[Top 10] D&D Best Non-Combat Spells

D&D Best Non-Combat Spells

Part of the fun in playing a character that uses magic are all the choices concerning which spells to select! Also, not all spells used are necessarily for combat; they can also be used to enhance the gaming experience for the party. Through game play and research, I came up with a list of stellar spells to use to make your campaign more fun: Astral Projection, Commune, Control Weather, Cure Wounds, Hallow, Mass Suggestion, Plane Shift, Resurrection, Spirit Guardians, and Teleport. Read on to learn more about them!

10. Astral Projection by Cleric, Warlock, Wizard

This is a 9th level necromancy spell, and it is an intense one! Imagine leaving your physical (it is called material in D&D) body with eight of your best friends and having your soul or astral form leave your body to travel to different planes! Astral Projection is also expensive to create, as it requires one jacinth per person (up to eight people) worth at least 1,000 gp and one bar of ornate silver worth at least 100 gp. Read more to find out why Astral Projection is an amazing spell!

Why it is a Great Spell

  • If you are attacked on the Astral Plane (or while travelling as an astral form) and are killed there, no harm no foul; the silver cord will pull you down into your material body. However, if the silver cord that is attached to the character’s soul is broken or severed, the character will automatically die.
  • This is a great spell for higher level characters (casters must be a high level to be casting 9 th level spells). Astral Projection allows a character and eight of their best companions to talk to a deity or defeat a demon or devil. Or the party could just go sightseeing!

Full Spell details: https://www.dndbeyond.com/search?q=Astral%20Projection

9. Commune/Commune with Nature by Cleric, Druid, Paladin, Ranger

This is the D&D version of 20 questions! I combined this one because both spells require asking and receiving information. In the Commune spell, the caster contacts his or her neighborhood deity and can ask up to three yes or no questions. When using the Commune with Nature spell, the caster asks questions about the surrounding area. Both are 5th level divination spells.

Why it is a Great Spell

  • Commune and Commune with Nature spells are great to find out necessary answers to questions concerning the campaign. 
  • Deities and nature can guide the caster and the party in the right direction.
  • Players can find out (but not limited to) locations of buildings, elementals, enemies, fresh water, and terrain.

Full Spell details: https://www.dndbeyond.com/search?q=Commune/COmmune%20with%20Nature

8. Control Weather by Cleric, Druid, Wizard

This 8th level transmutation spell requires the burning of earth, incense, wood, and water. It takes the caster about 10 minutes to cast the spell, and it has a 5-mile radius, and the caster must be outside for the spell to work properly. The DM determines the climate, and a dice roll is required to figure out the precipitation, temperature, and wind. The duration of this spell is 8 hours!

Why it is a Great Spell

  • Who wouldn’t want to control the weather, even for a short time? There’s more than one way to make it rain! 
  • Great to use as defense in an outdoor encounter, to hide from pursuers. 
  • Useful to cover your escape, especially if players must quickly retreat in a battle and avoiding a TPK is always helpful!

Full Spell details: https://www.dndbeyond.com/search?q=Control%20Weather

7. Cure Wounds by Bard, Cleric, Druid, Paladin, Ranger

If there was only one choice available, I would choose Cure Wounds every time. This evocation spell is instantaneous, takes only one action, and requires touch. The lucky player or creature that is being cured regains hit points of 1d8 plus modifiers immediately! Read below to find out why Cure Wounds is an excellent spell!

Why it is a Great Spell

  • A cure wounds spell will always be needed in campaigns; if there are encounters, there will always be lost hit points that will need to be restored. 
  • This is a useful spell that even 1 st level players can use, and they will need it for campaigns, especially for players with less armor. 
  • Another bonus is that the caster will be able to heal more as s/he progresses in the campaign. According to the D&D Player's Handbook, “When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 2 nd level or higher, the healing increases by 1d8 for each slot level above 1st.”

Full Spell details: https://www.dndbeyond.com/search?q=Cure%20Wounds

6. Hallow by Cleric

Hallow is a 5 th level evocation spell that is uniquely used by clerics. The ingredients necessary for the Hallow spell are herbs, oils, and expensive incense worth at least 1,000 gp. After touching a point, holy (or unholy, if the cleric is evil) permeates an area up to a 60-foot radius. According to the D&D Player's Handbook, “First celestials, elementals, fey, fiends, and undead creatures can’t enter the area, nor can such creatures charm, frighten, or possess creatures within it.” This is an amazing spell of protection; read on to find out more about Hallow!

Why it is a Great Spell

  • Clerics can use an additional effect to Hallow with the following list (or by suggestion from your DM): Courage, Darkness, Daylight, Energy Protection, Energy Vulnerability, Everlasting Rest, Extradimensional Interference, Fear, Silence, and Tongues. 
  • This is a great spell to use if the party needs a confidence boost and/or protection from enemies. Hallow would be a great spell to have on hand for undead campaigns.

Full Spell details: https://www.dndbeyond.com/search?q=Hallow

5. Mass Suggestion by Bard, Sorcerer, Warlock, Wizard

Step aside Instagram influencer, Mass Suggestion takes persuading to a whole new level! This 6th level enchantment spell requires a snake’s tongue, a honeycomb, or one drop of sweet oil (sounds appetizing). At 6 th level, the spell will last for 24 hours. The caster can magically convince up to 12 creatures unless they make a Wisdom saving throw or have immunity to charm spells. This is considered as a non-combat spell because if the caster or anyone in the party harms the charmed creatures, the spell is cancelled. Read more to find out why Mass Suggestion is an amazing spell!

Why it is a Great Spell

  • Can you imagine influencing up to 12 people at one time? What would you have them do or not do?
  • The higher the spell slot, the longer Mass Suggestion works. When using a 7th level spell slot, the effects last for 10 days. When using an 8th level spell slot, the effects last for 30 days. Finally, when using a 9th level spell slot, the influence lasts a year and one day.

Full Spell details: https://www.dndbeyond.com/search?q=Mass%20Suggestion

4. Plane Shift, by Cleric, Druid, Sorcerer, Warlock, Wizard

If you would like to visit the shores of the Border Ethereal of Ethereal Plane, the silvery sea of the Astral Plane, the Inner Planes of Air, Earth, Fire, and Water, or the Upper Planes of Good or the Lower Planes of Evil, this is the spell for you! The Plane Shift is an instantaneous 7th level conjuration spell that requires a forked metal rod worth at least 250 gp and attuned to the appropriate plane where the party wants to travel. The spell requires one action and is activated by touch (linking hands). Read on to find out more about this incredible spell!

Why it is a Great Spell

  • This is an awesome spell to cast away enemies. The caster can send another creature to a different plane of existence if s/he fails a saving throw against Charisma. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to do that to mean people in real life?
  • Also, this is a great spell if the characters need to defeat forces from the Higher or Lower Planes.

Full Spell details: https://www.dndbeyond.com/search?q=Plane%20Shift

3. Resurrection by Bard, Cleric

What an amazing spell to be able to revive someone from the dead! The 7th level necromancy spell is a powerful spell that takes a lot out of both the caster and the creature, especially if the character or creature has been deceased for more than one year. If the target is not dead for more than 100 years, not undead, and/or not dead from old age (natural causes), then this spell will work. Also, the character or creature must be willing to return from the dead. It is also expensive, as the spell requires a diamond that is worth at least 1,000 gp or higher, and the diamond will be lost. Read more about Resurrection below!

Why it is a Great Spell

  • The spell can revive a lost party member that died in the most recent encounter, or it could be someone from years ago.
  • Resurrection also cures past wounds and will restore missing limbs and other body parts.

Full Spell details: https://www.dndbeyond.com/search?q=Resurrection

2. Spirit Guardians by Cleric

Spirit Guardians is another great spell exclusive to clerics! (I recommend that each party has at least one cleric!) This is more of a protection spell than a combat spell (which is why I justified adding to this list). One action of the 3rd level conjuration spell will bring forth angels, fey, or fiendish, depending on the cleric’s alignment. The spirits encircle 15 feet around the cleric, and enemies will have to make a saving throw versus Wisdom or take 3d8 damage. (If the enemy succeeds, they will suffer half damage.) Read on to find out why Spirit Guardians is a terrific spell!

Why it is a Great Spell

  • This is a good spell to have if the cleric is somehow separated from the rest of the party; he or she won’t have to face enemies alone.
  • When characters progress in levels, the damage increases by 1d8.
  • The components of the spell are not expensive; it only requires the use of a holy symbol.

Full Spell details: https://www.dndbeyond.com/search?q=Spirit%20Guardians

1. Teleport by Bard, Sorcerer, Wizard

This 7th level conjuration spell allows the caster and eight willing besties to travel to a known destination. The party must be able to squeeze within a 10-foot range and the spell will not work on enemies or prisoners. (Who would want to travel with enemies anyway?) Teleportation must also take place on the same plane of existence as the caster. Your DM will roll a d100 to determine how familiar the caster is with the destination. The familiarity table ranges from Very Familiar (finding the destination quickly) to Mishap (false destination and a rough experience) and everywhere in-between. Read more to find out about Teleport!

Why it is a Great Spell

  • Teleport is a great spell because it is cast instantaneously; sometimes a party needs to relocate quickly!
  • A time-saver, although there is a chance that Teleport could transport the party to an unknown or unwanted location.

Full Spell details: https://www.dndbeyond.com/search?q=Teleport


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