Yaengard RPG Proves the Power of Personality In Times of Struggle

Yaengard RPG Proves the Power of Personality In Times of Struggle
This is the one time where an aggressive and volatile personality might actually help you!

‘Yaengard’ is a turn-based RPG similar to games such as ‘Dungeons and Dragons.’ 

Personality is a very big part of the kind of person you are, and the kind of person people perceive you as. In ‘Yaengard,’ your character’s personality traits affect your abilities, your powers, and pretty much how effective you are.

Fighting enemies with bolts of lightning. Image by 'Yaengard.'

The type of personality you create for your character even affects how they treat other characters and how they behave around other characters. 

So if you choose to make your character rash and irritable by making rash and irritable in-game choices get ready to start pouring water on fires if you don’t want everything around you to crash and burn! 

You can customize your characters with different abilities and weapons. The decisions you make will also affect which abilities are available to your characters.

Creating strong combos can mean easy victories and powerful warriors, whereas picking the wrong personality and weapon combos can mean utter obliteration. 

Use different weapon and ability combinations. Image by 'Yaengard.'

The world of ‘Yaengard’ is filled with lore for you to experience, land to explore, and secrets for you to uncover. The game has roguelike features and promises a unique experience every time you play through it. This allows for endless replayability and neverending fun.

The story follows the fall of the ‘Aatanic Empire,’ and how its fall has allowed adventurers like you to rise to power. Gameplay features include “Tabletop RPG-style gameplay,” such as travel, and dialogue choices with lasting consequences.

‘Yaengard’ is developed by ‘Planeshift Interactive.’ It is set for release in May of 2022.

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