Hitman 2 Gameplay Explained - Top Ten Facts You Need to Know

 Hitman 2 Gameplay
Some of the 1st Official Hitman 2 Art

With Hitman 2’s release, players are welcomed back to the third person stealth game with refreshing graphics. For those unfamiliar with the game’s core mechanics, Hitman 2 has the player take the role of Agent 47, a hired hitman tasked with killing some of the most corrupt people in the world. Players can go in with stealth kills and going unnoticed, which gives the most points, or simply killing anyone in their path, which while not point forgiving a fun experience. Yet some players might not know these 10 new things added to the game!

10- Level Access


One of the maps that features a new costume, this one a giant flamingo.

Unlike the previous Hitman game, all levels are available from the start of the game, listening to critics and denouncing the linear once a month release from Hitman 2016. Alongside that, if the prequel, Hitman, no subtitle, is downloaded onto your computer you can play graphically and technically advanced versions of its levels. Provided if you’ve completed certain missions in the two-year-old game, you receive coins as rewards in its sequel that you can use to distract npcs. (Or you can throw them in peoples’ faces if you’re into that, nothing like flaunting your veteran achievement wealth around.) With that, you can take on new challenges to kill targets in certain outfits or weapons. Added with small rules such as not pacifying anyone, you can face off on the scoreboard to get the most points.

9- New weapons

Now you can get revenge on the Muffin Man with the new muffin weapon.

With the new release, there are the obligatory new weapons that came with it, such as fiber wire, a sniper rifle, sedatives, among others Alongside the realistic weapons, there are also the obligatory joke weapons, such as the fact that players can now attack npcs with muffins. If playing with your food isn’t your style, there is the tattoo gun, measuring tape, and clothing iron among others, but if it is, there is always a frozen fish if you’re wishing to recreate Team Fortress 2.

8- AI and Reflections

No longer will targets stare blankly into your reflection, unless of course there's a shower near by. 

 While in the previous game, you could sneak up on targets while they stared blankly at your reflection, that is no longer the case. If you’re in front of a mirror or window, npcs can notice your presence, even if they can’t see your physical form. There is a way around this new development though if hot water is running in the room and creating steam, it fogs up the glass keeps your reflection hidden from your target and any witnesses.

7- One with Nature              

No one would ever notice Agent 47's bald head among the ferns.

  Taking a place alongside games like Assassin’s Creed, players are now able to hide among crowds and their environment. If you stay far enough away from anyone searching for you, Agent 47 can stay out of sight and safe from any pursuers.

6- AI and Faces

Instead of being judged for your fashion, now crowds will let you blend in with them, no matter what you're wearing.

 This may not seem like a huge change, but it truly is bigger than it is taken as. In the 2016 release of Hitman, AI could recognize your clothes and body if they had seen you before. Now they can only recognize your face, so if you’re worried about getting away, simply face away and npcs will no longer attack you based on your fashion sense.

5- Cameras Revealing NPC actions

Don't question how Diana manages to send you real time footage of your mistakes, you don't want to know.

Instead of receiving the vague notification of “body found” on your screen when your disguise has been compromised, now you are given the visual of what exactly is going on in the corner of your screen. Npc reactions are displayed to the player to show when and where a body is found along with when they react or die off screen, letting the player know exactly what they did and what happened because of it.

4- All Around the World Dialogue

Nothing is better suited for 47 than this mascot disguise.

Because of its nonlinear format the game has taken on, Agent 47 now travels the word back in forth to new locations to kills targets around the world. New maps lead to the updated dialogue to address criticisms to 2016’s Hitman. Unlike its predecessor, Hitman 2 has a multitude of new voice actors, making it so not every other npc has the same voice, ruining the immersion.

3- The Briefcase

Now a meme, the briefcase now works like a homing missile for all those who won't return your letters. 

Known as the “magical briefcase,” this item allows Agent 47 to sneak in large weapons such as the sniper rifle. Not only that, this object can be used as a weapon itself, being able to not someone unconscious, whether by simply hitting a target or by throwing it at them. If you try the latter, it becomes a homing missile to whoever the unlucky sod is. Defying gravity and making 90 degree turns in midair, it has become an internet phenomenon.

2- Ghost Mode

No one thought 47 could get any paler, then they played with a friend.

One of the main new features is the multiplayer mode, also known as “Ghost Mode.” In this challenge, two players face off each other to try to reach five unnoticed kills of their target. This breeds a new level of competitiveness, racing to isolate their target all while making sure not to kill any civilians and lose their hard-earned points. The only way to get in your opponent’s way and stop their carefully planned kill is to distract your target, possibly stopping them from reaching your friend’s crosshairs or bomb.

1- Sniper Mode

Players familiar in FPS games can now transfer their skills to shoot targets from a cliff as people try to figure out where the bullets come from.

Our final feature is the new sniper level. This level is exactly what it says, an entire map based on sniping down your targets. While currently there is only one map, it has been confirmed that more are to follow it. Tying into the multiplayer features, you can play this mode with a friend, sniping down your targets in turns and playing as two new characters, Stone and Knight. These two have their own pros and cons. Knight has a Jaeger 7 Copperhead that is wall and body piercing. Meanwhile, Stone has a Sieger 300 Redeem that can move objects around the map.

With that, we end this list. Was there anything you didn’t know? Anything we missed? Let us know in the comments!


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