Top 10 Best WoW Battle Pets 2019 (And How To Get Them)

best wow battle pets
The clash of the true warriors of Azeroth: Battle Pets!

What Are The Best Battle Pets in WoW?

Pet battles have been a staple in WoW since Mists of Pandaria and Blizzard have been introducing new ways to enjoy them. Pet dungeons and PvP are new features that mean pets are not just for collecting...

But for war!

A lot of new players wanting to dabble in the pet arena are often not sure which pets to use and which to keep in their crates.

So out of the kindness of my own heart, I have done the legwork for you.

This list represents the top 10 Battle Pets that WoW has to offer. Have a browse through, see which ones you have and which ones you’ve been desperate to find.

I’ve even added where you can find them. Aren’t I nice?

10. Zandalari Anklerender

Watch out for those sharp teeth!

Cute but deadly, these little raptors are stowaways on the large Zandalari fleets.

Don’t be fooled by these as their abilities can pack more than just an ankle bite!

Black Claw combined with Hunting party can do some colossal damage and are a staple with some of the long-time pet battlers.

Introduced during Mists of Pandaria, these rare critters are a popular choice amongst pet battlers.

What’s awesome about Zandalari Anklerender?

  • Great damage with combo abilities
  • Speedy and powerful
  • Counters fel-pets easily

How to get the Zandalari Anklerender

  • The Isle of Giants, Mist of Pandaria
  • Rare quality: 1 in 50 drop rate
  • Drops from Zandalari Dinomancers (Lvl 90-91 elite)
  • Shares traits/drop rate with 3 other pets
  • Find it on the AH!

Zandalari Anklerender details:

9. Nexus Whelpling

Malygos Jr is ready for battle!

The whelps of the former Dragon Aspect Malygos have swooped their way into the top ten.

Nostalgic of Wrath of the Lich King glory days, these dragonlings are a popular choice for a pet lineup

Easy to find in the cold reaches of Northrend, they have great damage output as well as nice little survivability with Sear Magic.

They also get the Dragonkin passive of doing 50% more damage to targets with 50% less health. Great for clearing up another pet’s mess!

What’s awesome about the Nexus Whelpling?

  • Strong passive ability
  • Heavy-hitting abilities
  • Strong against flying pets
  • How to get the Nexus Whelpling
  • Lvl 20-22 in Borean Tundra, Northrend
  • Found exclusively in Coldarra
  • Available in poor, common, uncommon and rare

Nexus Whelpling details:

8. Grumpy

Grumpy but he sure is cute!

This beloved little mastiff is always worth saving from the burning building back in Legion. And an expansion later, Grumpy finds himself a firm favorite in a pet battle team.

His bark is far worse than his bite, with a lvl 25 Superbark ability being able to deal nearly 500 damage!

One bark that’s more Fus Roh Dah than any Dragonborn could give!

Grumpy’s Howl ability is great for CC and will ensure good control over the battle.

What’s awesome about Grumpy?

  • Huge damage abilities
  • Easy to get
  • Strong CC

How to get the Grumpy

  • Legion questline “Grumpy!”
  • Trapped in the top floor of the burning house by Heathrow Manor, Val’sharah
  • Buyable on the AH

Grumpy Details:

7. Emperor Crab

Watch out for those pincers!

Hitting the list in 2018, the king of crustaceans is back and showing the new pets that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Showing off his brand new shell since the crustacean remodeling, he is still a dominant gladiator in the pet battle arenas.

With the Surge spell having the ability to always go first means you can backhand your opponents with a hefty chunk of damage preemptively.

He has some nice healing and defensive abilities too which makes him very tanky and very viable.

What’s awesome about the Emperor Crab?

  • Great aquatic pet
  • Versatile
  • Very tanky

How to get the Emperor Crab

  • Found off the coast of Zan’vess, Dread Wastes
  • Specifically after the “Power” breed (rare!)
  • Lvl 24-25

Emperor Crab details:

6. Anubisath Idol

The protector of the Underworld: Warcraft edition

Another returning champion, bringing back nostalgia in a major way is the Anubisath Idol. He’s an old school pet that has been a key player in a pet battle setup.

If you’re wanting an ultra-defensive pet, this AQ Legend is a sound choice. Sandstorm and Stoneskin have powerhouse defensives with Deflection completely avoiding big chunks of damage.

And if that wasn’t enough to get you all tingly, using Crush will heal your pet too, courtesy of the humanoid racial.

What’s awesome about the Anubisath Idol?

  • Strong defensive abilities
  • Self-healing
  • Decent damage

How to get the Anubisath Idol

  • Drops from Emperor Vek’lor, Temple of Ahn’Qiraj raid
  • Drop rate 1 in 10
  • Can be bought on the AH

Anubisath Idol details:

5. Ghastly Kid

Too spooky for me!

This spooky ghost goat has been in the game since Warlords of Draenor and is still a popular choice when picking our champion pets.

One of its great appeals is that two of its abilities, Hoof and Diseased Bite are great against undead and humanoid pets. Very versatile, when opponents try to trick you with a variety of different minions.

Haunt is especially strong, rendering the other pet absolutely useless whilst you slowly kill it from the inside out.

No kidding around here!

What’s awesome about the Ghastly Kid?

  • Versatile against Undead/Humanoid pets
  • Has good defensive spells
  • Sizeable damage abilities

How to get the Ghastly Kid

  • Drops from “Big bag of pet supplies” from level 3 Garrison pet daily (Warlords of Draenor)
  • Can be bought on the AH
  • Requires a lvl 3 Garrison with lvl 3 Pet Menagerie

Ghastly Kid details:

4. Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling

The cutest of all dragonkind!

Considered one of the cutest pets in the entire game , the dragonling is not just here to be admired.

Constructed by engineers with love, enthusiasm and plenty of explosions (have you met Gnomes and Goblins…?), this adorable little whelp is our first mechanical pet and he’s a keeper.

Upgrading him to rare quality is the icing on the cake.

He will demolish any magical pet with Breath, able to avoid damage with Decoy AND has a standing defensive against magic attacks.

What’s awesome about the Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling?

  • Flying and Mechanical racial abilities
  • Great against magic pets
  • Passive defensive ability

How to get the Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling

  • Pandaren engineering (Taught by engineering trainers)
  • Buyable on the AH
  • Get an upgrade stone for your dragonling to go from uncommon to rare!

Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling Details:

3. Fel Flame

100% Fel 100% of the time.

A fel firestarter, a Twisting Nether firestarter.

Prowling through the wreckage of Shadowmoon Valley, the Fel Flame is the prodigy pet when it comes to heavy damage.

Using Immolate, Scorched Earth OR Flame Breath will set the Burning Debuff. Finishing off with the cataclysmic Conflagrate will melt any mechanical pets into scraps.

What’s awesome about the Fel Flame?

  • Hefty Damage
  • Strong against Mechanicals
  • Easy to collect

How to get the Fel Flame

  • Lvl 20-21 Shadowmoon Valley, Outlands
  • Lvl 25 Tanaan Jungle, Warlords of Draenor
  • Poor-Rare quality (can be upgraded)

Fel Flame details:

2. Iron Starlette

For the Iron Horde!

Introduced with Warlords of Draenor this mini weapon of mass destruction is a sure pick when it comes to completing Battle for Azeroth pet battles and dailies.

The foolproof combo of Wind-up, Supercharge, Wind-up will steamroll you through every pet daily without breaking a sweat.

If Boss battles prove to be a little tricky, hurling a Toxic Smoke first will make sure that you take them down and reign supreme.

What’s awesome about the Iron Starlette?

  • Easy to obtain
  • Strong damage abilities
  • Good DoT

How to get the Iron Starlette

  • Completing the Warlords of Draenor intro quests (Blasted Lands start)
  • Buyable off the AH
  • Comes as a rare quality

Iron Starlette details here:

1. Chrominius

A twisted experiment of the Black Dragonflight, destined for war.

A long-time favorite, a remnant of Blackwing Lair, Chrominius remains at the top of my list because of his insane combination with other pets.

When Howl is cast it’s a great debuff that can be used across pets. Ideal for tagging Chrominius in just for this before a heavy-hitting pet finishes it off.

Surge of Power does a truckload of damage on its own but he works the best when partnered with strong damage-dealing pets.

Because teamwork makes the dream work!

What’s awesome about Chrominius?

  • Strong against flying and critter pets
  • Utilized well in combination with other pets
  • Strong damage alone

How to get Chrominius

  • Drops from the boss Chromaggus in Blackwing Lair
  • Drop rate 1 in 7
  • Buyable from the AH

Chrominius details:

For Azeroth!

Now you know which pets are the best, you can get out in the wilds and taming. BfA world quests all scale down to your highest pet level so you can start leveling straight away.

Both Boralus and Dazar’alor pet trainers trade in the currency Polished Pet Charm where you can buy nifty items to buff your pets to maximum gladiator ranking.

They also sell some unique pets themselves so what are you waiting for?!

Gotta catch ‘em all!

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