[Top 10] How Not To Summon A Demon Lord Best Moments

 How Not To Summon A Demon Lord Best Moments
The heroes of How Not To Summon A Demon Lord!

[Top 10] How Not To Summon A Demon Lord Best Moments

How Not To Summon A Demon Lord is one of the more recent anime's, and is definitely one to have on your radar. Funny and filled with action, here's a sneak peak of this awesome show. It's the Top Ten How Not To Summon A Demon Lord Moments!

10. Shera vs. Rem

Shera L. Greenwood the elf, and her summoning partner Rem, the Pantherian, attempt to summon a creature that they could enslave for battle or other uses. However, they end up summoning a powerful being from another world, and end up becoming slaves themselves.

Once they meet their summon, a demon lord named Diablo, they are suddenly desperately vying for his attention. Whether it be their physical appearance, their magical prowess, or their skills as adventurers, they are always determined to show the other one up, and never hesitate to prove themselves to Diablo. 

Why It's Awesome

  • Shera and Rem’s competitive relationship ends up being one of the highlights of the anime itself, as it never fails to be a source of comedic relief. Usually, if the mood starts to become too heavy, Shera and Rem will begin to argue over seemingly nothing, and one can’t help but laugh.
  • Shera and Rem seem to be polar opposites; Shera comes off as an inexperienced ditz, and Rem appears to be the cool, level-headed partner. So it becomes even funnier when Shera somehow manages to upstage her in power, her ability to sense magic in others, and her physical appearance.
  • The fact that Diablo claims to be a powerful, intimidating demon lord (which he usually is) yet falls apart at the sight of Shera and Rem trying to gain his approval by bragging about their appearances and using rather revealing clothing to do so. Seeing our powerful main character brought to his knees by two simple women is a theme throughout the series, and rather funny.

9. Diablo (Takuma) is summoned to Faltra

Shera the elf and her summoning friend Rem, a Pantherian, choose to summon a creature that can be used at their commands in battle or as a slave as I’m general. However, they end up summoning a real human, Takuma, from earth who happened to be playing the game Shera and Rem live in. 

Not only that, but they end up becoming slaves to Diablo, Takuma’s character’s name, instead of the other way around. Takuma is extremely overwhelmed, but chooses to go along with the game and his demon lord persona. Shera and Rem proceed to bicker about who summoned Diablo when, Diablo growing tired of their arguing and chiseling to travel to the nearest town instead to hopefully get Rem’s and Shera’s slave collars removed. 

Why It’s Awesome

  • This is where the story starts, i.e. when Takuma is brought from Japan to the world of his favorite game, Cross Reverie. It’s especially awesome because Takuma, an awkward nerd who had trouble making friends in the real world, is able to find his confidence as one of his characters that he knows is powerful. His character has the ability to have that confidence Takuma didn’t, making it all the more awesome.
  • Some of the anime’s most beautiful animation takes place here, and Takuma’s transport to Cross Reverie is one of the most impressive moments graphic wise. It’s a more recent anime as of 2018, and its beauty is very impressive.
  • Already, at the start, we have some Cross Reverie lore through the slave collar system, the summoning, and how the races interact with each other. Any anime lore is generally cool, and having it show up so soon is awesome.

8. Diablo vs. Emile

When Diablo and the others arrive in town, they travel to a local inn to stay, and are mostly ignored. Diablo gets a few strange stares due to his horns and demon-like appearance, but that seems to be all. However, some particular warriors feel it necessary to pick fights wherever they go, whether it’s for their honor or something completely different.

Enter Emile Bichel Berger. Emile claims to be a protector of all women everywhere, and would gladly fight for their honor or their lives if it came down to it. Unfortunately, Emile isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer, and decides to pick a fight with Diablo to defend the honor of Rem and Shera. He sees the enslavement collars on their necks and decides that this won’t do.

He says he is a level fifty warrior in his guild, something meant to be impressive and feared. However, Diablo is not fazed, and when Emile charges, the fight is over quickly. Emile declares that next time he fights Diablo, he certainly won’t lose. Diablo ignores him and they travel on their way.

Why It’s Awesome

  • Every now and then, there is one particular character that manages to irk the group, and the audience themselves. Sometimes, everyone just wants to see them get completely decked. Luckily, Diablo takes Emile out quickly, saving everyone a whole lot of irritation and trouble.
  • However, if you did enjoy Emile’s presence, Diablo doesn’t kill him. He merely attacked him out of irritation and as a show of strength, meaning Emile lives to show up in a later scene.
  • If you’ve been wondering how powerful the denizens of Faltra are compared to Diablo, you have the perfect opportunity to see it for the first time, and to see him succeed against who is supposed to be the most powerful adventurer in the city. Faltra has never seen anyone as powerful as Diablo.

7. Diablo vs. Salamander

After a long day of presumed traveling, Diablo chooses to take a walk by himself late at night. All is peaceful until the local law enforcement, who happen to be hanging around the town square, claim that “demihumans” such as Diablo are a danger to society and need to be disposed of properly.

One member decides to take matters into his own hands, and pulls out a level thirty fire summon named Salamander. He’s completely confident that he can take Diablo down, but no such luck. The level one hundred and fifty demon lord not only isn’t even touched by Salamander’s attack, but destroys it in less than five moves. 

Finally, leaving the law enforcement in shock, Diablo turns away and continues his walk.

Why It’s Awesome

  • Nothing clearly irritates Diablo more than being interrupted during something he believes to be important, and this is rather clear in this particular scene. Not only is he angry, but rather powerful, as well. If you’re looking for one of Diablo’s best scenes for fighting and being fierce for absolutely no reason, this scene is definitely for you.
  • One of the biggest themes of How Not To Summon A Demon Lord is government corruption and how it affects others. Not only that, but also how our team generally has no patience for this kind of thing, and continuously seems to have a reason to fight them. This is apparent here when Diablo faces off the wizard and his Salamander. If you enjoy themes similar to this one, you’ve come to the right place.
  • Many characters throughout the show shrink at Diablo’s presence, especially when it comes to physical fighting. A Diablo becomes more acquainted with being inside of a video game, his power and personality grows, leading him to embrace the fact that those around him generally fear him. That sounds pretty awesome in general. 

6. Diablo vs. Edelgard

Hundreds of Fallen are standing at the bridge to Faltra, looking to destroy the city entirely. Their leader, a fearless Fallen warrior named Edelgard, is on the frontlines when she comes face to face with none other than Diablo. Diablo admits she is strong, perhaps level eighty, but says to her face that she is foolish for even attempting to defeat him.

Edelgard then pulls out her most powerful spell, Sacrificial Charge, as a last ditch resort. It takes up a user’s hit points, so Edelgard only has one shot. However, Diablo does not suffer a single injury, merely brushing the dirt off of his cape. 

After this, Edelgard admits defeat, and beyond a few particularly strong Fallen, the majority of the army that was at the bridge did not make it into the city gates.

Why It’s Awesome

  • We are introduced to another character, and another race. Edelgard is part of the race called the Fallen, a race generally feared by humans and many others. They are fierce, violent, and have no mercy for anyone, not even their own kind. In this scene, we get an awesome insight to their power and their goals.
  • Edelgard, the leader of the Fallen, is introduced with quite a bang. Diablo is immediately impressed by her, as he hasn’t seen a Fallen look so human or so powerful before. She has plans to lead her army into Faltra to steal the soul of Krebskulm and to destroy the city. While she still loses to Diablo, she still helps to release Krebskulm from Rem later on.
  • It was awesome to see Diablo working up to using his full power, as it’s clear that he hasn’t had the need to do so, and that he’s getting stronger every day. His fight with Edelgard definitely proved that.

5. Diablo vs. Galford

The governor of Faltra, Governor Galford, originally tasked Diablo, Shera, Rem, and Alicia with the quest of preventing a war with the elves of Greenwood in exactly ten days. After the group of adventurers mostly succeeds with this task, it would seem that Galford would simply leave them alone. Well, that was far from the truth.

Not only was he suspicious of Diablo, but he was also suspicious of Rem, as well, considering she had a demon lord trapped inside of her body. So he chose to turn on them, bringing an army to end the matter completely. He traps Diablo in a magical bubble in the hopes he will not escape, leaving him free to attack Shera and the others. Luckily, this doesn’t last long.

This is one of the only battles in the anime so far where Diablo genuinely struggled against an opponent. His speed could be overwhelming, and his traps didn’t seem to work on Galford at first. Diablo did, rubbing it in the governor’s face, but not without some challenges.

Why It’s Awesome

  • It wouldn’t be an adventure anime without at least one betrayal, and Galford was it. Not only did everyone believe him to be the hero of Faltra, but they believed he was on their side. It was well written enough for the viewers to feel the same way, making the scene all the more surprising.
  • Diablo himself struggled in this battle, but he was able to use some of his most powerful moves we have yet to see. But it also finally goes to show that there are other characters who have the potential to defeat Diablo in battle. However there’s a clear difference between “potential” and “succeeding.”
  • Once again, just like in Diablo’s summoning scene, the graphics are amazing and awesome to look at. It ends up making the fight all the more interesting, detailed, and powerful to look at. After all, anything less wouldn’t do the battle justice.  

4. Diablo vs. Eulerex

During this fight, Diablo and the others come across the demon Eulerex, a demon hellbent on destroying the recently summoned demon lord Krebskulm. After Eulerex discovers that Krebskulm wasn’t the all powerful demon lord he had thought of, he chooses to destroy her and the others instead.

However, Diablo will not stand for this, and faces Eulerex on his own. He is determined not to let his nervousness as Takuma show, and he succeeds. This especially works when he uses his Magic Reflection ring on one of Euelrex’s moves, effectively stopping him in his tracks. The fight is going well, but Euelrex manages to dodge one of Diablo’s moves, heading straight for Krebskulm.

But just in time, her former host, Rem, shoves her out of the way to save her life. Krebskulm is confused as to why she did this, and Rem just said it was the right thing to do. While Shera instructs the demon lord how to say thank you, Diablo finished his fight with Euelrex.

Why It’s Awesome

  • While the fight with Diablo was interesting visually while concerning his power, it is also an example of how Diablo truly cares for his friends, despite him telling his friends otherwise. It’s especially awesome to see Diablo’s inner Takuma shining through.
  • For once, there happens to be more going on during the fight other than Diablo fighting an enemy. Rem sacrifices herself for Krebskulm, abandoning her usual surly attitude for someone she isn’t meant to care for. Character development is always something good.
  • Seeing Krebksulm outside of her true form, working to become more polite and human, is clearly a plot change from what was intended by summoning her. The difference is a great change from what the storyline would have been had Krebskulm simply been in her true demon form and had been destroyed.

3. Shera and Diablo Trying to Remove the Enslavement Collar

In a desperate attempt to remove Shera’s slave collar, the travelers approach a slave market that had recently come into town, hoping that maybe the market owner would have a way to remove the collars. She claims to have one, and they readily accept. However, they are quick to realize this process is a tad inappropriate.

Shera is forced to wear a very revealing outfit, as skin on skin contact is supposedly the best way to do this. The idea is that the skin on skin contact is meant to allow Diablo to see Shera’s form of magic, hoping that this ability will reveal a clue as to how to remove the collar. Unfortunately, once again, Diablo has to reach lower down Shera’s chest in order to truly release the flow of power.

Her power is unleashed in a very short time, and as the shot cuts to Rem and Alicia sitting outside, it is implied that the collar was successfully removed. If the screams were any indication.

Why It’s Awesome

  • Once again, we have more of Cross Reverie’s true culture revealed. Diablo assumed the slave market would be rather sexualized or rough. But it was the opposite. They were cared for and appreciated. This also means that despite this anime being silly and slightly inappropriate, the characters aren’t ignored and are still cared for.
  • Seeing Diablo overcome his awkwardness when it comes to girls in order to help a friend, he claims Shera as his property but we know better, is a great point in character development. This character development takes place not only to Diablo, but his other world side Takuma.
  • Also, the comedic side to this scene makes it easy to laugh. Which is a good thing considering that we had just left a more serious argument scene the moment before. It also emphasizes the growing relationship between Diablo and Shera in a rather funny way, which works for their general relationship.

2. Diablo vs. Lord Krebskulm

The demon lord Krebskulm, in a much more deviant form than when she was introduced, doesn’t recognize Diablo at all, and is determined to attack him. Desperate to show her the truth, Diablo attacks her in return, pulling no punches whatsoever. In order to protect his friends and get the friendly Krebskulm back, he is doing what he must.

This seems to be the only battle Diablo seems to have genuinely struggled with, as his apocalypse move left the demon lord standing. In fact, when the demon lord went to attack Shera, Rem, and Alicia, Emile appears and intercepts the blow, proving himself to be quite useful in the end.

Diablo seems to be struggling with his magic power, as he feels physically weak. He had already done significant damage to Krebskulm, but it was only due to the kindness of Shera and Rem that she reverted back to her original girl form. Emile promises not to tell anyone about what happened, as he is a friend to all women, and the fight is over.

Why It’s Awesome

  • We are finally revealed a smidge of Krebskulm’s personality, and her growing relationship with Rem and the others. As they’re trying to, or were trying to, deliver Krebskulm to the city, she loses her head and attacks. However, her newly found closeness to the others helps her to be talked down with words instead of violence.
  • This was the finale itself, and it seems that the show ended on a good note the team united as one. With unification and close emotional relationships, this scene made the finale a great one. And of course there was still Diablo’s fight, which is awesome as usual.
  • The goal of releasing the violent and cruel version of Krebskulm worked, but only for a mere moment. Any major victory, especially one such as this, is tantamount to the lasting, positive end in any anime. This is exactly what happens with How Not To Summon A Demon Lord, making Diablo’s win with the others by his side extremely awesome.

Top How Not To Summon A Demon Lord Moment: The Demon Lord Awakens

In order to fully exorcise Krebskulm’s soul from Rem’s body, Diablo once again must focus all of his magic power on a rather inappropriate part of his friend’s body. While it gets the job done, it was awkward to say the least. Edelgard treats it casually, as she was the one to suggest it, but Diablo was very flustered indeed. 

A large flash of red light beams up from Rem’s body, the soul of the demon lord rushes up from inside her to be revealed. Everyone is expecting a fearsome creature with no mercy to spare for those who freed it. However, it appears to be a small girl with fangs, horns, and a rather large tail. While she is a tad rude with no patience, she still has the attitude of a curious girl inside of her, and was definitely not who any of them expected her to be.

Why It’s Awesome

  • This scene is key because it’s what the group has been primarily searching for the entire show beyond removing the slave collars. They have officially removed Krebskulm from Rem, and their ultimate goal was achieved. An ultimate goal being achieved is always important in an anime after all.
  • This is one of the funniest moments in the entire show, and that’s what makes it great. The form of Krebskulm they got was most certainly not the Krebskulm they expected. Instead, she’s a young girl with an attitude, who later on happens to love biscuits. While they must fight her true demon form later, her introduction is still rather important to the plot.
  • Seeing Diablo caught off guard and stuttering is always funny to behold, as it never happens very often. It’s not just with women, it’s with anyone that might not make sense to him. Also, meeting another demon lord such as himself that looks like him was definitely a funny moment in the show, as he wasn’t expecting it all.

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