Top 10 Goku Best Moments That Are OVERPOWERED

Goku Best Moments
Some of Goku's famous transformations

What Are The Best Goku Moments?

Son Goku is an absolute BEAST! The Super Saiyan warrior has completely dominated his enemies in a number of situations.

Going through the most overpowered of beat downs will bring light to the true power of Son Goku. Now, I’ll run down 10 extreme beatdowns that some were forced to endure by Goku's Hands (a few simple recap points of each clip will be provided).

10. Punishing Kefla With Ultra Instinct

Tapping into the Ultra Instinct during the Tournament of Power, Goku embarrasses the fused Universe 6 Saiyan - Kefla.

  • After holding her own against a Super Saiyan Blue Goku, Kefla is unable to lay a finger on Goku after his transformation into Ultra Instinct; the tables have turned. Goku's slick dodges leave Kefla agitated and constantly on the offensive.

  • The cocky woman-warrior is now backed into a corner. She unleashes her full power, to absolutely no avail.

  • Goku charges his Kamehameha while dodging all incoming attacks. Kefla becomes more and more nervous as Goku approaches with her inevitable defeat.

  • The climax hits as Goku literally rides over Kefla's final attempt at slowing him. Kefla takes a full powered Kamehameha to the face and is instantly eliminated from the tournament. Good riddance to the Mary Sue of Saiyans.

Click here to watch Goku do his thing... and see Kefla get blasted.

9. The Omen of Mastery of Self Movement aka Ultra Instinct

In an ecstatic turn of events, Goku faces the strongest warrior of Universe 11 and the Pride Troopers: Jiren. All has failed, and when everything seems lost, Goku awakens into this mysterious new form.

  • Moving without thinking, before the blink of an eye, Goku scales the battlefield and strikes Jiren.
  • Every counterattack from the warrior of Universe 11 is dodged in the most, unusual and epic ways. Goku is unaware of any movement he makes; he is unconsciously reacting to any danger ahead of him.

  •  Even though Jiren isn’t fazed, every god spectating is astonished and amazed that the mortal, Goku, can reach such heights that the gods themselves have trouble obtaining.

  • The moment is short-lived as Goku runs out of time to master this technique. Although it wasn’t a very long experience, it is one that is remembered as one of Goku’s most overpowered moments.

Watch in awe as Goku goes toe-to-toe with Jiren here.

8. Don't Let Mercenary Tao Have His Way

This cocky mercenary with crazy assassination techniques has already bested Goku once. This time, after training atop Korin Tower, the power gap is as clear as water (Korin’s Sacred Water to be exact).

  1. An enraged Goku is seeking vengeance against the Red Ribbon Army for the death of Abu’s father, Bora. The killer has already defeated Goku once, but this time, things will be different.
  2. Not only is Goku going blow for blow with the previously-stronger Tao, but he’s returning more devastating flurries of attacks and has the mercenary looking like a joke.

  3. Realizing the origin of Goku’s newfound strength must be the result of the Sacred Water, Tao climbs Korin Tower in search of the power source. Ironically, it was regular water and the training atop the tower was the true source of power.

  4. In a rage, Tao throws a grenade towards Goku and Abu. The bomb is quickly deflected right back to Tao’s face, seemingly killing him and avenging Bora (who says Goku never killed a man?)

Catch his quick hands right here 

7. Nappa Gets A Taste of His Own Medicine

The Saiyan, Nappa, has killed nearly every Z fighter in an all-out brawl. He is now confronted by the revived Goku.

  • This “Schwarzenegger” of Saiyans has been exterminating the warriors in his path, one-by-one. Goku approaches in an epic fashion, saving his son from inevitable defeat.
  • With confidence brimming from his entire body and with the stone cold eyes of an avenger, Goku faces Nappa alone.

  • Goku has been training with Kaio-Sama, the King Kai. in mere seconds, his Kaio-Ken technique makes quick work of Nappa; leaving him severely wounded and unable to fight

  • Nappa is put down with no effort by Vegeta, finishing the job Goku started.

You can watch the massacre, minus the finisher, here

6. Kaio-ken Blue; Watch Out Hit

The universe 6 and 7 Tournament of Destroyers comes to its climax, with Goku vs. the assassin, Hit. Goku stacks his trump card, the Kaio-Ken multiplier over his Super Saiyan Blue form.

  1. The power up itself is enough to bring chills to anyone. Even Hit is astounded by the sheer power of Goku.
  2. Surpassing time itself, Goku breaks through Hit's Time-Skip technique. The Saiyan has pushed himself far beyond the limits of Hit's current powers.

  3. Unable to retaliate, Hit is bashed by Goku with a flurry of attacks. He ends his combo with the Kamehameha and travels through the beam for a final punch.

  4. Goku forfeits for being unable to maintain his Kaio-ken, making Hit the winner.

Watch the transformation, short explanation, and even shorter battle here

5. Going Super Saiyan Against Lord Slug

The Namekian, Lord Slug, has received eternal youth and plunged the world into darkness. Little does he know, Goku has tapped into a sliver of his Super Saiyan form and is coming for him.

  • Goku’s anger and dire state have awakened this false SSJ from within him. It has a totally epic look and unimaginable power to it. Look out Slug.
  • Breaking Slug’s hand and landing a solid punch to the face, Goku’s aura can still be seen on the points of impact. How’s that for strength?

  • Goku continues to ragdoll Slug until he regains full consciousness.

  • Lord Slug grows in size and strength but Goku’s superior speed and abilities match against the enlarged Lord Slug. Goku finishes the Namekian in a similar manner to King Piccolo, but with an almost forgotten technique, Genki Dama, to top it off.

Find the false/semi awakening and beatdown, minus the Genki Dama, here 

4. SSJ Blue Goku Disrespects Toppo

Before the Tournament of Power commenced to decide the fate of the universes, there were the Zen Exhibitions. Toppo of the Pride Troopers challenges Goku to a match, assuming that the protagonist is actually a villain.

  1. SSB begins to casually smack around Toppo, all the while, Goku has a smile on his face.
  2. Toppo attempts to stomp Goku to the ground, only to be stomped in return.

  3. This was the return of the instant transmission Kamehameha at a point-blank range. This shows Toppo that Goku is not someone to be taken lightly.

  4. Goku destroys the pride of the Troopers themselves, their garments. Toppo swears to not let Goku get away with the crime. Goku grins and stacks Kaio-ken over his blue.

  5. Even though the Grand Priest stops the match before going too far. If not for the intervention, it is presumed that Goku would have easily killed Toppo (we know better though).

Watch the shattering of Toppo’s pride here 

3. Buu vs. SSJ 3

Fat Buu has begun his path of destruction. Does he have what it takes to face off against Goku?

  • The most epic of transformations unleashes itself; long hair, intimidating lack of brows, and lightning radiating from his body- Super Saiyan 3 is unleashed.
  • Goku toys with the pink piece of bubble gum in an astounding showcase; Buu is used as his personal punching bag to what seems to be no end.

  • Being deceased, Goku's stamina won’t deplete as quickly. He can fight to the fullest with little drawbacks.

Watch the bubble gum get chewed then spat back out here 

2. Avenging His Friends Against King Piccolo

The final battle between kid Goku and the pure-evil King Piccolo has begun. Goku must avenge the deaths of his closest friends at the hands of Piccolo and his minions.

  • The youthful King Piccolo has already left a path of death and destruction behind him. Goku faces off against this monster with everything he’s learned to this point.
  • Goku is as serious as he's ever been. After witnessing the ones closest to him perish, losing is not an option. Goku takes off.

  • Putting all of his strength into one final attack, Goku blasts himself towards the king and unleashes a super punch, impossible to block.

  • Leaving a gaping hole through King Piccolo’s stomach, Piccolo curses the world and gives birth to his son, before exploding in a dramatic finish.

Final punch over here

1. Instant Transmission Kamehameha aka Warp Kamehameha

The fight which would decide the fate of the Earth. Goku takes a stand against Dr. Gero’s android, Cell, with one of the most iconic Kamehamehas in history.

  • Cell barely has any time to react. The overconfidence of the android from the future gets the better of him, as he taunts Goku to fire his beam towards the Earth.

  • We see Goku using the Instant Transmission for the first time in battle. Mainly used as a method of transportation, the element of surprise made this even more epic.

  • The force behind the Kamehameha was so strong, it wiped the top half of Cell's torso, as well as both arms, from existence.

  • If not for Cell’s healing factor, Goku would have been the decided victor.

Watch the fight here 

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