[Top 5] Best VR Archery Games To Play Right Now

best VR archery games
Let's get a picture together... wait, something's attacking?

Have you ever wanted to shoot a bow and arrow?

In VR games, we can explore the impossible and feel as if we are there living through it. From flying through the expanse of space to exploring the depths of the sea, there are so many different games to enjoy. There are new remotes with VR as well, allowing for movement with both hands instead of stuck together on one remote, making it feel that much more real.  Can you imagine shooting with a virtual bow, standing within the four walls of your room but shooting targets that seem yards away? Well, with these five games, you don’t have to imagine any longer.

5. In Death: Unchained (PC)

In Death: Unchained trailer

In Death: Unchained is an action game that gives you only a bow and arrow to fight with. Battle your way across the floating castles of this medieval world. Your ultimate goal is to restore harmony in Heaven, Purgatory, and Hell. Use your bow against whatever blocks your path, whether it be forsaken souls or angelic creatures.

One cool thing about this game is how they made the game replayable. Every time you play, the game matches your skill level and current progress. So, everything is still a bit of a challenge for you in whichever level you play. Whether this means more enemies or just increasing the enemies’ skill level, it still makes replaying the game great.

You don’t need any previous archery skills to play this game.  It takes a lot of trial and error to find the right strategy, but it doesn’t feel like you’re putting work in to get there. Learn how to fight with a bow and defeat the boss, and then find there’s an entire new level waiting there for you.

4. Trickster VR: Co-op Dungeon Crawler (PC/PS4)

Trickster VR: Co-op Dungeon Crawler trailer

As the title says, Trickster VR is a Co-op Dungeon Crawler. Defeat the orcs as you search for treasure with one of 22 possible shooting weapons. In this game, headshots are essential—you may not be able to take out an orc without one. Play through 45 different levels spread across five different regions. There are two different game modes: the adventure mode, taking you through levels on quests, or the wave attack, where you must defend your home portal from wave after wave of orcs that increase in difficulty.

This game requires you to master your skills. With many different kinds of orcs around and headshots are needed to take them out quickly,  it becomes a challenge to figure out the secret of each orc to defeat them. The landscape is ever-changing as well, so no playthrough is going to be the same. What’s great about VR is trying to aim with your own hands and then dodge back out of the way, hiding behind walls and around corners to avoid attacks. You can also play single-player or up to four-person online co-op. So grab your friends and enjoy some time together.

3. Holopoint (PC)

Holopoint trailer

Though Holopoint has no story to it, there is still much fun to be had with the game along with an incredible workout. You play in a dojo as wave after wave of targets start to appear. Draw, notch, and fire arrow after arrow at the targets. It’s a test of skill and speed as you move along, and only after you’ve passed a certain milestone will the game proceed. Play through 60 different waves in the original game mode or choose time trial to try and gain as many points as you can within a certain time limit.

One of the issues with VR is travel., They usually go for the clunky, often disorienting, teleporting option as walking around isn’t a very easy option and joysticks can be tricky. This game keeps that in mind and holds you in place, but it doesn’t feel like you’re captive. With targets literally anywhere around you—in front of you, behind you, above you—it’s necessary to keep turning and dodging other projectiles. This fully engages the VR aspect of the game and immerses you in this combat training. Be sure to stay hydrated when you play this game as you’re bound to break a sweat.  

2. Twisted Arrow (PC)

Twisted Arrow trailer

In Twisted Arrow, you are the last line of defense against a high-tech force occupying your city. Armed with a combat bow and loads of overpowered arrows, you must fight through these creatures. Much of their tech and biology is unknown to you, so keep an eye out to learn their tricks. Do recon, rescue hostages, and help take back the almost crumbling city.

This game focuses heavily on combat. Not only is there a lot of it, but it is fast-paced. It uses the teleport function to move which means at each point you have to be ready to fire again. Chart your best path through the city with ladders allowing for rooftop access and delve into the near dystopia feeling. Buy the game and be the hero you’ve always wanted to be.

1. QuiVr (PC/PS4)

QuiVr trailer

Play alone or with friends in QuiVr. Armed with a bow and arrow, you must defend the keep from incoming hordes in whatever way you can. With a new map each week, learn where the enemies are coming from and the best way to take them down before they get too close. You don’t want them to get to the great power hidden within the keep, so keep them out at all costs.

This game includes a fluid difficulty, meaning it matches the skill level of whoever is playing and will change with them. So you can’t grow bored of easy enemies if your skill level is high. You can fight for the top spot in global leaderboards if you want. Or, just use the game as a nice way to exercise. With customizable armor too, QuiVr is a fun game you shouldn’t miss out on.

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