Top 10 Games Like 'Mother Russia Bleeds'

Games Like Mother Russia Bleeds
For those of you looking for their next hit of teeth-grinding, testicle-pulverizing difficulty.

Hey, do you like hard games? Do you like games that make you feel like you failed the simple task of blocking an enemy’s attack but was probably impossible anyway? Do you like the emotional dissonance of sending four guys across the room at once only to get yourself killed because some ninja jumped from off-screen and kicked you in the head?

Well, then, you’ve probably played “Mother Russia Bleeds” and have also presumably been in therapy for your masochistic urges. Sooner or later though, you’re going to run out of “Mother Russia Bleeds” to play and start looking for something else to give you that same desk-slamming high. If that’s the case, have we got a list of games for you!

These are 10 beat ‘em ups faintly reminiscent of “Mother Russia Bleeds.”

10. "The friends of Ringo Ishikawa"

The friends of Ringo Ishikawa - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch

A high school gang leader and his best friends attempt to survive the last semester of school. Like “Mother Russia Bleeds,” this side-scrolling beat ‘em up puts you in the middle of a bunch of enemies and expects you to come out of it alive. Add to that mix a lo-fi hip-hop soundtrack and you’ve got a pretty good entry to the genre, if not the all-out ball buster of “Mother Russia.” 

What Makes the Game Awesome

  • Mellow hip-hop soundtrack
  • Responsive controls
  • Pixel art

Pick random fights on the streets and in school to survive and dominate rival gangs.

Taken on crowds of enemies all at once on your own or with a friend.

9. "Kung Fury: Street Rage"

Kung Fury: Street Rage | Game Trailer

Hey, remember that funny internet video that was basically a meme of every 80s action cliché ever? Well, they made a game out of it, apparently. Luckily, the developers remembered to make it fun and not just leave it as a tie-in; the combat has that indescribably satisfying effect where you can punch one dude, block a guy behind you and turn him and the ninja behind him into paste, thereby making you feel like a badass rather than just being assured you are one.

What Makes the Game Awesome

  • Combat mechanics more satisfying than snorting coke
  • A retro aesthetic keeping with the theme of the video
  • Same ridiculous meme humor from the video

Taken on robots, ninjas and half naked women in fast-paced combat that you can barely even keep up with.

Use guns to pull of incredible combos in a retro haze of blood and giant animal men.

8. "Wulverblade"

Wulverblade: PAX West Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Hey, you ever wonder what would happen if "Castle Crashers" was even more violent? That's basically this game, though with more power-ups and you can actually pickpick up weapons. The Viking setting is interesting in that it gives you interesting weapon and enemy variety.

What Makes the Game Awesome

  • Simple controls
  • Interesting setting
  • Detailed art design

Go alone or co-op in this stylized Viking brawler as you gain skills and abilities to better slaughter your enemies

Taken on a variety of enemies from rival Viking clans to Roman legions. It will require adaptation to new types of opponents as they use shields, bows and other varying weapon types to slay you once and for all.

7. “Double Dragon: Neon”

Double Dragon: Neon Trailer

Honestly, any entry of the franchise could fill in this entry. This is just for people who absolutely cannot deal with 2D animation.

What Makes the Game Awesome

  • Nostalgia
  • High difficulty

If bright neon is your thing, then this is the Double Dragon title for you.

Go co-op with a friend. Double the player power, but also double the enemy difficulty.

6. “Final Fight”

Japanese TV commercial Final Fight

Sometimes, retro is good enough, especially if it comes with the added challenge of fighting against janky controls and limited movement. If you’re lucky enough to find this sitting in an arcade, it’s not a bad use of your quarters. It’ll remind you of a time when the joystick hated you and wouldn’t stop being difficult until you shilled out more of your parents’ money.

What Makes the Game Awesome

  • Multiplayer experience
  • Nostalgia

Man, those graphics sure bring back the good old days of unresponsive joysticks.

Enemy variety is decent, but this was before we were aware enemy variety needed to be

a thing in games.

5. “Die for Valhalla!”

Die for Valhalla - Launch Trailer | PS4

Getting back to the beat ‘em up subgenre of “Vikings with a narc on,” “Die for Valhalla” is essentially “Wulverblade,” but with more creativity. You’ve got more skills and upgrades, several combat situations require you to be quick thinking and most of the enemies are monsters rather than just other Vikings and/or Romans.

What Makes the Game Awesome

  • Creative enemy design
  • Creative Skills and magic abilities
  • Interesting level design

Slaughter your way through waves of enemies as you eternally quest to die for the eponymous afterlife.

The god of thunder is on your side as you unlock magic and combat upgrades to decimate your foes.

4. “Paint the Town Red”

Paint the Town Red - Early Access Launch Trailer

At first, this game looks like a low-effort Newgrounds reject somebody slapped together over a weekend. At least, that’s what I thought, until I was decked by eight guys who instantly swarmed me armed with glass bottles, pool cues and bar stools. This one is a serious nutbuster, an intense fight for survival that keeps you constantly moving, constantly looking for a weapon and constantly praying “Please, God, I’ll never go to a stripclub again if you let me live.”

What Makes the Game Awesome

  • Keeps up the pace by putting you under constant pressure
  • Otherwise simplistic character models have sufficient detail (skin comes off and facial animation is solid)
  • Fun unlockable abilities

Make sure you check behind you a lot in this game. If you don’t, you’re probably screwed.

Enemies will swarm you and you have to survive long enough to... survive. Maybe you’ll get lucky and all the NPCs will just murder each other.

3. “Shank”

Shank - E3 Animatic Trailer

“Shank” has a plot written by Marianne Krawczyk, the co-creator of “God of War.” I say that because there’s not much else to say about the game other than it kicks ass. The combat is lively and animates beautifully, letting you switch from machete to pistol to shotgun all on the same exact enemy in a manner of seconds.

What Makes the Game Awesome

  • Separate campaign for multiplayer
  • Smooth combat animation

Call of Juarez Gunslinger: The even more ridiculous version.

There’s a completely different campaign for co-op so you don’t have to drag a friend along through shit you already know how to get past.

2. “Charlie Murder”

Charlie Murder - Gameplay Trailer

This game is like somebody watched a lot of Gorillaz videos and thought, “Hey, I can do that, but weirder.” Take control of one of five members of the eponymous garage punk band as you slaughter demons and put on concerts to save the world.

What Makes the Game Awesome

  • Offline multiplayer
  • Each character type has entertaining attacks based on which instrument they play

Definitely not Feel Good Inc. For your enemies, at least.

Blood and explosions fill the screen in spectacular fashion as you fight off the hoards of hell.

1. “Bud Spencer & Terence Hill: Slaps and Beans”

Bud Spencer & Terence Hill - Slaps and Beans - Official Trailer

You’ve probably never heard of these two prominent Italian actors, but apparently they are popular enough to spawn a Kickstarted side-scrolling beat em up. Team up with a bud or go it alone to fight off cowboys and street toughs.

What Makes the Game Awesome

  • Interactive environment for combat
  • Cheeky sense of humor.
  • Fun mini games

The Italian acting duo are reunited in this pixelated beat em up.

The game takes you through a wacky adventure worthy of the type of action/adventure shlock the two thespians were famous for starring in in their hayday.

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