if your account has low levels. But the higher you are in thieving,  the more chances you have at receiving profit.

Everything you loot from all of the pots and urns in Pyramid Plunder is not worth selling, but there is one reward you can get from the golden chest and sarcophagus. That reward is the Pharaoh's sceptre.

What you need:

  • Food
  • Weight-reducing gear (graceful, boots of lightness)
  • Defensive gear (if low level)
  • Anti-poison or serpentine helmet

The best method sacrifices experience, but you will get a Pharaoh's sceptre faster. At 91 thieving, you run through each room checking only the golden chest and sarcophagus. You make your way to the last room you can reach with your current level, and then you start over. Speed running the pyramid this way gives you a 33% chance for a sceptre each hour if you are 91 thieve, meaning it takes an average of 3 hours for this drop. Although this is RNG-based, it averages to over 2m an hour.

2. Bossing

Money snake is one of the best bosses to fight if you need some gold (hints the name).

Maybe none of these options suit your fancy, and you’re looking for something more intense. Lucky for you, there are numerous bosses in Oldschool Runescape to test your skill against. Killing these various bosses can be one of the most rewarding aspects of the game. Each boss presents you with different challenges and techniques you will have to learn, making the game new, exciting, and ever-changing. Learning these new strategies will make some of the biggest profits in the game.

There are demi-bosses for those who are mid-combat levels, but most of the best bosses in the game take very high requirements. Such as 91 slayer for Cerberus or high-tier gear for Chambers of Xeric or extreme skill to complete the inferno. All of this seems daunting at first, but as you overcome the fights and work your way to affording the best gear in the game, you will feel a sense of accomplishment that makes Oldschool RS so fun to play.

What you need:

  • BIS armor
  • BIS weapon
  • Food
  • Potions
  • Runes

The supplies that you are going to need will vary from boss to boss, but having a decent setup of each attack style (melee, range, mage) will help you get started on bossing. Once you begin with mid-tier armor you can boss and make money to begin to afford the higher tiers. Notable money making bosses like Zulrah, Vorkath, and Cerberus average from 2.5-3m an hour depending on drops. Remember that bossing is always RNG based, and although some bosses are consistent money, you could make more or less from different bosses.

1. Saplings

Trees are good for the environment. Luckily, they're good for your bank too.

Do you consider yourself a tree hugger? This next method involves going green. Farming is a skill that can be trained quickly if you are willing to sink a lot of money on the highest level tree saplings. Because of this, turning seeds into saplings can be the best method for making gold that is not RNG based. Make sure you always check the prices of which seed is going to profit you the most before attempting this. This relies on the Grand Exchange prices and a seed that made you money one day could lose money the next.

This can be done with different level of tree seeds to make a profit, so even those with low farming levels can use this method. But note the better the sapling you are making, the more profit it will probably make. Once you are able to create magic saplings you will be able to make the biggest profit (depending on the Grand Exchange). Note that you will need a large amount of cash to start out. It is recommended to have over 100m.

What you need:

  • Tree seeds
  • Filled plant pots
  • Gardening trowel
  • Steam battlestaff
  • Astrals
  • Starting cash

Keep all your astrals and seeds in your inventory with a trowel. Withdraw your plant pots and put a seed into each one of them. Use humidify to water all of them at once, and if you have not completed Lunar Diplomacy, you can use a watering can, although this will slow down your profit. Bank them and withdraw another inventory of plant pots and start again. They will take 5 minutes to turn into saplings and you can complete 1700 an hour. This would cost over 250m upfront, but the method makes over 5m an hour if the GE prices are right.

So if you’re willing to put in the work, there is no shortage of options for you to reach your goals. You don’t have to feel left out when you see the line of maxed players flaunting their Bandos and Armadyl at the Grand Exchange… you can be one of them.  Whether you’re a skiller striving for that dragon pickaxe or a combat junkie looking for your first spirit shield, no items will be out of your reach once you find a method that fits your style.

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