MTG Arena: Best Ways to Get Cards

MTG Arena: Best Ways to Get Cards
Cracking packs and getting wild in MTG Arena

How To Get Cards In MTG Arena

Learn some of the best ways that you can get the best cards in MTG Arena!

In MTG Arena, the best way to build the best decks is to get the best cards. There are several ways that you can get cards in the game. The first way is to win randomly selected cards by completing quests. While tThese cards are randomly selected, and it’s very unlikely to get a rare or mythic rare card this way. The next way is to open booster packs. This is the best way to get cards. Not only do you get several cards (four commons, two uncommons, and a rare/mythic rare) but you also add your Wildcard meter.

Redeeming wildcards in MTG Arena

  • What Are Wildcards? Wildcards allow you players to redeem them for the rarity card of your choice. For example: If you have an uncommon wildcard, you can redeem them for an uncommon card of your choice. Each time you get a wildcard with a pack, it adds to your wildcard meter. There are six levels on the meter. Once it is full, you are awarded a wildcard.

So essentially, the best way to get the best cards is to keep cracking those booster packss. Not only are you guaranteed at least one rare/mythic rare, you also boost your wildcard meter, allowing you to eventually redeem them for cards that you need for your deck building. Here are the best ways that you can crack open as many booster packs as you can.

Complete Daily’s and Weekly’s

Completing Daily and Weekly Quests is a great way to grind

Each player in MTG Arena receives Daily Quests and Weekly Quests. Each player can have as many as three daily quests at a time. The prize for completing daily quests can be anywhere from 500-750 gold. This prize, paired with the Daily Win Bonus of 250 gold, means you can earn at least 1000 gold a day. This is important because the cost of all booster packs in MTG Arena is 1000 gold. Your Daily Win Bonus starts with a prize of 250 gold for the first win, then 100 gold for the next four wins, and then the prize alternates between 50 gold and a random card for the next wins.

One of the fastest ways of completing Daily Quests is to build custom decks that will accomplish the each specific quest faster. A player can have as many as 30 decks, so you can create as many custom decks for your daily quests. For example, if your daily quest is to cast 30 creatures, the best deck to build is a Weenies deck with small creatures that you can cast quickly. This way, you can complete your quests in as little as 2-3 games.

Build as many decks as you need

Weekly quests reward players with booster packs for their 5th, 10th, and 15th win of the week. This can usually be done in a day or two. So in a week, just by completing the Daily and Weekly Quests, you can win at least 10 booster packs. It can be a grind, but it will yield results, and you will eventually get enough boosters and wildcards to create that coveted Tier 1 deck.

The best mode to play when completing your Daily and Weekly Quests is by playing Ladder matches. These games match you up with other players on the same tier. As you win games, you climb the ladder into a higher tier and compete with the players on that pool. In terms of playing for cards, it is more efficient to play Ladder Play rather than Ladder Competitive because you can win and complete quests with there are less games.

Play Singleton

Another way to get premium cards is to play the Singleton mode. Singleton means having just one of each card in your deck (compared to the usual set of four). In this mode, players can win both cards and gold. Singleton is a time limited event, meaning players only have certain amount of time to sign-up and register for the event.

The singleton format is very competitive

In Singleton, players keep playing until they get two losses. If players don’t get any wins, they will only receive a prize of 100 gold and two cards of one common and one rare. A player that reaches 5 wins gets 600 gold and the two cards. To enter sign up for the Singleton mode, a player has to pay either 100 gems or 500 gold.

This mode can be hard on new players because they could be facing competing against players with Tier 1 decks. It does guarantee a rare and an uncommon card and for just 500 gold. But new players will benefit more from amassing common and uncommon cards from cracking boosters instead.

Time Limited Events

Another option for earning gold and winning booster packs is to join in Time limited events. These events include Constructed Sets and Limited Drafts. In Constructed, you can only use cards from a specific expansion (A Ravnica Constructed will only allow cards from the Guilds of Ravnica set). In Limited Draft, players can open packs and select one card from rotating 15-card draft packs. During the draft, the packs are passed around. As the pack is passed, each player picks a card and before passes passing it on.

Limited Time events in MTG Arena

These events can be very rewarding, especially the Limited Draft, where players can keep the cards that they draft. But the price to join these events can be high. For Constructed, the prize is 1500 gems, while the prize of joining Limited Draft is 750 Gems or 5000 gold.

Learn the Calendar

Familiarize yourself with the calendar in MTG Arena

Most of the events in MTG Arena are time limited, meaning players only have a set amount of time to join each event. Players can familiarize themselves with the ongoing events of MTG Arena by looking at the calendar. This is a great way to plan and save up gold for your preferred event.

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