Top 15 D&D Multiclass That Are Fun To Play

[Top 15] D&D Best Multiclass That Are Fun To Play


1. Barbarian/Warlock

When the wild rage of a Barbarian becomes entwined with the mystical bond of a Warlock, a whole new breed of warrior steps onto the stage. Imagine this: a character who wields both the primal force of a rampaging bull and the eerie power of a shadowy sorcerer. It's like smashing together a boulder and a lightning bolt – a thunderous collision of brute strength and arcane might. 

  •  Raging Eldritch Might: Combining the Barbarian's Rage feature with the Warlock's Eldritch Invocations grants you both physical and magical prowess, making you a formidable tank and damage dealer.
  • Pact Magic Synergy: Using Warlock spell slots to fuel your Rage enhances your combat potential, allowing you to sustain your Rage for longer periods and deliver devastating blows.
  •  Invocations for Survivability: Warlock invocations such as "Armor of Shadows" and "Fiendish Vigor" complement the Barbarian's toughness, providing additional protection and survivability.

This combination brings together raw physical strength and eldritch magic, creating a character who can both crush foes with their might and weave spells with arcane prowess. The joy comes from embracing the dual nature of a brute spellcaster, delivering devastating blows and enchanting magic in equal measure.


2. Fighter/Rogue

Ah, behold the magnificent creation that is the Fighter/Rogue multiclass! It's like crafting a character with the precision of a master artist and the adaptability of a quick-witted trickster. The Fighter/Rogue multiclass is the epitome of versatility. Drawing from the disciplined combat of the Fighter and the stealthy cunning of the Rogue, this character excels in both direct confrontations and intricate problem-solving scenarios. The fun lies in being a dynamic force on the battlefield, able to adapt to various challenges with a mix of sheer combat prowess and clever tactics.

  •  Master of Skills and Combat: Combining Fighter's Extra Attack and Rogue's Sneak Attack grants you unparalleled damage potential in both melee and ranged combat.
  •  Action Surge and Cunning Action: The synergy between these features allows you to perform impressive battlefield maneuvers, giving you an edge in both offense and defense.
  •  Versatile Roleplay: With a mix of martial prowess and skill expertise, you can excel as a party's scout, infiltrator, or frontline combatant.

The mix of martial expertise and stealthy cunning offers the thrill of being a versatile problem-solver. Whether you're landing critical hits in combat or using your skills to outwit enemies, you'll revel in the satisfaction of adapting to various challenges.


3. Paladin/Bard

Imagine a character who wields divine smites alongside a melodious spellcasting ability. The Paladin/Bard fusion marries the Paladin's dedication to righteousness with the Bard's flair for music and charm. This combination shines not only in combat but also as a charismatic leader who inspires allies and heals wounds with soothing melodies, all while smiting evil with righteous fury.

  •  Charismatic Warrior: Combining Paladin's divine smites and a Bard's spellcasting prowess creates a character that excels in both melee combat and support magic.
  •  Lay on Hands and Song of Rest: The synergy between these features makes you an excellent party healer, providing both magical healing and additional hit points during short rests.
  •  Aura of Protection and Bardic Inspiration: The combination of these abilities boosts your allies' saving throws and adds a touch of inspiration to your roleplay interactions.

This combination blends divine smites with musical magic, allowing you to inspire allies and smite foes with equal passion. The joy lies in being a charismatic force on the battlefield, healing wounds with soothing melodies and striking down evil with divine fervor.


4. Ranger/Wizard

The Ranger/Wizard multiclass is a blend of precision and mysticism. By combining the Ranger's mastery of archery with the Wizard's arcane spells, you become a ranged combatant with a magical edge. Whether you're striking enemies from afar with deadly accuracy or utilizing spells to shape the battlefield, this combination offers an exhilarating experience that balances finesse and magic.

  •  Arcane Archery: Combining Ranger's Archery fighting style with Wizard's spells allows you to become a formidable ranged combatant with a wide variety of spell options for utility and damage.
  •  Favored Enemy and Elemental Magic: Use your Ranger's Favored Enemy to specialize in combating specific foes while augmenting your damage with elemental spells from the Wizard class.
  •  Ritual Casting and Natural Explorer: Access to rituals and the Natural Explorer feature enhances your exploration and survival capabilities in the wilderness.

The joy of being a Ranger/Wizard comes from being a versatile ranged combatant who can also manipulate the arcane. Hitting enemies from a distance with precision and then unraveling magical mysteries creates a sense of wonder and excitement.


5. Sorcerer/Warlock

Delve into the depths of magic by merging the innate spellcasting of a Sorcerer with the pact-bound powers of a Warlock. This combination empowers you with both Metamagic options and Eldritch Invocations, allowing you to tailor your spells and invocations for maximum impact. It's a journey of discovery as you experiment with different combinations, creating a character whose magical abilities are uniquely their own.

  •  Metamagic and Eldritch Invocations: The combination of Sorcerer's Metamagic options and Warlock's Eldritch Invocations empowers you to customize your spells and eldritch abilities for maximum impact.
  •  Sorcery Points and Pact Magic: Use Sorcery Points to create additional spell slots from your Warlock Pact Magic, giving you more resources in combat.
  •  Origin and Patron Synergy: Pairing Sorcerer's Draconic Bloodline or Wild Magic Origin with a Warlock Patron adds layers of flavor and storytelling potential to your character.

Customizing spells through metamagic and eldritch invocations turns you into a spell-slinging virtuoso. The thrill comes from experimenting with different combinations to maximize your magical impact in creative ways.


6. Cleric/Druid

The Cleric/Druid multiclass brings together the divine and the natural, forging a character who is a conduit of both healing magic and nature's power. By blending the Cleric's devotion with the Druid's connection to the elements, you become a versatile support character who can mend wounds, control the battlefield, and commune with the natural world. It's a harmonious balance that resonates with the forces of both light and nature.

  •  Divine and Natural Harmony: Combining Cleric's divine magic with Druid's nature based spells allows you to be a versatile support character with strong healing and crowd control capabilities.
  •  Warding Bond and Wild Shape: Use Warding Bond to protect your animal companions during Wild Shape, creating a powerful tanking combination for your team.
  •  Domain and Circle Synergy: Pairing a Cleric Domain with a Druid Circle grants you a diverse set of features, creating a character deeply connected to both the divine and natural realms.

Balancing divine magic with nature-based spells lets you excel in both support and control roles. The satisfaction comes from being a versatile spellcaster who can heal wounds, control the battlefield, and commune with the forces of nature.


7. Monk/Rogue

Enter the realm of finesse and agility with the Monk/Rogue multiclass. By combining the Monk's martial arts with the Rogue's sneak attack, you become an agile striker capable of delivering a flurry of precise and devastating blows. The thrill comes from mastering both unarmed combat and stealth, allowing you to navigate battles with a mix of calculated strikes and evasive maneuvers.

  •  Agile Striker: The combination of Monk's martial arts and Rogue's Sneak Attack allows you to deliver a flurry of precise and powerful strikes in combat.
  •  Unarmored Defense and Evasion: The Monk's Unarmored Defense combined with the Rogue's Evasion feature makes you exceptionally hard to hit and resilient against spells.
  •  Stunning Strike and Cunning Action: The synergy between these features grants you unparalleled control in battle, stunning foes and slipping in and out of their reach with ease.

The blend of martial arts and sneak attacks offers a mix of precision and stealth. The excitement lies in weaving between enemies, delivering devastating blows while remaining elusive and in control.


8. Bard/Warlock

The Bard/Warlock multiclass is a symphony of magic and mysticism. By blending Bardic Inspiration with eldritch powers, you become a character who boosts allies' abilities through uplifting melodies while wielding potent magical attacks. It's an enthralling experience that offers a harmonious balance between supporting your companions and unleashing arcane devastation on your foes.

  •  Eldritch Inspirations: Combining Bardic Inspiration with Warlock's eldritch powers allows you to boost your allies' abilities while wielding potent magical attacks.
  •  Pact Boon and Bardic Spells: Warlock's Pact Boon enhances your Bardic spells, offering additional utility and options in and out of combat.
  •  Invocations and Magical Secrets: The combination of Warlock invocations and Bard's Magical Secrets feature lets you tailor your character's abilities to suit any situation.

Merging musical inspiration with eldritch power is a unique and captivating experience. The joy comes from boosting allies' abilities through bardic inspiration and then unleashing potent magical attacks when the time is right.


9. Rogue/Wizard

The Rogue/Wizard multiclass combines agility and spellcasting to create a character who is a master of both stealth and magic. As an Arcane Trickster, you can deliver precise, magical strikes from the shadows, making you a formidable force in both combat and subterfuge. It's a journey of cunning and intrigue, where you unravel mysteries and outmaneuver enemies using a mix of spells and stealth.

  •  Arcane Trickster: Combining Rogue's Sneak Attack with Wizard's spells allows you to deliver precise, magical strikes from the shadows.
  •  Spellbook and Evasion: The combination of spellcasting with the Rogue's Evasion feature grants you remarkable agility, dodging both physical and magical threats with ease.
  •  Ritual Caster and Cunning Action: Access to rituals through the Ritual Caster feat complements your already wide range of skills and enhances your exploration capabilities.

Being an Arcane Trickster means you're not only a rogue but also a spellcaster capable of magical subterfuge. The thrill lies in using both spells and sneakiness to outmaneuver enemies and unravel mysteries.


10. Fighter/Barbarian

Embrace the fury of battle with the Fighter/Barbarian multiclass. By merging the Fighter's Extra Attack with the Barbarian's rage, you become an unstoppable force, dealing consistent and heavy damage with each strike. The fun lies in unleashing a relentless assault, overwhelming your foes with a combination of raw power and ferocity.

  •  Relentless Assault: The combination of Fighter's Extra Attack and Barbarian's Rage makes you a relentless combatant, dealing consistent and heavy damage in every round.
  •  Action Surge and Reckless Attack: Use Action Surge alongside Reckless Attack to deliver a surge of deadly blows in a single turn, overwhelming your foes.
  •  Second Wind and Fast Movement: The synergy between these features grants you both self-healing and enhanced mobility, increasing your overall survivability in battle.

The sheer power of combining Fighter's attacks with Barbarian's rage makes you a relentless combatant. The enjoyment comes from charging into battle with unyielding ferocity, dealing out heavy damage while shrugging off blows.


11. Paladin/Sorcerer

The Paladin/Sorcerer multiclass combines divine might with sorcerous power. By infusing your melee attacks with spellcasting energy, you create a character who delivers devastating blows bolstered by magical energy. The joy comes from weaving together two distinct sources of power to create a character whose strikes are a testament to their unyielding faith and innate magic.

  •  Smite and Sorcery: Combining Paladin's divine smites with Sorcerer's spellcasting unleashes devastating melee attacks bolstered with powerful magical energy.
  •  Spell Points and Lay on Hands: The combination of Sorcerer's Spell Points and Paladin's Lay on Hands offers flexibility in both healing and spellcasting resources.
  •  Divine Soul and Oath Synergy: Pairing a Divine Soul Sorcerer with a specific Paladin Oath reinforces your character's dedication to a particular divine or moral code.

The fusion of divine smites with sorcerous spells creates a character who can channel holy wrath through magical might. The satisfaction comes from infusing melee attacks with bursts of spellcasting energy.


12. Monk/Warlock

Enter the realm of mystical combat with the Monk/Warlock multiclass. By merging the Monk's Ki abilities with Warlock's eldritch powers, you become a warrior who wields both martial finesse and eldritch might. The thrill comes from controlling the battlefield with stunning strikes and invocations, all while maintaining swift and agile movement.

  •  Mystical Martialist: Combining the Monk's Ki abilities with Warlock's eldritch powers makes you a mystical warrior with potent melee and magical prowess.
  •  Unarmored Defense and Pact Boon: Warlock's Pact Boon enhances your Monk abilities while keeping you unencumbered by armor for swift and agile movement.
  •  Invocations and Stunning Strike: The combination of Warlock invocations and the Monk's Stunning Strike ability gives you additional control and tactical advantage in combat.

Blending mystical ki abilities with eldritch powers offers a unique dynamic of melee and magic. The thrill lies in using invocations and stunning strikes to control the battlefield while delivering powerful melee attacks.


13. Ranger/Rogue

Become a master of ranged combat and stealth with the Ranger/Rogue multiclass. By combining the Ranger's archery style with the Rogue's sneak attack, you excel as a ranged attacker with the ability to strike enemies from a distance. The fun lies in utilizing precise strikes and evasive tactics to outmaneuver foes and emerge victorious.

  •  Ranged Expert: The combination of Ranger's Archery fighting style with Rogue's Sneak Attack allows you to excel as a ranged attacker with precise strikes.
  •  Favored Enemy and Uncanny Dodge: The synergy between these features grants you increased damage against specific foes and enhanced defensive capabilities.
  •  Natural Explorer and Cunning Action: Utilize Natural Explorer to navigate various terrains and combine it with Cunning Action for tactical positioning in combat.

Expertise in ranged combat and stealth creates a character who excels at striking from a distance. The excitement comes from using precision and cunning to take down enemies while staying out of harm's way.


14. Cleric/Sorcerer

The Cleric/Sorcerer multiclass merges divine magic with metamagic, creating a character who wields holy energy with arcane finesse. By combining Cleric spells with Sorcerer's metamagic, you augment your healing and offensive capabilities in unique and powerful ways. It's an experience that marries two types of magic to create a character whose abilities are a blend of divine favor and arcane manipulation.

  •  Divine Arcanist: Combining Cleric's divine spells with Sorcerer's metamagic allows you to augment your healing and offensive capabilities in unique and powerful ways.
  •  Font of Magic and Channel Divinity: The synergy between Sorcerer's Font of Magic and Cleric's Channel Divinity offers you a flexible pool of magical energy for various purposes.
  •  Divine Domain and Sorcerous Origin: Pairing a specific Divine Domain with a Sorcerous Origin adds depth to your character's background and aligns their divine and innate magical powers.

Merging divine spells with metamagic offers a fresh approach to both healing and offense. The joy comes from harnessing divine energy in ways that surprise and confound enemies while supporting allies.


15. Wizard/Druid

 Unleash the magic of both arcane spells and natural transformation with the Wizard/Druid multiclass. By merging the Wizard's spellcasting with the Druid's shapeshifting abilities, you create a character who wields both powerful spellcasting and versatile wild shape options. The fun lies in seamlessly switching between arcane and natural powers to adapt to various challenges and situations.

  •  Arcane Nature Shaper: Combining Wizard's arcane spells with Druid's shapeshifting abilities grants you both powerful spellcasting and versatile wild shape options.
  •  Arcane Recovery and Circle Spells: Utilize Arcane Recovery to regain expended spell slots from your Druid Circle spells, ensuring you have a well rounded spell repertoire.
  •  Arcane Tradition and Circle Synergy: Pairing a specific Arcane Tradition with a Druid Circle creates a character that embodies the harmony between arcane and natural forces.

The blend of arcane spells and shapeshifting creates a character who can wield both magic and nature. The satisfaction comes from seamlessly switching between versatile spellcasting and transforming into creatures to adapt to different situations.

In conclusion, multiclassing in D&D offers a realm of possibilities for creating characters that are not only mechanically diverse but also immensely fun to play. Each multiclass combination brings its own unique blend of skills, powers, and storytelling potential, ensuring that your D&D adventures are enriched with excitement and engagement.

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