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Sometimes, gamers who tend to play in one genre like to test out... Read More
Top 10 Games like Team Fortress 2 (that are better in their own way)
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Splatoon 3 Best Rollers
Rollers are one of the hallmark weapons of the Splatoon series, often... Read More
Best Splatoon 3 Abilities
A big feature of the Splatoon games is the abilities that your... Read More
Best Splatoon 3 Builds
In the Splatoon games, the gear items you equip your Inkling or... Read More
Best Splatoon 3 Weapons
Much of Splatoon 3 centers around multiplayer battling in Turf Wars,... Read More
Splatoon 3 Official Art in Splatsville
While I am an avid Splatoon fan, I will do my best to remain neutral... Read More
Best Dualies Splatoon 3
#5 - Glooga Dualies These Dualies have an interesting look... Read More
Best Blasters in Splatoon 3
#5 - Luna Blaster A unique design and a simple color scheme!... Read More
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