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About - Liss Mikume: For Liss, gaming has always been more of a passion than a hobby. Since she could first reach the keys on the computer and press the buttons on her handheld, she was playing video games. From Pinball to Pokemon and Minesweeper to Mario Bros., she hungrily consumed game after game, relishing in the new worlds and new experiences, first in black and white and then vibrant color. To her, these things were never about the scores or the wins or the competitions. They were always about the stories, the immersion, the fun. For those that didn't have stories of their own, she wrote them in her mind and soon after, on paper. Words flowed out of her in an endless stream as her mind absorbed every new experience with bottomless fervor. She immersed herself in story after story, lived a thousand lives and wrote a thousand more. She was the hero and the villain, the chosen one and the NPC, the victor and the fallen. She was an adventurer seeking to conquer the world and not more than a moment later, striving to to save it. She did not stop at handhelds and computer screens either. From tabletop games to movies on the big screen, she consumed it all with the same vigor, finding more stories to enjoy and even more to tell. She shared her experiences and her loves with others, writing article after article about each new game and movie that's stories brought her newfound enjoyment and rekindled the passion for adventure within her. There is no greater satisfaction than to share one's experience, to share the joy and excitement brought by the things that bring you happiness. Liss strives to spread that passion and enjoyment through her writing and to encourage others to experience and appreciate the hard work and craftsmanship of the creators of these stories and worlds.

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