Top 10 Best Sonic Games, Ranked Good to Great

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The only guy who can compete with Mario.

10. Sonic Forces

Sonic Forces gameplay

When Dr. Eggman captures Sonic, the world is left defenseless to the evil scientist’s conquest. But there is still hope in the form of the Resistance. Knuckles, Amy, Tails, and other memorable characters join together, along with one (your custom) known as the Rookie. 

When this game was first revealed, fans were ecstatic over how hardcore it looked. Not to mention gameplay allowed us to play Classic Sonic from Mania. 

And the Rookie. You get to customize your own Sonic character and be that person for the entire game. Looks like people on Deviantart finally got what they wanted!

However, most people now consider this game disappointing (like pretty much every Sonic game). The graphics are lanky. No design improvement according to die-hard fans who’ve played the previous crap. 

Also, Classic Sonic is VERY limited depending on the level. This isn’t like Smash Brothers where you can pick and choose. Some fans like myself are pissed we can't remove Douchebag Sonic from the game completely. 

And don’t get me started on stage achievements. Those are supposed to be fun little quests that earn you good grades and money, right? The Sonic Team decided that if you can’t finish them quickly, then just like the tagline: YOU’RE 2 SLOW. 

Remember the new guy? Of course you don’t. This franchise has too many of them. 

9. Sonic Adventure 

Sonic Adventure gameplay 

Dr. Robotnik vows to defeat Sonic one way or another. So when he learns of an ancient being known as Chaos, he seeks out to use its power for conquest. Sonic and gang must stop him before he unleashes Chaos not just on Stations Square, but the world. 

During a time when Sega’s Dreamcast console was awesome, this game was top of the list. It was called one of the greatest games of all time. And that was something considering Sonic’s decade of “great games”...

One of the best things to love about Sonic Adventure is that you can play this game six different ways. Meaning six different characters. Meaning you view the plot from six different perspectives. 

Amy and Knuckles, yeah, interesting. But Big the Cat? His role is memorable!

I remember first learning the existence of this game through Game Grumps. Arin Hanson was playing the DX version (the “upgraded” version). He was doing the Big the Cat quest; all it involved was trying to get his FROGGY!

Hanson spent twenty minutes trying to fish out a damn frog. And that’s what made Big the Cat’s role so memorable. 

Battle robots. Collect items. Duke it out with Robotnik.  

People enjoy the adventure. The only downside is the voice-acting. Was there ever a time when Sonic didn’t have a voice?

If you thought the voice-acting in Sonic Boom was sh*t, here’s a second turd. Some people just skip the cutscenes and get right to the gameplay. 

Hey, that’s Mario’s line!

8. Sonic Unleashed 

Sonic Unleashed gameplay 

After being hit with Dr. Eggman’s Dark Gaia ray, Sonic realizes that he’s gained the abilities of a ‘werehog’. With his new powers, and a talkative fellow named Chip, he must travel the world to fix things.

In the day, you’re regular Sonic with your speed and agility. At night, it’s replaced by your werehog’s brute strength.

While the idea itself is creative, the gameplay is not much. Werehog Sonic’s abilities are a complete contrast to his regular powers. A lot of complaints are coming from how SLOW he is in the night levels. 

Sure, you pound enemies. But it’s all repetitive and boring. Without Sonic’s speed, this is pretty much the entire game. 

Sonic Boom was a real piss off because Sonic was in no way fast. Unleashed came out before that, so looks like history repeats itself.    

A furry’s kind of game! 

7. Sonic Riders

Sonic Riders gameplay 

Team Sonic must participate in a Grand Prix with the prize being the searched-for Chaos Emeralds. Rivaling them are the Babylonian Rogues, who desire to use the emeralds to discover their ancestors’ treasures. Among all this is Dr. Eggman, who formed the race with darker intentions in mind. 

It’s a racing game where it is possible to beat Sonic. His speed won’t depend on his legs, but on his board. So it’s like the Tony Hawk of Sonic gaming. 

While the concept of Sonic racing is interesting, the game itself is considerably a hot mess. Most players don’t like the graphics, especially the backgrounds. Not to mention the cheap physics involved with controlling your character. 

Some good feedback leans toward the races themselves. “Unpredictably fun”, as they like to call it. 

However, the gameplay proves too boring and repetitive. The racing becomes a problem with, once again, the animation. Some people would rather just watch the cutscenes on YouTube than play the whole thing. 

The “too cool for school” platform of Sonic games...

6. Sonic and the Black Knight 

Sonic and the Black Knight gameplay 

Merlina, granddaughter of Merlin, summons Sonic into her fantasy world. According her, King Arthur was corrupted by evil. In desperate need of a champion, Sonic is her best bet. And we all know Sonic never refuses to help, no matter how absurd his surroundings are. 

First off, I’ve read countless books on King Arthur. I’ve also delved into the Morgan le Fey novels that have given me a whole new “who’s really at fault” perspective. Throwing Sonic into the mix sounds like a love letter to my library adventures. 

However, this game proves rather opposite because, holy sh*t, the gameplay sucks!

You have to encounter a number of bosses in order to move the plot along. And they are all HARD. 

That and the jangy controls make it even more difficult to control your character. This is where Sonic’s reputation for bad glitches come into play. Just like the recent game of Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric, your character practically hates you. 

One particular battle, which created one of the best Game Grumps gameplays ever, is Shadow having to take down a beast. This beast not only shoots fireballs at you (and somehow manages to hit you no matter how much you move), but it’s got one unfair advantage. 

As Arin Hanson calls it: Unavoidable Chin Move. 

The motherf***er takes a chunk of your life just by slapping its chin on the ground, causing the ripples of time and space to kill you! 

It is so frustrating trying to beat this thing! A lot of people like Hanson have quit in favor of better Sonic games (like Mania). But some people, just like Hanson, get back on the wagon (and triumph). 

The entire story sort of feels like forced slapstick. Sonic being EXTRA cocky. And not much role for popular characters Shadow, Blaze, and Knuckles, who are merely additional baggage. 

While the graphics are good, and the main female lead is actually not useless (I’m looking at you, Sonic 06), it’s still a mess. And not a hot mess. 

Mario had a gun. Sonic just gets a sword.  

5. Sonic Team Racing  

Sonic Team Racing gameplay 

Sonic and co. meet a rather suspicious fellow who asks them to try out his racing track. Along with Amy, Knuckles, Tails, and other beloved characters, each are given their own ride. Think of Mario Kart, but if Sonic took over. 

Compared to Sonic Riders, this is a vast improvement. 

Each of the characters are equipped with their own vehicle. You can customize it. Purchase power-ups with the coins you collect. And the more you race, your speed bar will improve. 

That’s about the only interesting thing about the game, according to players. Most people call it a cop-out to Mario Kart, or any other racing game in general. The dialogue alone is absolute cheese, with RPG-style plot (you look at the text more than the characters). 

I played the game. I pretty much gave up on it because it was getting frustrating. There is that ONE level where you got to collect points in order to move on. 

First off, my car is hard to maneuver because the controls are sh*t. Second, the camera is the worst and makes me want to vom. Third, the obstacles are the middle fingers of road rage. 

Pretty sure everyone’s had this issue. And here I thought Sonic Boom was one giant, uncontrollable mess. 

Also, just like Boom, Sonic is not fast at all. 


4. Sonic Lost World 

Sonic Lost World gameplay

Another day of chasing Dr. Eggman results in Sonic and Tails discovering a hidden world in the skies. Up there lies the Deadly Six, formerly under Eggman’s command but now wielding their own army. With the lives of all their animal friends at stake, Sonic must put a stop to their conquest.  

The bosses are more interesting compared to Dr. Eggman. It’s like if Inside Out was more hardcore and violent. 

The graphics are a large improvement over previous Sonic games. And the dialogue isn’t a total eye roll. 

However, if there is one problem (like most Sonic games), it’s the parkour motion. Parkour, that trend your cousin/nephew/uncle tries to do behind a Walmart to get more YouTube likes. 

The concept of Sonic and co. basically jumping off walls instead of running is unsettling. Why not just settle for Sonic’s speed like a normal game? 

Also, parkour is something the Mario Bros. do. Quit stealing their work, Sonic. 

Running also proves to be a problem according to some players. Sluggish and skittish, two words you aren’t surprised to hear about a Sonic game. 

I think I’ve made enough Boom jokes to realize that all Sonic games are pretty much a joke. 

The Deadly Six are hellbent on making this hedgehog eat his one-liners.  

3. Sonic Colors

Sonic Colors gameplay 

Dr. Eggman claims to be turning over a new leaf when he opens a planet-sized amusement park. Suspicious, Sonic and Tails investigate and meet the Wisps. After much translation, they learn they were enslaved by Eggman to harness their energy. Once again, Sonic must save the innocent from this mad scientist. 

Surprisingly, this game did not suck. When the trailer came out, I cried. 

It’s gorgeous. The colors and music are like one big Disney film. And the entire plot sounds so original. 

Okay, so Sonic’s iconic speed plays a big role in this one. You have to save the Wisps one planet at a time while fending off against enemies. And by saving them, it involves a lot of racing down sparkling roads across space. 

Reminder that this entire game takes place on a planet-sized amusement park. One level involves Sonic beating the absolute crap out of a living ferris wheel. It’s entertaining and you can tell the animators put a lot of heart into it. 

Music will make you want to play forever. Seriously, check out the OST on YouTube. 

Speedy. Energetic. Hardcore. Those are the words fans and critics have used to describe this game. 

Good one, Sega. 

I don’t know where to look! It’s all so frighteningly beautiful! 

2. Sonic Generations 

Sonic Generations gameplay 

One of the best Sonic games graced by the Sega team, it’s also the best Sonic crossover to his consoles (minus Mario or Smash Bros.). In celebration of Sonic’s 20th anniversary, we get to go back to the very beginning where it all started. Meaning modern meets classic. And both have to work together when both their Dr. Eggmans become the ultimate death duo. 

First off, some fans will say the older games were better. Some will say newer is better. Well, this is a love letter to both sides. You get to play as either Modern Sonic or Classic Sonic. And both have similar feats. 

Speed, obviously. Graphics x100. And plot, hell yes. 

A callback to the original Sonic games where you must rescue your friends. While putting down the Eggmans in what could be an Infinity-War-esque plot. 

Sound and dialogue are actually pleasing. And a lot of fans have stated that the graphics are much more improved. 

Also, reminder that we have CLASSIC Sonic with us. Sonic Forces didn’t do him justice. 

Old times. New adventures. 

1. Sonic Mania 

Sonic Mania gameplay

A major callback to the first games, Sonic and Tails are on high alert over something coming from an island. However, Dr. Robotkin beats them to it and possesses the Phantom Ruby. It gives powers to his minions, and results in Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles going through similar playthroughs they've done in the past. 

I am in no way calling this a bad game. But being the newest in the franchise, it’s a gem that is only slightly tarnished. So many Sonic games have disgusted the fandom, that some originally thought this was another failure. 

Well, it’s not. Green Hill Zone era and all the graphics of a retro platform have now come to Switch. Just like Mario, you play as Sonic and speed down a vertical platform while knocking down enemies. 

Sonic’s famous spin dash is even more iconic. And the boss battles with Robotnik and his Heavies beat the absolute crap out of previous bosses. 

A lot of fans became instantly interested mainly because of the opening animation. It’s the best animation of Sonic they've seen in a long time. 

And given sh*t shows like Sonic X and Sonic Boom, a lot wanted a show with this animation (there is actually more of this animation in shorts on the YouTube page). 

People who’ve actually given this show a chance confess that it’s the best Sonic game the’ve seen in a long time. 

All the controls are simple. Nothing too wild or too frustrating. And this is the Sonic they grew up with. 

And this is the Sonic that we’ve seen in the 2020 film. Screw those douchebag versions!

Old friends. New adventures. 

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