Top 10 Games Like Wasteland 3 (Games Better Than Wasteland 3 in Their Own Way)

Games Like Wasteland
He’s obviously a real charmer.

What Are The Best Games Like Wasteland 3?

Wasteland 3, a post-apocalyptic roleplay game, takes place in frozen Colorado and offers things such as hardy vehicles, environmental dangers like freezing to death, a deep dialogue tree with plenty of snarky things to say, intense turn-based combat, and a complex story that will keep you on your toes and keep you guessing what happens next. It also boasts about the fact that you can play by yourself or with a friend in the main campaign, so you have multiple ways to enjoy the story. But maybe a frozen post-nuclear wasteland isn’t your type of setting or you need a similar game to play while you wait for Wasteland 3 to come out. Here are the top 10 games that put the play back in roleplay.

10. ATOM RPG: Post-apocalyptic indie game

ATOM RPG: Post-apocalyptic indie game gameplay

This future takes place after the Soviet Union and Western Bloc bomb the whole world into nuclear oblivion in 1986, showing that the phrase mutual destruction isn’t just a theory. Your character is a survivor the Soviet wastelands, searching for ways to get by in this new, bleak world. This game boasts several skills to learn, like locking picking for when you have to get into a place to fulfill your kleptomania drive, a combat system where the fights will always keep your on your toes and never bore, nonlinear gameplay where you can do whatever you want, like fishing while avoiding the main story line or just palling around with the characters you meet (whon willprobably try to kill you to be honest) , and the opportunity to build your own sprawling base if you like gathering resources and building bases. Just be careful of the shadowy conspiracy behind it all  because you’ll no doubt be drawn into it.

Home sweet home…

I’ve always wanted to throw a rockin’ Christmas party in the wastelands of Russia.

9. Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden gameplay

If playing as human is too mainstream for you, then Mutant Year Zero offers you a different choice by letting you play as a party of animal like creatures instead. Each character has their role, from a rampaging boar to a high-flying sniping duck with attitude and a woman who can whip her opponents to death with vines. Your main goal is to find the way to salvation through dangerous mutants who wish for nothing more than to have roast duck for dinner. Use the environment to provide yourself cover, blow down the walls of the enemy’s strong hold for a surprise attack, or use stealth to take down enemy groups much larger than your own like the commando unit you are. Let’s just hope this salvation is real and not some kind of fairytale.

Porky Pig and Daffy Duck did not take the apocalypse well

Duck and cover, a tried and true tactic

8. UnderRail

UnderRail gameplay

In the distant future (or not so distant future depending on your perception of current events), all human life on Earth has been forced underground (thanks to a nuclear holocaust) and formed into  a system of metro station-states called the UnderRail. You are a citizen of one such state caught in the middle of a battle between different factions who are vying for power over the last few scraps of humanity. Choose the way you want to fight, from being stealthy and sneaking into the enemy base, to setting traps, building barriers, mind controlling the enemy, and much much more. Choose which faction you wish to join, though beware of getting stabbed in the back if you make the wrong decisions. And beware of cults.

Well, there’s the cult of the game. So, one thing off the checklist.

The plan either went very right or very wrong.

7. Gorky 17

Gorky 17 gameplay

This time, the world hasn’t ended, but NATO has sent a team to investigate a secret Russian base and surrounding abandoned town in Poland. Then deformed creatures start walking the streets and its up to you, Cole Sullivan, and your team, to find what is going on. The game offers a ton of exploration in a realistic environment of an abandoned, creepy, lab that could fall apart at any minute, a great spooky sound track that will send chills down your spine, plenty of fighting to go around and ugly monster to bash, plus dark secrets to learn to keep you hooked on the plot. Just be careful what choices you make, there’s no telling what will follow.

The betting pool for Jarek’s fate is open.

Wrecked scenery, check. Tentacled monster, also check.

6. Dead State: Reanimated

Dead State: Reanimated gameplay

Set in central Texas, the undead have taken over and society is falling apart. You must put together a group of survivors in order to build a lasting shelter, find food, fight other factions who want your food and shelter, and protect your section of humanity from extinction. Enjoy putting loud alarms on shelters to alert you to the enemy’s presence, lots of random encounters with the undead, different difficulty modes if you want a challenge, and chopping enemies to death with melee weapons or shooting them to death with long ranged weapons.  What kind of leader will you be and will your group survive?

I hope we can recruit him.

Facebook has changed since the apocalypse happened.

5. Phantom Doctrine

Phantom Doctrine gameplay

Phantom Doctrine is a spy thriller set at the peak of the Cold War where you play the role of a former KGB or CIA agent in charge of preventing a global conspiracy of destruction that can only lead to humanity’s downfall. Have undercover operatives infiltrate bases for valuable information that will help in combat, do missions in absolutely stealth or blow everything to smithereens, work with both KGB and CIA agents and even criminal fraternities from afar to do counterintelligence operations.Standby for when you need to get your own hands dirty and shoot someone in the head, participate in multiplayer battles where you can crush your friends into pulp, and fully make your character your own by choosing their path and the way they respond to things and conversations. Just remember, the world is counting on you.

Shelves make good cover apparently.

Alas poor Mantis, we knew thee well. At least the rest of us got EXP.

4. Skyshine’s BEDLAM

Skyshine’s BEDLAM gameplay

You are a Mechanic, a person in charge of a roving fortress called a Dozer. You are the last survivor of your guild and it is your duty to keep your Dozer and the inhabitants within safe while you roam. Meet interesting characters who can range from creepy to hilarious, pick up possible dangerous passengers, accidentally eat flesh-rotting fruit, run over cyborgs, and do tactical combat where others seek to destroy your Dozer and stop you in your tracks. Or destroy them and collect all of the precious loot that you need to maintain and expand your machine. Remember, anything can happen and your ability to adapt will be the key to success.

Talk about fitting name.

Sure, fight with fire in a place with volatile barrels. Nothing will go wrong.

3. End State

End State Gameplay

In this game, you play as the leader of a squad of mercenaries who are deployed to a war-torn country called Brekovia where several factions are fighting for power. You have the ability to choose which missions to do, what mercenaries you hire, and how you make your way to your targets, either sneaking up on them and sniping them from afar, or taking the loud approach and making your entrance with a bang. Enjoy seeing the trajectory of your bullets so you’ll know where they’ll hit, ducking behind different types of cover, over 40 weapons to choose from, and making that one lucky shot that will instantly bring down your target. You may be the country’s only hope for peace.

You too can strategically park your cars.

I think Rosa’s going to need more equipment.

2. Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel

Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel gameplay

From the Fallout Universe comes a tactics-based game where you play as a member of the Brotherhood of Steel, whose goal is to restore civilization to the radiated Wasteland (good luck with that). Your success and failure during the missions will impact your standing in the Brotherhood as the story line advances. Use your spoils to build up your squad of misfits into elite fighters as you fight against raiders and several other enemies in tactical turned based combat. Maybe with a little luck and a lot of tactics, you will be the one that restores order.

Pretty sure this would happen to most of us who try to use tactics in real life.

How much do you think the Brotherhood of Steel pays these compliers?

1. Fallout: A Post Nuclear Role Playing Game

Fallout: A Post Nuclear Role Playing Game

The grand-daddy of all the post-nuclear RPGs, Fallout is a classic that allows you to create your own character that is unique . As you explore the ruins of the crumbling, decaying world and all the mysterious Vaults that contain horrific and often bloody secrets, fight your way past radiated mutants, gangsters, and mutated hostile wild life and get your own dog best friend.  All your decisions have meaning to them and making the right decisions will net the best results. Making the wrong ones will result in your untimely demise…

All the polite people are part of a cult. Of course.

If it’s a spider, I don’t blame him. 

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