The 11 Most Awesome Games Like GTA in 2017

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GTA V Welcome to Los Santos

11 Games like GTA that brings out the Badass in us

Grand Theft Auto is a game of its kind. You can steal cars, hook-up with women, beat-up thugs, or pedestrians. The game would punish you for being wicked and revive you when you die.

You can dress in any fashion you desire, drive or steal any vehicle, or have a little fun at the Strip Club. Perhaps, it’s the story you really want. It is a game to let your inner demons out.

Since GTA continues to get recognition for their amazing free world experience and somewhat limitless things one can do. Let’s look below at some of the games that are GTA like or inspired by them.

1)    The Godfather 2

The Godfather 2 - Mission #8 - Welcome To Florida

Following the death of the Don in the previous game, you play as Aldo Trapani who takes his place. The Corleone family calls upon you to extend the organization to Miami, Florida.

You have ultimate freedom to do what you need to do to start a new branch of business. The Godfather 2 gives the Player surplus of options, stealing cars, fighting off competitors, buying corrupt cops, and much more. Whatever it takes to establish a reputation as you form a new business.

In GTA V, Trevor does the same thing. As you play him, you are setting up a business within Los Santos, by creating a drug empire. The more you play the protagonists from GTA V and accomplish quests within Los Santos. You help establish their criminal business and build a reputation.

Multiplayer Game called the Don, where Players must put their team against other Players online.

Players can flirt with Hookers 


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