Xbox Series X Games and Trailers Revealed

Xbox Series X Games/Trailers
Our first look at some next gen games!

On May 7, 2020, Xbox held a livestream revealing some of the first trailers for games coming to the Xbox Series X. There were a variety of games shown, with some being more gameplay focused and others story driven. Here are the 13 games that were featured in the livestream.

Madden NFL 21

The newest game in the long running Madden series, this trailer doesn’t show much of the game itself, but rather the history of the series, with a demonstration of the new game near the end. It was also announced in the trailer that if you buy the game for Xbox One, you will get it for free once it releases on the Xbox Series X. There is no current release date for Madden NFL 21.

Dirt 5

The latest game in the Dirt series, the Dirt 5 trailer shows all in game footage. In it, you can see various environments, lots of cars, a look at the different points of view you can have while driving, and how stages can have different weather effects (including day and nighttime variations). The game is set to release in October 2020.

Call of the Sea

Set in the 1930s, the Call of the Sea trailer shows the story of a woman trying to hunt down her missing husband. Here you travel to an island paradise, where you will explore and solve puzzles to find more information about her husband and the expedition he was on. This game currently has no release date.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2

A sequel to Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines, part 2 shows plenty of footage of vampires preying on humans (and dancing), namely what appears to be a family completely strung up like puppets in front of a Christmas tree. The trailer also shows a bit of exploration in the game, as well as some of the supernatural abilities you can use. In Bloodlines 2, you play as a vampire that’s trying to rise in the ranks of the vampire society. You can choose whether to be more brutal and terrifying, or more seductive and cunning. The game has no current release date.

Second Extinction

In Second Extinction, you control a part of a 3-man squad against groups of mutated dinosaurs, in an effort to reclaim Earth from them. The trailer shows off some of the various weapons you can use, and the various dinosaurs you will face. The game can be played solo or in co-op with up to 3 players. There is no current release date for this game.


Chorus is said to be an evolution of the space-combat shooter. The trailer shows a combination of story and gameplay, showing off a few of the environments that you will be fighting and exploring in, while a man preaches to an unknown group of people in the background about building order, hinting at a connection between this group and the main character. In Chorus, you play as Nara and her sentient ship Forsaken. Together, they will travel the galaxy on a quest to reunite a resistance to stop the Circle. The game is set to release in 2021.

The Ascent

The Ascent is an action RPG that can be played in both solo and co-op. Set in a cyberpunk world that is largely owned by a corporation, the game begins when said corporation (named the Ascent Group) collapses. You are tasked with investigating just how the Ascent Group has fallen and will have to shoot your way through a variety of enemies as you level and customize your character. The game is set to release some time in 2020.

The Medium

The Medium is the only trailer revealed that has some commentary from the writer, who reveals the composer for the game (Silent Hills’ Akira Yamaoka), and promises more information to be revealed soon. A psychological horror game, the trailer for The Medium shows a woman who seems to be caught between two worlds: the real world and the spirit world. She travels to an abandoned hotel resort, where she will begin her search for some answers. The game currently has no release date.


While this game was originally revealed in 2017, we now have a new trailer for the horror game Scorn. While it doesn’t show any gameplay, we get to see the environment of Scorn, and one of the characters. This character seems to be very bloody and has some kind of plant attached. He is shown inserting an unknown seed into a body’s head, which immediately sprouts as a result. The game is described as having an open-ended world, with various regions interconnecting with each other, and all the storytelling will happen in-game (meaning no cut-scenes). There is no current release date for this game.

Scarlet Nexus

A new game by Bandai Namco, Scarlet Nexus is an anime styled action game. The trailer gives a brief description of the story, and shows various clips of gameplay, where you will fight with a combination of a sword and psychokinetic abilities. Set in the distant future, you are part of an elite group of psionic soldiers that acts as humanity's last hope against the threat known as the Others. Scarlet Nexus currently has no release date.

Bright Memory Infinite

Created by FYQD, Bright Memory Infinite looks to be an action-packed FPS game. The trailer was all gameplay, showing the character fighting various Roman-looking warriors in a futuristic world. We can see them using an assault rifle, a sword, an automatic pistol and a grappling hook, while doing things such as sliding, wall running and parrying to avoid damage. The story is set in the year 2036 and revolves around a global phenomenon occurring in the skies. It is discovered that this phenomenon is connected to an archaic mystery, dealing with an unknown history of two worlds. The game has a current release date of 2021.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon

Yakuza: Like a Dragon is the next game in the Yakuza franchise. The trailer shows the main character, Ichiban Kasuga, being betrayed by the man he trusted most, and left to die. He survives however, and now must fight his way through the underground world in Japan. It also shows some over the top action, using a baseball bat covered in barbed wire in battle, fighting a crab monster, and even showing a beam from a satellite in space. Like a Dragon currently has no release date.

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla

The newest game in the Assassin’s Creed series, Valhalla will put you in the shoes of a Viking raider named Eivor. He is a warrior that sails from Norway to England, and from there you can carve out your own path. While the trailer doesn’t show anything as far as gameplay, the description describes the game to have advanced RPG mechanics, allowing you to make choices that will affect anything from alliances to gear progression. It is also stated that this game will have the most varied collection of enemies in an Assassin’s Creed game and allow you to immerse yourself in the Viking life. The game is currently aimed for a holiday 2020 release.

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