Top 11 games Like World War Z (games better than world war z in their own way)

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Holy shi- : Players fight against a giant mass of zombies trying to defend an objective

Welcome to World War Z. Here, the guns are bigger and badder, the traps are cleverer than ever, and the zombies never stop coming. In this 4-player co-op zombie shooter, you and 3 friends must duke it out with a teeming  arsenal of weapons that the most particular gun nut would like, with traps that you and your team have put together, against overwhelming, intrepid hordes of up to 500 zombies at a time, who aren’t afraid of trampling over one another to get their next meal; you. Think you got what it takes?

Unfortunately, the game is set to be released sometime this year, and we don’t exactly know when. In the meantime, however, there are 11 games that you may like just as much as you’re going to love WWZ. Here are their names:

11. Dead matter 2

Dead matter 2 gameplay 

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Dead matter 2 is a sandbox horror survival game set in a post-apocalyptic world where players will fight to survive, not only the zombie carnage, but also to survive off the land they live in, through growing food or scavenging. Players will be able to explore the world with friends if they wish, in a place named Alberta. The game is currently under development, and the Dev team has went through a lot of hardship to get the game to where it is currently, but they continue to promise that they will do what they believe to be in the games best interest and push forward to a release date. I will attach a link to their website where they post all updates. Fight on!

Resume: player customization allows you to pick your skillset.

Basics: The devs demonstrate how to put a zombie down.

10. State of decay 2

A zombie survival game focused on cooperation and teamwork, State of decay is the sequel that fans have been waiting for. In this game, you and 3 friends work together to build and maintain a community for survivors, where you grow food, level up your players, and manage your available resources in an attempt to survive the unforgiving zombie wasteland surrounding you.

Sidekick: A player kicks a zombie to the side.

Crowd control: player uses a grenade launcher to destroy a crowd of zombies.

9. Resident evil 5


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