[Top 15] Comics With Amazing Art and Great Storylines

Comics With Amazing Art

Comics and graphic novels hold some of the most beautiful artwork in the world. The artists that can combine their talent with writers to make a compelling and beautiful depiction of the stories unfolding shows how exceptional these individuals are. Here at the top 15 comics with not only great storylines but amazing art. 

15. Paper Girls

Badass girl gang right there.

This sensational young adult comic is perfect for chills, thrills, and mystery. Four 12-year-old girls, who take zero crap, are delivering papers on November 1st (it’s the 80s so be prepared for Stranger Things vibes) and notice weird things occurring the day after Halloween. 

The gorgeous pink, purple, icy blue palette with pops of yellow is the best color match for a young adult, girl gang story and it keeps readers focused on the pages as the twisted story unfolds.

14. iZombie

Brains, yummy.

This story is such a fun twist on the told over and over again zombie apocalypse. Gwen is a gravedigging zombie who must eat a brain once a month. When she does, Gwen is overcome with the memories of the previous brain holder and she takes it upon herself to find out what happened to them or fulfill a final wish. 

The fun pop style illustrations pull readers in and the character drawings are spot on, convincing the audience that Gwen isn’t alive but also not completely dead.

13. Alisik 

Tim Burton should make this into something pronto.

With a gothic Tim Burton feel, Alisik wakes up scared, alone, and dead. With no memory of how she died, the other graveyard residents help her cope as she awaits judgment being stuck between worlds. 

If you loved the Corpse Bride, read this. Along with the story the artwork displays the fear, pain, and loneliness Alisik endures. 

12. Archie Comics


There are many styles to the Archie Comics franchise. Lovable cartoon-esque to rugged and disturbing. This is why it made the list. The large range of portrayals, from light to dark, gives a great overview of tone and just what kind of tale you are going to fall into with Archie and his gang of friends. 

11. Monstress

Steampunk detail gives me shivers.

Steampunk vibes fill these pages and the gorgeous detail of characters and scenery makes this interesting tale even more pleasant to read. The story depicts a teenage girl surviving slavery, war, and a psychic bond with a powerful monster. 

This dark, compelling story is perfect if you enjoyed reading anything by George R.R. Martin. 

10. Through the Woods

This just screams horror fairytale.

Enter the woods and enjoy five chilling journeys of mystery and suspense. Becoming unsettled is a part of this reading experience and not just because of the twisted fairytale stories. 

The illustrations are bleak, creepy, and unnerving without needing gore. The use of color, brush, and font is well executed and when it’s daytime, I will read these stories again. 

9. The Wicked + The Divine

The woman on the left is Lucifer... need I say more?

Gods come back to incarnate humans every 90 years and this time they are popstars. 

I think this plot is brilliant considering how much popstars are idolized these days, but beyond that, this novel has a powerful, emotional plot and intricate, well-developed characters. The artwork is polished, gorgeous, and displays each character's personality impeccably. 

8. Locke and Key

Much darker than the tv series.

After the murder of their father, three children and their mom move to Lovecraft, Massachusetts to live in the family’s ancestral home. As they attempt to mourn and move on, random strange keys keep appearing showing an even deeper mystery that the family faces. 

Creeptastic is the word that comes to mind when I look at the artwork of Locke and Key. The dull shades, scary character depictions, and strong emotions that can be seen make this a must-read for horror lovers everywhere.

7. Stand Still, Stay Silent

Sure, just sleep without worry about any creatures attacking you. 

A light-hearted tale of a Nordic explorer team set to research their post-apocalyptic world which contains some obstacles, like trolls, mutants, and giants. 

The artwork is unique and fun but doesn’t lose focus on what is happening in the story. The landscape, change of coloring, and use of panels make this artwork outstanding, and eye-catching.

6. Redlands

Another badass girl gang I wish I was a part of...

The story of vicious, horrid witches has been told many times, but the revealed surprises about this coven will make you want to read more. With crime, politics, and current events woven throughout, this story proves revenge needs to be sought sometimes. 

The gruesome but awesome illustrations using red, orange, and black set a strong tone for this novel, and the gritty, rough edges scream Florida. 

5. Lady Killer

Just your average housewife...

A 1960s housewife who is also a deadly assassin… A biography of my life? Kidding, please don’t call the cops on me. Josie Schuller is a great character who loves her family but will take out her targets as assigned. 

The artwork is a perfect blend of horror (red, gray, black) and innocence (pastels, bright colors), putting life as a housewife on display in the best way and I am here for it. Especially since the modern housewife is obsessed with true crime and cleaning. So remember, if one of us says we are “fine” be ready to die and have your body disposed of properly. 

4. Marvels

Artwork so well done Silver Surfer is glistening.

New York. What a terrible place to live in the Marvel Universe. With superheroes, villains, destruction, and mayhem occurring, well, A LOT, Phil Sheldon, a newspaper photographer, shows what it is like to be an average joe living amongst the chaos. 

Marvels gives detailed illustrations and an amazing look into an ordinary man’s career of documenting superhuman conflict, making you feel as if it actually happened.

3. My Favorite Thing is Monsters

Ah, the mind of a child.

Karen Reyes is 10-years-old and wants to solve the death of her neighbor. The comic takes form as a notebook with drawings, notes, and stories by Karen. The artwork is amazing and works in perfect synchrony with the writing. The pages of drawings are messy in the most wonderful way and they are a wide range of very detailed to cartoonish. It is masterfully done and is brilliant.

2. Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth

The personalized font for each character is genius. 

Dark, gritty, and horrifying. Batman swoops in to Arkham Asylum which has been overrun by the prisoner-patients. Yep, the Joker, Poison Ivy, Two-Face, and many others are in charge and Batman must face his biggest enemies to restore order, but will it cost him his sanity?

The illustrations in this comic are pure horror and it’s awesome. The rough edges and dark palette with pops of red and green are chilling. Yet, there is also so much detail which creates terrifying but beautiful artwork. 

1. Daytripper

Embrace the beautiful illustrations and life lessons. 

With every chapter, truth is held and it’s recognized that death is a part of life. This compelling and moving graphic novel is about Brás, an aspiring author who writes obituaries and is trying to find meaning and purpose in his own life. This tale is done wonderfully, leaving cliches out completely. Plus, the artwork is stunning. The colors are soothing, yet pop out at you and the characters seem to move on each page, drawing you into their world. With a phenomenal story and fantastic art, this is a must-read for everyone. 

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