NBA 2k19 Archetypes Guide

NBA 2k19 Archetypes Guide
Each archetype has different strengths and weaknesses. Which is best for your MyPlayer?

The Basics

In NBA 2K19, you build your MyPlayer from the ground up and have the ability to customize almost everything, but the most important thing is how your player is going to play. In this comprehensive guide, I’m going to give you an overview of how archetypes work and some of the best archetypes for each position.

To start with the basics, you have to understand the seven archetypes that you have to pick from. Each player can only pick two at most. Each archetype comes with different maximum stats and badges, which you can see in comprehensive detail here:

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  • Passing & Ballhandling: This archetype is exactly as it sounds, if you want to be able to break ankles and dish some dirty dimes, this attribute maxes out all of those attributes.
  • Shot Creating: Think of some of the greatest players in the game. What’s the one thing they have in common? The ability to create their own shot from anywhere on the court. If you want to get buckets like Kobe and Kevin Durant, this is the archetype you want.
  • Sharpshooter: Get ready to lock in from deep with this archetype, from the corner to the logo, you’ll be knocking down triples with efficiency.
  • Driving & Finishing: Arguably one of the most fun archetypes, you’ll be flying high and throwing it down hard with this archetype. The most notable stats that get buffed are your vertical and driving dunk, so if you want to posterize players just like like Vince Carter and Lebron James, this is the archetype for you.
  • Defending: Don’t knock this one before you try it. Just like your dad always told you, "defense wins championships.” If you want to lock up even the best scorers, knock balls lose and smack some shots against the glass, you’ll enjoy being one of the most valuable assets on the court.
  • Post Scoring: Another underrated archetype, this one allows you to hit hooks and shimmies like Olajuwon and Kareem. Though an old-school method of scoring, it’s also reliable and unguardable when you reach the highest level.
  • Rebounding: As one of the most deadly archetypes for frontcourt players, you’ll be a menace on the boards, boxing out the biggest guys in the league and slamming down put backs. This archetype is arguably one of the most dangerous and efficient.

When you get into the league, you’ll get to pick one or two of these archetypes that’ll affect your game for the rest of your career. Though daunting, here are some ideal builds for each position.

Best Point Guard Builds

If you want to play as a true point guard, I recommend that you make your player shorter, lighter, and with a solid wingspan to have full control over the ball. These builds are best if you want to be the primary ball handler on your team, but not necessarily the primary scorer

  • Pure Playmaker: The Pure Playmaker build isn’t a strong shooter, but can dish the ball all over the place. Once you max out the Dimer badge, any pass is makeable, and with the Fast Break Starter badge, you’ll be the Tom Brady of basketball by airing out passes after grabbing the rebound. Though the Pure Playmaker can’t score at will, they’re deadly in the pick and roll and can finish at the rim.
  • Playmaker/Sharpshooter: One of my personal favorite builds, it opens up the floor and allows you to shoot from deep. The biggest downfall of this build is that you don’t get any Hall of Fame level badges, but Gold Dimer and Gold Pick and Roll Maestro makes you deadly with a scoring big and opens you up to shoot off the pick and roll.
  • Playmaker/Shot Creator: Playmaking Shot Creator has a couple of benefits which the Sharpshooter lacks, mainly in the mid-range game. Though not getting the three-point shooting consistency of the Sharpshooter build, the Playmaking Shot Creator is able to score from anywhere within the arc and if not, dish it to a teammate who can. This is another build that doesn’t get any Hall of Fame badges, but the versatility of the build makes up for it.

If you want to be a more modern point guard, who scores at will, I suggest making him slightly more versatile, closer to average height, weight, and wingspan, so you can score from anywhere. A lot of these builds overlap with Shooting Guard but the scoring point guard is quicker rather than stronger. Here are some recommended builds

  • Pure Shot Creator: This build is exactly as it sounds, you can create your own shot at any given moment. This build even gives you some solid three-point shooting which you lose when you mix shot creator with something else, and also gives you more ability around the rim. Itcan get you up to FOUR Hall of Fame badges, which can be absolutely devastating against any team.
  • Pure Sharpshooter: This is one of the most popular builds in the game and, thanks to Steph Curry, is becoming more and more fun to play with. You’ll be knocking down shots from every area on the court with consistency. With FIVE Hall of Fame level badges up for grabs, when you max out this build, you can be just as good as Steph, if not better.

Best Shooting Guard Builds

I recommend making your Shooting Guard as well-rounded as possible. In today’s league, the Shooting Guard can play the 1, 2, or 3, and you want your build to reflect that. With a solid 6’6” and average weight and wingspan, you’ll be extremely versatile. Here are some recommended builds.

  • Shot Creating Post Scorer: Yes, all of these builds include Shot Creating, you are a Shooting Guard after all. This extremely underrated build comes with 5 possible Hall of Fame badges, and a big secret of the game is that Post Scoring gives you the most MyPoints for cap breakers. This build hits turnaround jumpers with no hesitation and can be extremely difficult to guard once you master all the tricks of the post.
  • Shot Creating Sharpshooter: The benefit of this build is that you don’t require any help to knock down the triple from wherever you want, whereas sometimes, especially at the shooting guard position, you can find it difficult to create your own shot against some of the premiere defenders as a Pure Sharpshooter. With four Hall of Fame badges available, this build is devastating against any defense.
  • Shot Creating Slasher: This build will allow you to get to the rim and finish with ease. Another build with four Hall of Fame badges, the weakness of this build is shooting, but you won’t need it as you make back cuts to the rim and dunk off dribble handoffs. But even without the pass, the benefit of this build over the Pure Slasher is the ability to handle the ball and make your way to the rim.

Best Small Forward Builds

The Small Forward isn’t the most popular position, but can be quite fun and versatile when done right. With average height but a long wingspan, a strong small forward can be dangerous on both sides of the court. Here are some builds I recommend:

  • Pure Slasher: This build, unlike the Shot Creating Slasher, can’t create their own shot as well, but can max out the driving dunk and driving layup stats, and comes with five Hall of Fame badges. Essentially, once you get the rim, there’s no stopping this build. You’ll be able to dunk on anybody, and is probably one of the most fun builds.  
  • Pure Defender: Another underrated build, this is one of the most valuable builds for online play and you’ll find a place on any NBA team. Along with SEVEN available badges, no one will score on you once you max out this build. Though you’ll never be a devastating offensive threat, you can get enough skills to score when asked.
  • Shot Creating Slasher: I won’t go into a lot of detail on this since it’s essentially the same as the Shooting Guard version. As a Small Forward, you’ll be more versatile around the rim and a better defender.

Best Power Forward Builds

This position has evolved A LOT recently as we have point forwards like Ben Simmons, stretch forwards like Kristaps Porzingis, or extremely versatile players like Lebron who could literally play any position. In regards to height, weight, and wingspan, you’ll just need to know how you want your player to play, but here are a couple builds and ideas I recommend:

  • Post Scoring Shot Creator: Similar to the Shot Creating Post Scorer back in the Shooting Guards build, this build is unstoppable in the post and is a more traditional Power Forward playstyle. With hook shots and under the basket scoring being the go-to plays for this build. The biggest advantage of this build, as I said earlier, is that Post Scoring gives you the most MyPoints and will allow you to rocket through the cap breakers.
  • Sharpshooting Post Scorer: This is my recommended build for a stretch power forward as you still get two Hall of Fame badges rather than only one if you choose Post Scoring Sharpshooter. This build is basically Kristaps Porzingis, and being able to spread the floor is beneficial for any team, especially pro-am, but if you ever get cold you can back into the post for some easy points and heat right back up.
  • Slashing Playmaker: This is the closest thing you can get to a good point forward build, the biggest downfall is lack of shooting ability, but this build makes up for it with passing. When the shot isn’t there, just pass it to an open teammate. The playmaker builds never offer many badges, but they make up for it in versatility, superior ball handling, and security.  

Best Center Builds

This is probably the most underrated but most valuable positions in NBA 2K19. You might not be as flashy as the other positions, but a solid 7-footer is valuable to any team. Depending on your playstyle, you might like a lighter, nimbler player or a big bully in the paint. Either way, it’s always best to have a long wingspan at this position. Here are some builds I recommend:

  • Pure Glass Cleaner: Arguably the most overpowered build in the game, the Pure Glass Cleaner gets rebounds with efficiency on both sides of the court. With five badges up for grabs, this build’s weakness is obviously shooting and driving the ball, but most of your scoring will come from put backs and second chance points. This build is deadly in online play and you’ll find a spot on almost any NBA team.
  • Post Scoring Glass Cleaner: This build offers more versatility than the Pure Glass Cleaner and is an efficient option on offense. You sacrifice by moving down to only 2 Hall of Fame badges, but make up for in your offensive capabilities and ability to grab your own miss once you’re already in the paint.
  • Defending Glass Cleaner: Another deadly build, coming in with a whopping six Hall of Fame badges, this build is the ultimate paint player. You’ll be able to lock up the paint and grab every rebound, something every team needs. Also, I would consider this play style a little more fun than the Pure Glass Cleaner simply because you can swat everything that comes in the paint.

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