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Ambient Knightz
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About - Daniel Jefferson: Wassup! This Daniel! I'm what I like to call a S.P.P.G(Self Proclaim Professional Gamer). Ever since the words Sega flashed on the screen my four year old mind was ensnared in the wonderful world of opportunity. I am an experienced writer in the fantasy and creative field. I accomplished a small goal of publishing my first eBook "The Definitive Free Writers Guide." My instructors always told me I have a unique writing voice. I owe it to my time puppeteering for voice deprived Link(Zelda). I like writing about games because it's a way to connect to others and express my utter disbelief in a videogame boss that maybe just hacked away all my heart pieces, or a surreal moment of me clearing a fun stage. That's why I never been comfortable with the term "geek" because I feel It should be cool to be a gamer. I grew up playing videogames from the Super Nintendo to the Wii switch and everything in between. When I wasn't outside I was playing Yu-Gi-Oh cards and beyblade. My favorite games are role playing games because as a comic creator as well there is nothing like playing God in your own mighty universe.
Ambient Knightz

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