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One of the most expensive blue cards

One of Magic’s most popular colors, blue has certainly accumulated some very powerful and valuable cards throughout the years. This article will take you through the 15 most expensive blue cards

15. Zhuge Jin, Wu Strategist

What’s Great About Zhuge Jin, Wu Strategist:

  • This is a card that is valuable not only because it has a relevant effect in modern formats like Commander, but it’s also from the original Legends set

Value: 301$

14. Acid Rain

What’s Great About Acid Rain:

  • On top of being a very old card that was only printed twice, this is also popular in some modern-day stax decks looking to get around all the lands that green is able to put into play

Value: 325$

13. Power Artifact

What’s Great About Power Artifact:

  • This is a very sought after card because of how good it is in blue artifact decks, and its single printing in one of the first Magic sets have made it very valuable

Value: 335$

12. In The Eye of Chaos

What’s Great About In The Eye of Chaos:

  • This card was only printed once and it’s one of the best hate pieces out there for any blue or red deck, essentially shutting down any instant speed shenanigans they want to try and play

Value: 340$

11. Transmute Artifact

What’s Great About Transmute Artifact:

  • Not only does this card just have one printing, but its unique “Birthing Pod” effect has never been seen on another blue card, and it’s very sought after in many CEDH level blue artifact decks

  Value: 387$

10. Gilded Drake

What’s Great About Gilded Drake:

  • This is a staple card in many competitive blue decks, and its single printing have caused its price to skyrocket in recent years

  Value: 390$

9. Serendib Djinn

What’s Great About Serendib Djinn:

  • This isn’t really a good card by today’s standards, but it is valuable mostly because it comes from a very old set that didn't have a lot of printings

Value: 392$

8. Land Equilibrium

What’s Great About Land Equilibrium:

  • This is the ultimate counter for any and all ramp-based decks, they simply can’t play the game if you have this out. It’s extremely good and it’s only been printed twice so it’s become very valuable

Value: 430$

7. Gifts Given

What’s Great About Gifts Given

  • While this card isn’t legal in most formats, its popularity in formats like a cube draft and its single printing over a decade ago have led to its high price

  Value: 455$

6. Capture of Jingzhou

What’s Great About Capture of Jingzhou:

  • A cheap and easy to cast extra turn spell will always be amazing and sought after, and this one being from a very old set has only added to that value

  Value: 493$

5. Old Man of the Sea

What’s Great About Old Man of the Sea:

  • This is a card that was great when it was first printed and it's still pretty good today. The original printing in Arabian Knights has managed to accumulate a lot of value over the years

  Value: 551$

4. Intuition

What’s Great About Intuition:

  • This was a card that wasn’t as good back then, but now there's just so many ways to abuse it and take advantage of it and make it even better than a three mana tutor in blue already is

Value: 4900$

3. Time Walk

What’s Great About Time Walk:

  • This is infamously one of the most broken card in all of magic, a two mana take an extra turn spell is so abusable nowadays it’s just completely insane

  Value: 5500$

2. Ancestral Recall

What’s Great About Ancestral Recall:

  • This is also one of those super broken cards, even back when it was printed. It’s already amazing as it is, but it’s so easily abusable that the only thing keeping it from being used in every format is its insane price tag

  Value: 5600$

1. Timetwister

What’s Great About Timetwister:

This is the original wheel spell, and while there are newer cards with a similar effect, Timetwister has remained the most valuable for being not only the first but one of the best wheel spells

Value: 5700$

Blue has some of the most expensive cards in all of Magic’s history, and I hope this article informed you about them

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