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The best Action Adventure games
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15. Ghost of Tsushima - 2020

Sucker Punch resurfaced after completing the celebrated Infamous trilogy by kicking off this  brand new action adventure property set in feudal Japan, finding success in the natural beauty and executing layers of stylistic pastiche referencing cultural classics such as Kurosawa’s samurai flicks.

Audiences instantly took to its minimalist approach to adventuring through its puzzle ridden fantastical landscapes and its brutal action systems mimicking classic samurai duels and providing light strategy, rounded off with an enthralling narrative filled with war and revenge.

Total Sales: At least 9.73 million copies.


14. Luigi's Mansion 3 - 2019

The loveable and often under-utilised Luigi finally struck out independently with the third entry into his family friendly horror themed forays into hunting the supernatural.

Nintendo's signature charm and style didn't hamper the satisfying ghost-bustin' action, and the journey throughout what was not a house, but this time an entire haunted hotel proved to be the setting that would really hit with players for the series.

Expertly designed in blurring the line between puzzles and combat, the game became the best selling of the series.

Total Sales: At least 11 million copies.


13. Marvel's Spider-Man - 2018

After the domination of the MCU in the last decade of popular culture a video game adaptation seemed an inevitability and luckily it was industry veterans Insomniac that would deliver the long awaited Spider-Man game.

Swinging through New York City and dealing out justice both to and for its citizens in style was an immediate hit for consumers, and when you're not webbing dudes to buildings for disorderly conduct there's plenty of environmental puzzles to engage with and a fantastic comic book narrative to experience full of heart and that Peter Parker charm.

Total Sales: At least 13.2 million copies.


12. Uncharted 4 - 2016

The premiere action adventure series for industry legends and technological wizards Naughty Dog would find its closure with the fourth game, channeling the new sense of gravitas achieved with The Last of Us by turning a critical eye inward towards the series tropes, ideas and characters.

An explosive journey and treasure filled adventure that focuses on something more a little more human this time: family, and the pathological circumstances these characters find themselves in during their pursuits of ancient fortune, and of course there's plenty of environmental puzzles as well.

Total Sales: At least 16 million copies.


11. The Last of Us - 2013

Long celebrated studio Naughty Dog reinvented themselves with the release of The Last of Us finding themselves dealing with the artful and nihilistic, a far cry from their previous action adventure outings in both tone and gameplay.

Following its protagonists across the American landmass from the west to the east of the land in a post apocalypse world reclaimed by the violence of nature provides plenty of thrilling set pieces punctuated by survivalist action, environmental puzzles and some complex human storytelling. 

Total Sales: At least 17 million copies.


10. God of War - 2018

Transitioning from character action to outright action adventure would prove to be a major success for the God of War mythos, by transitioning the setting to the bastion of the Nordic gods and re-contextualising the main character as one with a larger responsibility than merely bloody rage filled revenge the series hit new commercial heights.

Now focusing more on player traversal and environmental puzzles as well as the series over the top gore power fantasy meant there was simply more for players to chew on with the latest entry.

Total Sales: At least 19.5 million copies.


9. Horizon: Zero Dawn - 2017

Guerrilla Games stepped into the post apocalyptic scene to show that the setting still has life and fresh new stories to tell with the Horizon series.

The debut title was a major success for the first of an original-franchise and quickly became the studios best selling work, celebrated for its fresh narrative, charming protagonist and high octane mechanical animal slaying combat.

The setting is rich with mystery primarily revealed through environmental exploration and high tech puzzle solving, providing the ideal mix between action and adventure.

Total Sales: At least 20 million copies.


8. Red Dead Redemption - 2010

Certainly one of the seminal titles of its era for its unmistakable old western style and the unforgettable protagonist John Marston, long before its sequel would appear on the shelves players were trekking across its enormous interpretation of North America following an epic tale of family, betrayal, and the long term consequences of the outlaw life.

Shootouts, horse breaking, cool cowboy outfits, this one had it all for adventure players looking for bombastic action and a devastating story becoming one of the bestselling action adventure titles.

Total Sales: At least 23 million copies.


7. Super Mario Galaxy - 2007

Often cited as one of the strongest Mario titles of the series, Galaxy saw our favourite big time plumber embark on a new adventure of the interstellar variety landing on the iconic Nintendo Wii.

By introducing new gravity based traversal, motion controls, and ratcheting up the signature Mario style and Nintendo charm on a galactic level the game became a wild success and regularly appears on all time great lists instantly becoming an action adventure classic. Sorry Mario, your princess is in another galaxy!

Total Sales: At least 23 million copies.


6. Grand Theft Auto IV - 2008

Rockstar kicked off their seventh generation reign with the ambitious and acclaimed fourth main entry into the world famous crime thriller series.

The fictional New York City stand in provides an ample playground for simulatory action adventure antics, blasting your way through the games Hollywood inspired story or blasting your way through other players in the online modes.

The game was a major success on release cementing Rockstars position early in the oncoming generation of games.

Total Sales: At least 25 million copies.


5. The Walking Dead - 2012

After the hit TV show catapulted the series to the forefront of the public consciousness, Telltale took it upon themselves to show that the brutal and nihilistic zombie setting could also be explored successfully in games.

Hailed for its resonant and devastating story and handing the player some of the most harrowing narrative choices in the medium, this potent mix of horror and adventure dominated its year of release, mopping up countless awards and historic sales for the genre as well as revitalising the adventure format. Keep a handkerchief ready when playing this one.

Total Sales: At least 28 million copies.


4. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild - 2017

After years of the series maintaining a  mildly conservative trajectory focusing on tweaks and iterations to its core format, Breath of the Wild redrew series norms with a minimalist yet all encompassing focus on action and adventure in a truly free context.

Nonlinearity and its various challenges were sold as a virtue, not a balancing issue - allowing players to tackle the huge in-game world and its puzzles and encounters in whatever order they like.

This new approach pushed the series to new heights commercially and critically.

Total Sales: At least 28.8 million copies.


3. The Witcher 3 - 2015

Closing out The Witcher trilogy would be no small affair for series fans with this epic action adventure journey through a behemoth land of monsters, world ending elves and a great deal of Gwent card playing.

One of the most acclaimed titles of the generation, the impressive scope was matched most impressively by its consistently thrilling quality, offering hundreds of hours of flavorful quests and monster battles to close the popular mutant Geralt's story once and for all in an all time classic. 

Total Sales: At least 40 million copies.


2. Red Dead Redemption 2 - 2018

After setting the world on fire with the first game and then knocking it off its entire axis with the success of Grand Theft Auto, the company brought the old West back into the now with major ambition and scope.

Serving as a prequel to the first game but adding complex mix of simulation elements, combat, exploration and narrative coalesce to create an action adventure of singular quality and style showing exactly why Rockstar remains the top dog in the open world genre.

It was celebrated on release for its impressive commitment to its scale and quality, as well its lengthy campaign and writing.

Total Sales: At least 45 million copies.


1. Grand Theft Auto V - 2013

The final game on our last also happens to be the second best selling game of all time, the unanimous action adventure anarchy-odyssey followed the exploits of a trio of criminals leading uniquely dysfunctional lives attempting to make it big in a heightened, highly satirical rendition of California.

By channeling crime flick classics such as Heat, Rockstar was able to craft a high on crime and high on American drama thriller that instantly decimated financial records - the original multiplayer taking place in its dynamic open world has been keeping this one in the spotlight for almost a decade.

Total Sales: At least 170 million copies.


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